In Depth: Asia Pacific and Myanmar

29 Dec 2015

Democracy's Retreats and Tentative Advances in 2015

2015 saw important, yet fragile, democratic gains around the world. But, as the West is now preoccupied with domestic challenges, the future of democratic reform will be determined by those on the frontlines.
27 Feb 2013

Asia’s Next Tigers? Burma, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka

Fifty years ago, Burma, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines seemed ready to boom economically. Yet takeoff never happened. Could they now be on the path of recovery and growth?
1 Jun 2008

Dear Mr. President ...

You will no doubt have been advised against adopting any view that seems or seeks to attribute all events to one single cause. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the absolutely central and consistent role played, in so many of our difficulties, by the People’s Republic of China ...
17 Jan 2014

Why Is China Blaming America for Its Flawed Dam Project?

The Burmese government suspended China’s Myitsone dam project because of its overwhelming unpopularity, yet the official Chinese press was quick to blame Washington for its own failing.
13 Nov 2012

Obama, Clinton Asia Blitz Underlines US Commitment

China's former allies cozy up to Washington as President Obama and Secretary Clinton's East Asia travel plans include unprecedented stops in Burma and Cambodia. The pivot is in full swing.
5 Jun 2015

ANALYSIS. Myanmar’s Illicit Drug Trade Causes Country’s Economy to Boom

Thomas Fuller. The New York Times. 02:36 PM EDT
19 Sep 2012