In Depth: Norway

17 Nov 2017

Turkey Withdraws Troops from NATO Drill in Norway

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 10:00 AM EST
14 Nov 2017

Norway Sued Over Arctic Oil Exploration Plans

The Guardian. England. 11:31 AM EST
13 Sep 2017

Rising Powers May Fundamentally Change Peacebuilding

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs 03:23 PM EDT

Norway’s Rightwing Coalition Claims Election Victory

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 12:17 PM EDT
11 Sep 2017

‘Election Thriller’ Begins in Norway

Al Jazeera. 12:19 PM EDT
5 Sep 2017

EU Ties Under Pressure Ahead of Noway's Election

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:26 PM EDT
3 Jul 2017

Russia Begins Cleanup of Arctic Nuclear Waste Site

Transitions Online. Czech Republic. 01:21 PM EDT
30 Jun 2017

Tanzania, Norway Agree to Cooperate in Private Sector

The Citizen. Tanzania. 01:29 PM EDT
26 Jun 2017

Moscow Warns Norway over Presence of US Marines

Sputnik. Russia. 11:20 AM EDT
23 Mar 2017

Turkey Summons Norway Envoy Over Granting Asylum to Coup Suspects

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 10:14 AM EDT
3 Feb 2017
25 Oct 2016
10 Aug 2016
1 Jul 2016

Brexit May Alter Norway’s Relationship with the EU

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:57 AM EDT
28 Jun 2016

India-Norway: Burgeoning Business Synergy

Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations. 02:37 PM EDT
23 Jun 2016

Norway to Send Troops into Syria

FARS News Agency. Iran. 11:56 AM EDT
22 Jun 2016

Brexit: Lessons From the Norway-EU Relationship

European Council on Foreign Relations. 02:57 PM EDT
17 Jun 2016

OPINION. Can the UK Have an EU Deal Like Switzerland or Norway?

The New Statesman. England. 11:29 AM EDT
15 Jun 2016

Secretary Kerry: Remarks at the Oslo Forum

Norway. REMARKS. 02:43 PM EDT

Norway’s PM Solberg Warns Against Brexit

Politico. Belgium. 11:29 AM EDT
27 Jan 2016

Norway, Russia in Talks to Return Migrants Who Cross Arctic Border

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:34 AM EST
25 Jan 2016
20 Jan 2016
9 Dec 2015

US to Norway: Step Up Fight Against ISIS

Norway News. 11:16 AM EST
3 Dec 2015

Norway Tightens Border Control

The Norway Post. 10:45 AM EST
12 Nov 2015
28 Oct 2015

OPINION. Norwegian Option Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Espen Barth Eide. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 07:22 AM EDT
16 Oct 2015

Norway Welcomes Peace Agreement in Myanmar

The Norway Post. 09:33 AM EDT
15 Oct 2015

Norway to Send Back Syrian Refugees Who Came from Russia

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:50 AM EDT
3 Sep 2015

Syrian Refugees Cross Russian Border into Norway by Bike

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:08 AM EDT
5 Aug 2015
17 Jun 2015
16 Jun 2015
15 Jun 2015
12 Jun 2015
11 Jun 2015

Europe’s Northern Group

The Northern Group wouldn’t usually be headline news, but it's become an important way for non-NATO members to cooperate with the alliance on Russia's new aggressiveness.
28 May 2015

Norway Funds Migrant Reception Centre in Greece

The Norway Post. 11:13 AM EDT
8 May 2015
1 May 2015

Norway To Host NATO Sub-Hunt Exercise For 5,000 Troops

Sputnik International. Russia. 10:44 AM EDT
17 Apr 2015

The Nordic Battlegroup, Ready and Willing

Seven European countries bordering the North and Baltic Seas have contributed soldiers to a newly formed rapid response military force.
7 Apr 2015