In Depth: Middle East, Lebanon and Iraq

19 Sep 2016

Unstable, Unruly, and Reprobate: The Middle East Today

Tehran and Riyadh compete to expand their regional influence by maneuvering troops, funds, and surrogates in the midst of war, faltering economies, ethno-sectarian tension, jihad, and refugees.
7 Jun 2013

Is the Sunni Saudi Kingdom Next?

While Syria’s neighbors are nervous about the war spilling into their own countries, Saudi Arabia's leaders fear that the Saudi jihadists now fighting in Syria will bring their training home to overthrow the kingdom.
28 Feb 2012

Non-Interventionist David Rieff is Wrong on Syria

Especially after Libya, non-interventionists like David Rieff must do more than simply recall the failures of the Iraq War when considering Syria.
3 Jul 2014

Can Hezbollah Sustain Assad and Itself?

With the fighting in Iraq drawing large numbers of skilled Shia militiamen back home, Hezbollah might be forced to send even more aid to the Assad regime, weakening security at home.
27 Jun 2012

Assad Delenda Est: The Case for Aiding Syria’s Rebels

if nearly every Sunni Arab in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly ...

18 Mar 2012

The Great Ideological Battleground, Redux

I've seen so far, my initial analysis seems sound. This country is more ...

26 May 2006


the country to pieces. But they aren’t the only disgruntled Arabs around. Check ...

2 Jun 2011

Interesting if True

still bad in Egypt despite the peace treaty between the two countries ...

7 Jun 2013

Is the Sunni Saudi Kingdom Next?

While Syria’s neighbors are nervous about the war spilling into their own countries, Saudi Arabia's leaders fear that the Saudi jihadists now fighting in Syria will bring their training home to overthrow the kingdom.
9 Jan 2010

From Baghdad to Beirut

be that it becomes a more backward version of Lebanon. The two countries share encouraging traits that neither has in common with any other country in the Arab ...

4 Feb 2010

Israel Threatens Assad with Regime Change

in the Middle East anyway. Not a single Arab country — unless you consider Gaza ...

7 Nov 2011

Sixty Two Days

a nuclear-armed Iran would put all those countries in even greater danger than ...

19 Apr 2011

Here’s Another Print Interview

satellite state inside the country. “Martyrs” killed in battle with Israel ...

12 Mar 2011

What if Qaddafi Wins?

And there are certainly countries where the West has more national interests at stake, ...

27 Oct 2006

Iraq the Movie — To Be Filmed in Beirut?

of humor in that country.) Middle East Lebanon Iraq Hezbollah Violence ...

9 Feb 2006

Back from Iraq

keeping their part of the country safe and secure. Now that I’m back I can ...

1 Jan 2006

Iraq is Not the First Arab Democracy

and the car bombs that have shaken the country since February. I have ...

10 May 2009

Lebanon Before the Collapse

the stability of the country while, day to day, mouthing all kinds of insane stuff ...

10 Jan 2009

Publishing Schedule

in the Middle East right now, and nothing I have from the other countries ...

10 Dec 2008

Welcome Charles Chuman

the country I learned from him and from people he introduced me to. He recently ...

23 Jul 2012

Assad Delenda Est

in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly happen. There’s no reason ...

22 Apr 2013

The Beginning of the End for Hezbollah

Now that Hezbollah's power has passed its pinnacle, what does the future hold for the Iranian regime's ability to use its proxy among Lebanon's Shias?
27 Aug 2011

My Second Book Is Now Published

In the Wake of the Surge is a bracing story of war in a tormented country ...

12 Dec 2004

Sick and Twisted

in the comments seems to think it’s okay to blame Jews in one country for the murder of a guy who “looks Jewish” in a different country. And precisely how many ...

13 Jul 2009

A Smoldering Disaffection with the President’s Policy

hectoring–Israel’s leaders. It is, after all, they whose country is the target ...

1 Jun 2007


of all Arab countries. More than two thirds of the people who live ...

15 Dec 2006

Kerry: Syria has “needs”

about our differences with these countries … and nothing in the discussion ...

27 Nov 2006

NY Times: Hizbullah Training Mahdi Army

and mobilization levels reaching beyond the country,” said Hizbullah MP Mohammad Raad ...

23 Mar 2010

The Innocents Pack for Damascus

Assad, “understands that his country’s long-term interests … are not well ...

21 Jan 2010

The Middle East Has Always Been Hard

Bashar Assad’s overlordship in his country began, “but this process ...

18 Mar 2007

A New Power Rises in Iraq

is a funny place. One part of a country may be consumed by blood, fire, ...

2 Sep 2003

Two Shiite Views of the “Resistance”

for U.S. and British forces to leave the country. “So far, the (anti-U.S.) ...

12 Oct 2008

Resisting the United Nations

the other countries have, you would say no?” I said. “We wouldn’t say no,” he ...

14 Jun 2009

An Enemy of the World

country. Understand the mind of a totalitarian. “Probe with a bayonet,” ...

9 Jan 2006

Send Me to Iraq

in other Middle East countries? Is there any hint that the Kurds are using ...

4 Oct 2005

Hitchhiking the Chouf

of the country – was further down the road. “Time to hitchhike,” Dan said. We stuck ...

7 Sep 2009

The Warlord in His Castle

the country they fled to as refugees. Egypt’s Coptic Christians are second class ...

25 Dec 2007

A Fresh Look at Hezbollah

that if you and I were sitting in a room drafting the constitution of a country ...

17 Feb 2008

The Dungeon of Fallujah

place”:http://www.michaeltotten.com/archives/001068.html on my first trip to the country, and “Martin ...

13 May 2009

Brace for a Hezbollah Victory

Politics are much more complicated in Lebanon. The country is so ...

30 Jun 2006

Moderate Islamists Found

is a powerful country, but it’s still just one country. Americans are flawed ...

28 Feb 2008

The Moderate Supermajority

the Syrian-Iranian-Hezbollah axis that has been sabotaging their country for decades. When ...

8 Apr 2004

Iranian Proxy War

border crossings along the 900-mile frontier with that country. Tehran has, ...

4 Nov 2006

Darkness Everywhere

if his troops were forced out the country. A wave of car bombs, ...

2 Mar 2005

Catastrophe Theory and War

who live in those countries. I’m not saying we don’t deserve some ...