In Depth: Journalism, Middle East and Lebanon

3 Jan 2012

Arab Spring or Islamist Winter?

The number of genuinely liberal democracies to emerge soon in the Arab world is likely to be one or zero.
28 Feb 2012

Non-Interventionist David Rieff is Wrong on Syria

Especially after Libya, non-interventionists like David Rieff must do more than simply recall the failures of the Iraq War when considering Syria.
1 Jul 2010

The Broken Link: What Peace Won't Fix

New Republic correspondent and World Affairs blogger James Kirchick argues against the folly of linkage—i.e., the assumption that fixing the peace process will somehow cure all of the Middle East's other ailments.
1 Feb 2012

Arab Spring or Islamist Winter?

these countries have in common with each other is that they’re in turmoil ...

3 Jun 2005

Remembering Samir Kassir

and his country. UPDATE: See Michael Young’s obit for Samir in Reason ...

24 Aug 2006

Getting the Story

“you” being the media. Most foreign correspondents left the country after ...

29 Sep 2010

A Nice Little Fantasy

day to a tour of the southern part of that country. He will visit sites ...

7 Oct 2005

Palestinians and Weapons Smuggled Into Lebanon

of this country’s sovereignty. The Daily Star also reports that Parliament has ...

14 Nov 2006

Iran Wants Lebanon Now

battleground for countries more powerful than itself. Just about every group in the country allows itself to be used as a proxy by some nation or other, and so ...

10 Jun 2013

Hezbollah's Vietnam

in the 1980s and 1990. And “Vietnam” (the metaphor, not the country) is supposed ...

29 Mar 2011

Two Stories

important to refer readers to countries where the rebellions against dictators ...

24 Aug 2010

The Perfect Iranian Storm on the Horizon

also interesting how that part of the country interacts with the rest ...

16 May 2008

Lebanon’s Future

to fight for it, as their Lebanese counterparts are in their own country ...

6 Dec 2006

The patriot and his militia

another weekend, burying the country and its economy in the sanitary hole ...

9 May 2013

The New Black Hole of the Eastern Mediterranean

Michael J. Totten's blog Until awfully recently, Lebanon was the country in the Eastern Mediterranean that acted as a gravitational black hole that sucked in the neighbors. The Israelis, the Syrians, the PLO, ...

10 Jan 2011

Let Us Not Praise Pro-Terrorist Newspapers

in a semi-democratic country that actually does have decent newspapers, ...

19 Apr 2005

Providing Cover for Lebanese Democracy

of America to have democratic Arab countries – THE PRESIDENT : Right. ...

6 Feb 2007

On the Top Floor of Lebanon’s Civil Society

was seen all over the country back then, and it’s still all over the country ...

21 Dec 2009

Assad Returns as the Strong Horse

to Damascus, everyone in the country, aside from useless newswire reporters, ...

27 Jun 2010

The Ghosts of Martyrs Square

wanted to write a book about his country for years, and he finally did ...

14 Jan 2007

The Liberal Cleric of the Dahiyeh

to find in the Middle East, especially in modern countries like Turkey ...

4 Aug 2013

Hezbollah Plays the Israel Card

Hezbollah has always used the specter of enemy Israel to paper over the dangerous rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Now locked in the fight of its life in Syria, Hezbollah needs the Israel card more than ever.
20 Sep 2012

The Terrorist's Veto

on paper. The country was theoretically free. But free speech ...

2 Jun 2009

Advice for Barack Obama from Lebanon

usually reserved only for heads of state. Both countries described Aoun ...

13 Dec 2012

Notes on the Syrian Revolution from Marrakech

to settle with the rest of the country. It won't be pretty. * Morocco ...

1 Aug 2006



8 Jan 2007

“So This Is Our Victory”

of Hezbollah’s billboards In the rest of the country you see appeals to peace ...

3 Aug 2010

“The Greatest Collection of Nightmares on Earth”

people who come here to see the country and have a good time. My sense ...

11 Nov 2005

It’s Not All About the U.S.

of our country.” The Lebanese Christian community does not share his view. ...

9 Jan 2006

Send Me to Iraq

in other Middle East countries? Is there any hint that the Kurds are using ...

3 Oct 2005

Death Had No Echo

much the opposite of the way things used to be in this country. Thomas ...

24 Sep 2005

A Hazardous Profession

Michael J. Totten's blog Lebanon, nearly alone in the Arab world, has a free press. The country is no longer ruled by an unelected foreign dictatorship. Its parliament is national, democratic, and sovereign. ...

23 Jun 2011

Just Journalism Interview

from the face of the earth. No other country gets discussed ...

30 Jun 2006

Moderate Islamists Found

is a powerful country, but it’s still just one country. Americans are flawed ...

15 Dec 2006

Hizbullah’s weapons, the Hariri tribunal and chapter 7

in giving them the tribunal card to terrorize the country until their demands ...

28 Sep 2006

Talking, Not Writing

part of the country. Glenn Reynolds moderated the event. Michael Barone ...

13 Jan 2006

A Woman Traveling Alone

to Israel then. Of all the Middle East countries, only Egypt and Jordan (and ...

27 Aug 2006

Eyeless in Gaza

and Cairo. People get used to war, though. So do countries. Arabs are firing ...

4 Nov 2006

Darkness Everywhere

if his troops were forced out the country. A wave of car bombs, ...

1 Jul 2007

The Islamist’s War Against Liberalism

the moral right to interfere inside someone else’s country.” Saddam Hussein’s ...

2 Mar 2005

Catastrophe Theory and War

who live in those countries. I’m not saying we don’t deserve some ...