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19 Jun 2013

Syria’s Endgame: Prospects Dim, Options Narrow

The revolution to remove Assad has metastasized into a grotesque sectarian war among the Sunni majority, the ruling Alawite minority, and a host of other uncertain players.
1 Jul 2010

The Broken Link: What Peace Won't Fix

New Republic correspondent and World Affairs blogger James Kirchick argues against the folly of linkage—i.e., the assumption that fixing the peace process will somehow cure all of the Middle East's other ailments.
30 Jun 2013

Lebanon's Israel Syndrome

Lebanon is in important ways the least anti-Israel country in the Arab ...

14 Nov 2010

Lebanon Is Getting Ready to Blow

Lebanon is in serious danger of coming apart. And the country tends ...

26 Nov 2011

Winds of Change in the Levant

more than 2,000 pounds and changed the direction of that country ...

14 May 2013

Why the Syrian War Could Last Ten Years

most of inland Syria — the flat, dry country where the Sunni dominate. ...

29 Sep 2010

A Nice Little Fantasy

day to a tour of the southern part of that country. He will visit sites ...

24 Oct 2006

Argentina (Finally) Charges Iran and Hezbollah

Hezbollah foreign security service chief, Imad Fayez Moughnieh. In a country ...

17 May 2013

Legacy of Qaddafi's 'Organized Chaos' Keeps Libya Back

Democracy in the Middle East is struggling against the legacy of two generations of dictatorship and a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that restricts political freedoms and rights. The West should be patient.
17 Jan 2011

A Storm Warning for Lebanon

but I have my doubts that Lebanon can hold it together. The country might ...

14 Jul 2006

Comments are Closed, and Some Clarifications – UPDATED BELOW

Hezbollahland as a country, which it basically is, and attacked it. They should have treated Lebanon as a separate country, which it basically is, ...

22 Nov 2010

Hezbollah Threatens to Take Over Lebanon

will ever conquer and rule the whole country as Hamas does in Gaza. Hezbollah ...

2 Jun 2009

Advice for Barack Obama from Lebanon

usually reserved only for heads of state. Both countries described Aoun ...

18 Mar 2007

A New Power Rises in Iraq

is a funny place. One part of a country may be consumed by blood, fire, ...

17 Feb 2008

The Dungeon of Fallujah

place”:http://www.michaeltotten.com/archives/001068.html on my first trip to the country, and “Martin ...

25 May 2009

Did Hezbollah Kill Hariri?

country’s history. Accusing Hezbollah of assassinating Hariri — and, ...

18 Dec 2005

Nasser’s Biggest Crime

No country builds streets like this anymore anyway.” It felt like an Arab New ...

15 Dec 2006

Hizbullah’s weapons, the Hariri tribunal and chapter 7

in giving them the tribunal card to terrorize the country until their demands ...