In Depth: Peace and Israel

3 Jan 2012

Arab Spring or Islamist Winter?

Last year was not the first time Arabs called for change in the face of stubborn autocrats, but it was the first time their calls paid off—at least initially.
27 Jun 2012

Assad Delenda Est: The Case for Aiding Syria’s Rebels

if nearly every Sunni Arab in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly ...

6 Feb 2013

Confronting Morsi's Blind Spot

Egyptian President Morsi vigorously condemns what he considers Jewish-instigated violence. But is Morsi blind to violence within his own religion?
28 Oct 2011

The Oslo Legacy: Goodbye to All That

Now that yet another US president has failed to bring Israel and the Palestinians closer to a settlement, it’s time to abandon the outmoded Oslo negotiation model.
17 Nov 2011

Building a New Peace Process

As the dust settles on the failed Palestinian statehood bid, the US and its allies need to recalibrate their efforts around realistic goals.
30 Aug 2012

Learning from Sadat: The Dividends of American Resolve

Anwar Sadat steered Egypt away from the USSR and allied with the West because he saw the value of a US partnership. Can Washington inspire that confidence again?
1 Sep 2009

Spoilers: The End of the Peace Process

Elliott Abrams and Michael Singh show how the Middle East peace process has been fatally misguided—and what should be done to fix it.
1 Jan 2011

Spoiler Alert: What Syria's President Really Wants

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants to play every one of his neighbors (not to mention the West) for all they're worth.
2 Jun 2011

Interesting if True

still bad in Egypt despite the peace treaty between the two countries ...

26 Oct 2008

Lebanon’s Enemy Within

to Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Seniora: “Lebanon will be the last Arab country ...

29 Mar 2010

Palestinian Journalists Blacklistsed

but I know Israeli journalists who have worked in Arab countries and have Arab ...

25 May 2011

Virtual Process: The Latest False Hopes for Israel and Palestine

between Israel and five Arab countries in 1948, will be virtual borders. ...

18 Mar 2013

Americans Give Up on Middle East Peace

vivendi in unstable post-Arab Spring countries like Egypt, Libya, ...

12 Nov 2009

The Show Needn't Go On

that he and his country can come in from the cold. It has been years since ...

23 Oct 2006

Berri Crosses Lebanon’s Red Line

“moderate” ally, one of Bashar Assad’s point men in the country, said what he ...

31 May 2010

The Mood in Israel Now

who run this country could not figure out a way to out-smart a bunch ...

24 Oct 2006

Argentina (Finally) Charges Iran and Hezbollah

Hezbollah foreign security service chief, Imad Fayez Moughnieh. In a country ...

27 Sep 2009

Something is Rotten in the State of Egypt

that the first country to have a peace treaty with Jerusalem is no closer ...

12 Nov 2009

The Show Needn’t Go On

that he and his country can come in from the cold. It has been years since ...

14 Sep 2011

Between the Green Line and the Blue Line

on three sides and connected to the rest of the country by a narrow strip ...

28 Jul 2003

Egypt Loves Sharon?

apparent on the Israeli political scene,” said Mubarak, whose country has ...

23 Jul 2012

Assad Delenda Est

in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly happen. There’s no reason ...

6 Feb 2013

Confronting Morsi's Blind Spot

Egyptian President Morsi vigorously condemns what he considers Jewish-instigated violence. But is Morsi blind to violence within his own religion?
22 Nov 2005


a country at peace. Other times, though, things are different. (Photo courtesy ...

21 Nov 2012

Morsi's Egypt, Out of Control

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi wants to mediate between Israel and Hamas, while the rest of his country is in shambles.
6 Jun 2010

Iran Threatens War in the Mediterranean

country toward the Sunni Muslim world of which it’s a part; he’s also ...

3 Apr 2011

The Remaining Thugs

demonstrations than any Arab country by far, and has been producing them since ...

22 Aug 2006

Peace Now Under Fire

right-wing country, like the U.S. on speed. Israel is far more ‘European,’ ...

5 Jan 2009

Harry Reid Steps Up

other country on earth. The conservative and supposedly pro-Israel ...

27 May 2007

Syria’s “Resistance” – UPDATED

It is the only country on Syria’s border that threatened to respond to violence with violence. And it’s the only country on Syria’s border not terrorized by Assad ...

30 Mar 2010

An Unusual Alignment of Interests

Michael J. Totten's blog More than any other Arab head of state in the world, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has mastered the art of telling listeners what they want to hear. Last week, he said his country is fully ...

2 Jun 2010

The Truth, Belatedly, Puts its Boots On

and average citizens in democratic countries become convinced that Israel indeed ...

8 Jan 2007

“So This Is Our Victory”

of Hezbollah’s billboards In the rest of the country you see appeals to peace ...

15 Nov 2009

Damascus Reverts to Form

If even the United States, of all countries, is behaving as though Israel ...

30 Aug 2009

No Peace Without Syria

and offensive that the Alawites are in charge of the country instead ...

3 Feb 2009

The New Backbone of the Sunni Resistance

for instance. But even the more hysterical residents of Arabic countries see ...

2 Aug 2009

Hamas Pretends Resistance is Futile

majority. Israel will no more transform itself into an Arab country ...

6 Jul 2009

The Real Quagmire in the Middle East

minister, or the leader of any country, you can’t accept conditions in which ...

13 Aug 2006

The Storm Before the Calm

was rampant in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Israel is a small country ...

1 Jun 2010

Time to Think

international peacekeeping operation would be a nonstarter. A number of countries ...

10 Oct 2005

Blackened Foundations

Michael J. Totten's blog I’ve spent enough time in Lebanon now that I’ve developed a real affection for this place. I worry about this country, but not for my own sake because I am here. Any time I want, I can ...

30 Apr 2006

On the Rim of a Volcano

be a catastrophe for Israel if the northern part of the country were left abandoned ...