In Depth: Israel

20 Jan 2017

The New Arab–Israeli Alliance

The Sunni Arab world, unofficially led by Saudi Arabia, is quietly forging a de facto alliance with Israel against Iran. This new alliance has reduced the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to an asterisk.
19 Jan 2017

Arab Israelis Strike in Protest of House Demolitions

Middle East Online. 10:55 AM EST

Palestinian Home Demolitions Spark Deadly Violence

Middle East Online. 12:05 PM EST

OPINION. Paris Conference: Mourning the Two-State Solution

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 12:04 PM EST
17 Jan 2017

Will the Paris Conference Set Back Peace?

German Council on Foreign Relations. 04:53 PM EST

Israel to Imprison Whoever Releases Data on Mossad Agents

Asharq al-Awsat. United Kingdom. 12:10 PM EST
16 Jan 2017

Kerry: Two-State Solution is Vital to Creating Peace

United States. REMARKS. 03:29 PM EST

OPINION. Uniting Occupied Jerusalem

Kahleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 11:55 AM EST
27 Dec 2016
15 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016

The UK Adopts Modern Definition of Anti-Semitism

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced an updated definition of anti-Semitism that addresses unfair hostility toward the state of Israel. Hopefully Jeremy Corbyn’s staff gets the memo.
13 Dec 2016

Trump to Meet with Netanyahu Over Iran Nuclear Deal

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 11:14 AM EST

Rocket Fire Along Israel-Egypt Border Suspected

Haaretz. Israel. 11:09 AM EST
8 Dec 2016

Netanyahu Rejects Talks with Abbas in Paris

Muscat Daily. Oman. 11:21 AM EST

Israel Approves 770 New East Jerusalem Settlement Units

The Peninsula. Qatar. 11:18 AM EST
7 Dec 2016
1 Dec 2016

First Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Since 2010 Arrives

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 10:54 AM EST
30 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016

Israel-Palestine: Parameters for a Two-State Settlement

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:22 PM EST
28 Nov 2016

Improving Ties with Israel Vital: President Erdoğan

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 02:55 PM EST
21 Nov 2016

Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Delayed Until December

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 11:02 AM EST
18 Nov 2016

Israel Protests Russia-Iran Jets, Weapons Deal

Asharq Al-Awsat. England. 12:44 PM EST
15 Nov 2016

Repairing the US-Israel Relationship

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:08 PM EST

Israeli President Rivlin to Hold Talks with PM Modi

The Indian Express. 02:39 PM EST

OPINION. Netanyahu Should Fear What the Future Holds

The National. United Arab Emirates. 10:28 AM EST
11 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016

Trump Invites Netanyahu to US for Meeting

Haaretz. Israel. 11:25 AM EST
9 Nov 2016

EU Diplomats Demand Israel Lift Gaza Blockade

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 11:43 AM EST