In Depth: Economy, Middle East and Lebanon

27 Jun 2012

Assad Delenda Est: The Case for Aiding Syria’s Rebels

if nearly every Sunni Arab in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly ...

10 Jun 2011

Fool Me Twice: How the United States Lost Lebanon—Again

US failures in Lebanon in the '80s have always given heartburn to policy veterans. It hardly reassures that recent generations have not done much better.

4 Apr 2005

Help Support Democracy in the Middle East

those who live in a beautiful, diverse, and sophisticated country fight ...

6 Dec 2006

Hizbullah holding Lebanese economy hostage

Hariri’s reconstruction crown. According to Karam, the country’s economy ...

7 Nov 2011

Unsteady Progress in Western Libya

Libyans try to keep calm despite frustrations as they wait for their economy, democracy, and daily life to slowly rebound.
24 Oct 2006

Argentina (Finally) Charges Iran and Hezbollah

Hezbollah foreign security service chief, Imad Fayez Moughnieh. In a country ...

22 Apr 2013

The Beginning of the End for Hezbollah

Now that Hezbollah's power has passed its pinnacle, what does the future hold for the Iranian regime's ability to use its proxy among Lebanon's Shias?
12 Dec 2004

Sick and Twisted

in the comments seems to think it’s okay to blame Jews in one country for the murder of a guy who “looks Jewish” in a different country. And precisely how many ...

7 Dec 2009

The Calm Before the Storm?

powerful country, whose destabilization, whether we like it or not, only ...

27 Jan 2011

The Gathering Storm

Michael Zantovsky's blog As of last week, the Middle East is in turmoil. The old regime in Tunisia is gone; a new one has not quite taken its place. The game is up in Sudan, which will soon divide into two countries ...

30 Oct 2005

Internet Hell

Michael J. Totten's blog Call me crazy, but I figured that going from the Middle East to a European Union country would improve my Internet situation. It didn’t. Cyprus is Internet hell. Internet access here ...

17 Jul 2008

The Truth about March 14

and sectarian violence explodes in his country again. But Seniora and Jumblatt ...

24 Oct 2005

Things Don’t Work Right

That should only take three hours to pull off in this country — Inshallah. ...

9 May 2008

Lebanon’s Third Civil War

No country on earth can withstand that kind of geopolitical tectonic pressure. ...

11 May 2006

The Palestinians of 1948

wanted their own sovereign country. And it was easy to be pro-Israeli ...