In Depth: Netherlands

7 Apr 2016

The Dutch, Kyiv, and Reform

The Dutch referendum may be a setback for Ukraine's aspirations, but it's only Kyiv's serious commitment to reform that will ultimately determine the country's direction and destiny.
22 Mar 2013

A Ukrainian Gas-State?

Ukraine might be looking at a shale-gas windfall, but does the EU care enough to make sure things go by the book? And can the democratic opposition keep the oligarchs from plundering the profits?
24 Jan 2013

Denied Asylum, Anti-Putin Protester Hangs Himself

The Netherlands denied asylum to Alexander Dolmatov, a peaceful anti-Kremlin activist. Rather than return to Putin's prisons, he hung himself. Are Europe's financial ties to Russia subordinating rights to profit?
25 Oct 2013

God and the Euro Crisis

In his new book the commentator Massimo Franco discusses the vestigial religious cleavages that still color Europe’s financial crisis with myths of frugal Protestants and profligate Catholics.
19 Nov 2006

Just a Thought

a veil or a burka, on schools or government property. But Western countries ...

17 Aug 2010

Israel Through Israeli Eyes

Michael J. Totten's blog Yoram Hazony wrote a fascinating essay about how many Europeans view Israel, and why so many of them find the country distasteful. A sovereign Jewish state that uses armed force ...

10 Nov 2004

Holland Snaps

If Dutch Muslims ever become as liberal as Dutch Christians the country ...

22 Feb 2010

NATO's 'Dutch Disease'

a country’s politics. The collapse of the coalition government ...

20 Jun 2011

Greeks Bearing Debts

but despised by her own countrymen for lending to a country with no realistic ...

19 Oct 2010

The Dutch Treatment

is guaranteed to everyone in that country). Once again, however, even this small ...

18 Sep 2012

Paul Berman on the Rushdie Affair and its Aftermath

in Western countries, people without any sort of Arab or Muslim background, ...

3 Apr 2008

Blasphemers Unite!

is a sovereign country with its own laws. Ever since Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini ...