In Depth: Middle East and Lebanon

25 Apr 2009

Eurasia’s Shatter Zones

together a country with no natural borders that seethes with ethnic ...

29 Mar 2011

Two Stories

important to refer readers to countries where the rebellions against dictators ...

8 Feb 2013

Assessing Israel's Strike on Syria

The details of last week’s strike in Syria remain unclear, but a few preliminary conclusions can be drawn—including that Hezbollah could threaten to drag Lebanon into the Syrian war.
2 Jan 2012

Strong Horse, Weak Horse

the Kurds, they are fragmented and live as minorities in more than one country ...

24 Aug 2010

The Perfect Iranian Storm on the Horizon

also interesting how that part of the country interacts with the rest ...

24 Oct 2011

Tunisia Votes

Michael J. Totten's blog Tunisia, the first Arab country both I and the “Arab Spring” visited, successfully held what looks like a free and fair election. This doesn’t surprise me. The Islamist party has reportedly done ...

13 Sep 2011

The Fracturing of Libya’s Rebels

splintering was inevitable after Qaddafi’s regime fell. No country in the world ...

16 May 2008

Lebanon’s Future

to fight for it, as their Lebanese counterparts are in their own country ...

12 Sep 2012

Reading the Benghazi Embassy Attack

A rocket attack in Libya has killed the US ambassador and others. But the killings are a sign of post-Qaddafi lawlessness and disorganization rather than inherent extremism in the country.
6 Dec 2006

The patriot and his militia

another weekend, burying the country and its economy in the sanitary hole ...

24 Jun 2013

Hezbollah's Disneyland

Hezbollah has buit a museum-theme park atop a mountain in Lebanon dedicated to its "victorious" exploits against Israel. Conspicuously missing from this propaganda playland however are the terror group's monstrous attacks against civilians.
30 Aug 2012

Syria's War Spills Into Lebanon

but the two countries still function to an extent as a single political unit. ...

8 Nov 2006

An Argument with Hezbollah

against America. I have lived in many countriescountries that would fall under the categorization of “the west” and “the first world”, countries ...

4 Jul 2012

Chasing Demons from the Middle East to the Balkans

Ethnic divisions and tensions take on different forms across the world. What is universal, however, is our obligation to not stand by while sectarian slaughter wipes out millions.
5 Jun 2005

From Damascus to Beirut

that the country they’ve chosen as their unwilling satrapy is the one Arab country ...

23 Jul 2012

Assad Delenda Est

in the country votes for them, which can’t possibly happen. There’s no reason ...

17 May 2013

Legacy of Qaddafi's 'Organized Chaos' Keeps Libya Back

Democracy in the Middle East is struggling against the legacy of two generations of dictatorship and a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that restricts political freedoms and rights. The West should be patient.
14 May 2013

Farce: Iran Assumes Presidency of UN Disarmament Group

Iran, the world's premier proliferator and terror sponsor, will soon preside over the UN’s Conference on Disarmament — a move that further stretches the UN's credibility. Canada and the US protest.
22 Nov 2005


a country at peace. Other times, though, things are different. (Photo courtesy ...

9 May 2013

The New Black Hole of the Eastern Mediterranean

Michael J. Totten's blog Until awfully recently, Lebanon was the country in the Eastern Mediterranean that acted as a gravitational black hole that sucked in the neighbors. The Israelis, the Syrians, the PLO, ...

27 Dec 2006


of public relations for his country. I should not have to clean up his mess ...

24 Jan 2011

Lebanon Is Lost

that “Lebanon is an independent country,” but he’s too late. Lebanon isn’t Gaza ...

Hezbollah is Nearing its Apogee

the country is not merely a state sponsor of terror, but is an actual terrorist ...

17 Jan 2011

A Storm Warning for Lebanon

but I have my doubts that Lebanon can hold it together. The country might ...

17 May 2005

Cedar Revolution Exported to Syria

in what constitutes dissent in this country of 18 million. For the first ...

10 Jan 2011

Let Us Not Praise Pro-Terrorist Newspapers

in a semi-democratic country that actually does have decent newspapers, ...

19 Apr 2005

Providing Cover for Lebanese Democracy

of America to have democratic Arab countries – THE PRESIDENT : Right. ...

29 Jul 2006

Grim Days Ahead

apparatus in this country, and we can reach any of those people who ...

27 Jul 2006

The Stakes for Nasrallah…and Lebanon

indefinitely bend the country to the breaking point, or push it toward communal ...

14 Jul 2006

Comments are Closed, and Some Clarifications – UPDATED BELOW

Hezbollahland as a country, which it basically is, and attacked it. They should have treated Lebanon as a separate country, which it basically is, ...

6 Feb 2007

On the Top Floor of Lebanon’s Civil Society

was seen all over the country back then, and it’s still all over the country ...

25 Jan 2010

Iran’s Private Army Digs in for a Wider Lebanon War

the scope of the problem to include those two countries, but having it would ...

21 Dec 2009

Assad Returns as the Strong Horse

to Damascus, everyone in the country, aside from useless newswire reporters, ...

3 Jun 2006

Why Hezbollah Circles the Drain

reasserting themselves in the country. However, even Shias in Lebanon would ...

28 Aug 2010

Life on the Edge

but the feeling is similar in each country, and it’s even stronger in Lebanon than ...

10 Nov 2005

One Degree of Separation

that includes many countries. Al Qaeda — and I think this ought to go without ...

22 Apr 2013

The Beginning of the End for Hezbollah

Now that Hezbollah's power has passed its pinnacle, what does the future hold for the Iranian regime's ability to use its proxy among Lebanon's Shias?
1 Oct 2005


is the national sport here.) Bashir Gemayel is a real lightning rod in this country ...

27 Jun 2010

The Ghosts of Martyrs Square

wanted to write a book about his country for years, and he finally did ...

20 Jun 2005

Yet Another Syrian Assasination in Lebanon

a normal democratic country until the Baath Party is out of power in Syria. ...

7 May 2005

Where I Left Off

Lebanon, and the Shia regions in the south of the country. I couldn’t have ...

20 May 2010

Thursday Linkage

who wants to understand what has happened to that tortured country since ...

9 Oct 2011

Assad Really Does Need to Go

with the rest of Lebanon’s militias when it conquered the country at the end ...

27 Aug 2011

My Second Book Is Now Published

In the Wake of the Surge is a bracing story of war in a tormented country ...

12 Dec 2004

Sick and Twisted

in the comments seems to think it’s okay to blame Jews in one country for the murder of a guy who “looks Jewish” in a different country. And precisely how many ...

5 Mar 2005

Syria Shudders

and outside the country. Marc Cooper found an outstanding blog by Ammar ...

28 Aug 2012

The Anti-Imperialism of Fools

the destruction of Israel. There is no non-violent way to destroy a country. I’d ...

1 Jun 2011

The Levantine Crucible

“We want to rebuild our country,” one tells Totten. “And that includes ...

7 Dec 2009

The Calm Before the Storm?

powerful country, whose destabilization, whether we like it or not, only ...

22 Aug 2006

Peace Now Under Fire

right-wing country, like the U.S. on speed. Israel is far more ‘European,’ ...