In Depth: Terrorism, Middle East and Lebanon

7 Jun 2013

Is the Sunni Saudi Kingdom Next?

While Syria’s neighbors are nervous about the war spilling into their own countries, Saudi Arabia's leaders fear that the Saudi jihadists now fighting in Syria will bring their training home to overthrow the kingdom.
1 May 2011

Lost in the Levant: Lebanon Reappraised

In The Ghosts of Martyrs Square, Beirut Daily Star editor Michael Young offers a timely and beautifully written accounting of Lebanon's struggle for stability amid political and religious diversity and extremism.
27 Jun 2012

Assad Delenda Est: The Case for Aiding Syria’s Rebels

if nearly every Sunni Arab in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly ...

30 Dec 2012

Iran in the Balkans: A History and a Forecast

Iran’s largest diplomatic contingent in Europe resides in tiny Sarajevo. And the Islamist presence—including terror cells and training camps—continues to threaten the region, and the West.
1 Jul 2010

The Broken Link: What Peace Won't Fix

New Republic correspondent and World Affairs blogger James Kirchick argues against the folly of linkage—i.e., the assumption that fixing the peace process will somehow cure all of the Middle East's other ailments.
7 Jun 2013

Is the Sunni Saudi Kingdom Next?

While Syria’s neighbors are nervous about the war spilling into their own countries, Saudi Arabia's leaders fear that the Saudi jihadists now fighting in Syria will bring their training home to overthrow the kingdom.
18 Nov 2006

Thought for the Day

Unlike most of us, Josey Wales grew up in a country that was blown up ...

26 Oct 2008

Lebanon’s Enemy Within

to Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Seniora: “Lebanon will be the last Arab country ...

3 Jun 2005

Remembering Samir Kassir

and his country. UPDATE: See Michael Young’s obit for Samir in Reason ...

6 Dec 2006

Hizbullah holding Lebanese economy hostage

Hariri’s reconstruction crown. According to Karam, the country’s economy ...

26 Nov 2011

Winds of Change in the Levant

more than 2,000 pounds and changed the direction of that country ...

19 May 2013

How to Become a Dictator

Bashar al-Assad has kept an iron grip on power, like his father Hafez, by perpetuating his mythic profile as Syria's indispensable ruler, without whom the country would undoubtedly descend into the abyss of sectarian war and ethnic cleansing.
19 Apr 2011

Here’s Another Print Interview

satellite state inside the country. “Martyrs” killed in battle with Israel ...

24 Jul 2012

Hezbollah's Swedish Roots

Last week’s suicide bombing in Bulgaria by a Swedish citizen is only the latest reminder of Stockholm’s lax attitude toward the terrorists within its own borders.
19 Nov 2009

A Third Lebanon War Could Be Much Worse than the Second

country. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in Lebanon while Israelis are actively fending off that kind of assault. No country can afford ...

29 Jul 2006

Al Qaeda Heading to Lebanon – And Why Israel Needs to Help Reconstruct Lebanon

is conditional…Assistance to rebuild a devastated country is a wise choice. Okay then, ...

9 Feb 2006

Back from Iraq

keeping their part of the country safe and secure. Now that I’m back I can ...

9 Apr 2011

Eleven Questions

existence as an Iranian army inside the country, we have little choice ...

1 Jan 2006

Iraq is Not the First Arab Democracy

and the car bombs that have shaken the country since February. I have ...

9 Mar 2012

Hezbollah's Relentless Rage

but they’ve never come close to threatening the country’s existence. ...

24 Oct 2011

Tunisia Votes

Michael J. Totten's blog Tunisia, the first Arab country both I and the “Arab Spring” visited, successfully held what looks like a free and fair election. This doesn’t surprise me. The Islamist party has reportedly done ...

13 Sep 2011

The Fracturing of Libya’s Rebels

splintering was inevitable after Qaddafi’s regime fell. No country in the world ...

23 Jul 2012

Assad Delenda Est

in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly happen. There’s no reason ...

10 Jan 2011

Let Us Not Praise Pro-Terrorist Newspapers

in a semi-democratic country that actually does have decent newspapers, ...

10 Nov 2005

One Degree of Separation

that includes many countries. Al Qaeda — and I think this ought to go without ...

9 Oct 2011

Assad Really Does Need to Go

with the rest of Lebanon’s militias when it conquered the country at the end ...

1 Jun 2011

The Levantine Crucible

“We want to rebuild our country,” one tells Totten. “And that includes ...

3 Apr 2011

The Remaining Thugs

demonstrations than any Arab country by far, and has been producing them since ...

14 Jan 2007

The Liberal Cleric of the Dahiyeh

to find in the Middle East, especially in modern countries like Turkey ...

1 Jun 2007


of all Arab countries. More than two thirds of the people who live ...

27 May 2007

Syria’s “Resistance” – UPDATED

It is the only country on Syria’s border that threatened to respond to violence with violence. And it’s the only country on Syria’s border not terrorized by Assad ...

18 Oct 2011

In Egypt, with Liberals

country, but it certainly wasn’t totalitarian. For the most part, if people ...

4 Aug 2013

Hezbollah Plays the Israel Card

Hezbollah has always used the specter of enemy Israel to paper over the dangerous rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Now locked in the fight of its life in Syria, Hezbollah needs the Israel card more than ever.
20 Sep 2012

The Terrorist's Veto

on paper. The country was theoretically free. But free speech ...

4 Dec 2005

What to do about Syria

position. The regime is not under imminent threat. Even if other countries ...

17 Jul 2008

The Truth about March 14

and sectarian violence explodes in his country again. But Seniora and Jumblatt ...

27 Nov 2004

Out of Libya

Michael J. Totten's blog I made it. I’m out of Libya and have moved on to a much more dangerous country – France. Think I’m kidding? It’s statisically possible I’ll be mugged here. And I spent much ...

23 Mar 2010

The Innocents Pack for Damascus

Assad, “understands that his country’s long-term interests … are not well ...

14 Jun 2009

An Enemy of the World

country. Understand the mind of a totalitarian. “Probe with a bayonet,” ...

9 May 2008

Lebanon’s Third Civil War

No country on earth can withstand that kind of geopolitical tectonic pressure. ...

3 Feb 2007

The Beirut Branch of the Mossad

the Maronites are probably the most liberal group as a whole in the entire country ...

17 Feb 2008

The Dungeon of Fallujah

place”:http://www.michaeltotten.com/archives/001068.html on my first trip to the country, and “Martin ...

12 Feb 2007

The Fiercest Liberal in Lebanon

solidly pro-American and staunchly anti-Syrian group in the country ...

28 Feb 2005

While I Was Out

Excellency said the country would benefit from “more freedom and democracy”. ...

27 Aug 2006

Eyeless in Gaza

and Cairo. People get used to war, though. So do countries. Arabs are firing ...

11 May 2006

The Palestinians of 1948

wanted their own sovereign country. And it was easy to be pro-Israeli ...

4 Nov 2006

Darkness Everywhere

if his troops were forced out the country. A wave of car bombs, ...

16 Jun 2006

Weekend Reading

in the Western countries ought to throw themselves into these debates ...