In Depth: Middle East and Lebanon

21 Oct 2005

Mehlis Day

This is not your typical Middle East country. Not everyone at the rally seemed happy ...

10 Oct 2005

Blackened Foundations

Michael J. Totten's blog I’ve spent enough time in Lebanon now that I’ve developed a real affection for this place. I worry about this country, but not for my own sake because I am here. Any time I want, I can ...

12 Nov 2006

A Perfect Storm?

the prosecution of their patron in Damascus. Once again, the country is bracing ...

1 Apr 2005

Hi all

on cross-country camping trips every summer. For some odd reason they’ve forgiven me ...

11 May 2008

Jumblatt’s Men Set Back Iran’s Militia in Lebanon

the rest of the country suggest that Hezbollah’s “rout” is illusory. Tony ...

30 Jun 2006

Moderate Islamists Found

is a powerful country, but it’s still just one country. Americans are flawed ...

28 Feb 2008

The Moderate Supermajority

the Syrian-Iranian-Hezbollah axis that has been sabotaging their country for decades. When ...

8 Apr 2004

Iranian Proxy War

border crossings along the 900-mile frontier with that country. Tehran has, ...

15 Sep 2006

Getting Lebanon Wrong

than a war with Lebanon. Lozowick : In a war with a country you win by hitting that country so hard that they call uncle, basically. There are even ...

27 May 2007

Fatah Al Islam Threatens all of Lebanon

the United States. When the confused CNN anchor asked why — if neither country ...

1 Jan 2007

Hanging With Hezbollah

is a well-armed Shia militia, the only militia of its kind in the country ...

15 Dec 2006

Hizbullah’s weapons, the Hariri tribunal and chapter 7

in giving them the tribunal card to terrorize the country until their demands ...

28 Sep 2006

Talking, Not Writing

part of the country. Glenn Reynolds moderated the event. Michael Barone ...

10 Nov 2006

A Few Final Words

in the country, and perhaps never will be. But it’s something. Hezbollah, though, ...

13 Jan 2006

A Woman Traveling Alone

to Israel then. Of all the Middle East countries, only Egypt and Jordan (and ...

28 Feb 2005

While I Was Out

Excellency said the country would benefit from “more freedom and democracy”. ...

4 Jan 2007

“It’s Like a Phish Concert for Terrorists”

visit foreign countries and file these dispatches without your assistance. ...

27 Aug 2006

Eyeless in Gaza

and Cairo. People get used to war, though. So do countries. Arabs are firing ...

11 May 2011

“We Know Where You Live”

the country. And I was right. You can read the rest by ordering a copy ...

11 May 2006

The Palestinians of 1948

wanted their own sovereign country. And it was easy to be pro-Israeli ...

30 Apr 2006

On the Rim of a Volcano

be a catastrophe for Israel if the northern part of the country were left abandoned ...

4 Nov 2006

Darkness Everywhere

if his troops were forced out the country. A wave of car bombs, ...

21 Oct 2006

The Beirut of Europe, Revisited

country will drop bombs on Paris from warplanes. Comparing Beirut and Paris ...

4 Aug 2006

Hezbollahland Photo Gallery

Michael J. Totten's blog Lebanon is a beautiful country, and Beirut is a beautiful city. (If you don’t believe me, see here and here .) Hezbollah-occupied Lebanon, though, isn’t so great — especially now . Last year I took ...

16 Jun 2006

Weekend Reading

in the Western countries ought to throw themselves into these debates ...

1 Jul 2007

The Islamist’s War Against Liberalism

the moral right to interfere inside someone else’s country.” Saddam Hussein’s ...

9 Dec 2005

Arrival in Egypt

defined sharply in the night as though the country were rendered ...

2 Mar 2005

Catastrophe Theory and War

who live in those countries. I’m not saying we don’t deserve some ...

12 Aug 2006

Inside Hezbollah’s Free Fire Zone

is survive. You “win” even if your country is torn to pieces. The very idea ...

17 Jun 2006

“The Israelis Live Over There, So I Don’t Have to Forgive Them!”

to shoot it. “There sure are a lot of guns in this country,” I said. Firas, ...

22 May 2007

The Story of Gaza

and Cairo. People get used to war, though. So do countries. Arabs are firing ...

11 Sep 2015

Lebanon Urges Arab Countries To Share Syrian Refugee Burden

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:04 AM EDT
7 Jun 2013
23 Mar 2013

Lebanese PM's Resignation Accepted as Tensions Rise across Country

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 10:40 AM EDT
16 Aug 2012