In Depth: Assassination, Middle East and Lebanon

1 Jul 2010

The Broken Link: What Peace Won't Fix

New Republic correspondent and World Affairs blogger James Kirchick argues against the folly of linkage—i.e., the assumption that fixing the peace process will somehow cure all of the Middle East's other ailments.
14 Nov 2010

Lebanon Is Getting Ready to Blow

Lebanon is in serious danger of coming apart. And the country tends ...

11 Oct 2005

Syria’s Interior Minister “Kills Himself”

actually killed himself. This country is rife with conspiracy theories, ...

7 Oct 2005

Palestinians and Weapons Smuggled Into Lebanon

of this country’s sovereignty. The Daily Star also reports that Parliament has ...

17 Jan 2011

A Storm Warning for Lebanon

but I have my doubts that Lebanon can hold it together. The country might ...

25 Apr 2005

Where do they go from here?

Syrian tank is leaving our country, the last thing we want to hear is a threat. We are just tired of this sort of talk. As a “foreign” country, Iran ...

5 Dec 2006

How not to run for president of Lebanon

the shots in the country. Tony concludes: As such, Aoun is but the latest ...

21 Nov 2009

Terrorism’s Mask of Sanity

the country so dangerous for Westerners that the U.S. State Department ...

25 May 2009

Did Hezbollah Kill Hariri?

country’s history. Accusing Hezbollah of assassinating Hariri — and, ...

1 Jan 2006

Former Syrian Vice President Fingers Assad

that country has. Middle East Europe and Central Asia Lebanon France Syria UAE ...

12 Feb 2007

The Fiercest Liberal in Lebanon

solidly pro-American and staunchly anti-Syrian group in the country ...

21 Oct 2005

Mehlis Day

This is not your typical Middle East country. Not everyone at the rally seemed happy ...