In Depth: Asia Pacific and Indonesia

31 Dec 2014

Democracy: Four Reasons to Be Optimistic in 2015

2014 was a bleak year for the development of democracy around the world, but history has shown we are often blind to the democratic possibilities unfolding amidst the turmoil.
5 Mar 2015

The Kim Regime's Atrocities, and the Road Ahead

A powerful UN report gives an authentic accounting of North Korea's systematic abuse of its citizens—and a realistic roadmap on how to stop it.
30 Dec 2012

Radical Islam’s Global Reaction: The Push for Blasphemy Laws

The international blasphemy laws being proposed by Islamists and their governments are an attack on fundamental freedoms. Western governments must step up to the challenge.
26 Feb 2014

Isle of Light: A Look Back at the Boat People and the European Left

After the fall of South Vietnam, Paris’s antiwar left mobilized to condemn and partially remedy atrocities committed by the communist victors whose cause some had even championed.

China and Russia: An Axis of Weak States

Economic weakness has driven Vladimir Putin’s Russia into a “strategic entente” with the Chinese, who in turn get a powerful global ally. The alliance could prove formidable for the West.
31 Oct 2012

Hedging Bets: Washington’s Pivot to India

The US-India partnership has expanded beyond “friendship” and trade to become “defining,” as China’s economic and military leverage looms larger in the region.
29 Dec 2013

Conflicting Claims: China, Japan, Taiwan on Edge

China’s aggressive territorial claims in the South China Sea are similar to those made in the East China Sea—and have entangled China, Japan, and Taiwan in an intractable and tense standoff.
1 Mar 2011

Nervous Neighbors: China Finds a Sphere of Influence

ASEAN encourages the sovereignty of its members. That’s probably why China can exploit it so easily. It’s also probably why its members want to hedge Beijing with closer US ties — ties Washington is all to happy to grant.
1 Apr 2016

China's Show of Force in Indonesian Waters

China’s aggressive maritime expansionism has now provoked Indonesia, its “only friend in the South China Sea.” The future of China’s foreign policy looks to be less predictable, and less benign.
12 May 2012

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about the country imploding like a neutron star and sucking in most ...

4 Jan 2010

Welcome to America

that no country has ever treated me so badly. Not China. Not Vietnam. ...

30 Jan 2013

The Stuxnet Worm Turns

The Stuxnet virus launched in 2010 as a cyberweapon aimed against Iran’s nuclear program. Since then, it has lead to unexpected attacks on private firms and civil liberties disputes.
19 Aug 2016
11 Aug 2016

Indonesia Declares Country Has ‘No Room’ For LGBTQ Rights

The Bangkok Post. Thailand. 01:53 PM EDT
19 Jul 2016
9 Mar 2015

OPINION. Indonesian Executions Harm President, Country

Asia Sentinel. Hong Kong. 02:41 PM EDT