In Depth: Asia Pacific and Philippines

27 Feb 2013

Asia’s Next Tigers? Burma, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka

Fifty years ago, Burma, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines seemed ready to boom economically. Yet takeoff never happened. Could they now be on the path of recovery and growth?
29 Dec 2013

Conflicting Claims: China, Japan, Taiwan on Edge

China’s aggressive territorial claims in the South China Sea are similar to those made in the East China Sea—and have entangled China, Japan, and Taiwan in an intractable and tense standoff.
1 Mar 2011

Nervous Neighbors: China Finds a Sphere of Influence

ASEAN encourages the sovereignty of its members. That’s probably why China can exploit it so easily. It’s also probably why its members want to hedge Beijing with closer US ties — ties Washington is all to happy to grant.
16 Jan 2017

Can Japan's Abe Bridge the Duterte-Washington Divide?

Prime Minister Abe appears intent to keep the Philippine’s Duterte from giving China strategic territorial gains that will threaten the region's democratic alliance.
7 Oct 2016

Philippine President to Obama: 'Go to Hell' as Asia Alliance Deteriorates

In a series of shocking public statements, Philippine President Duterte has chastised US leaders and policies and explicitly promoted better ties with China.
2 Nov 2016

Duterte's Claims of Diplomatic Success Are Premature

Following President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit, Beijing is allowing Philippine fishing vessels access to Scarborough Shoal. But for how long?
24 Jan 2017

Church Condemns Duterte's Bloody War on Drugs

In response to the Catholic Church's criticism of his campaign's rights violations, Philippine President Duterte is smearing the clergy. It's a battle the Church will likely win.
23 Aug 2016

How Do We Deal With a Self-Isolating China?

Isolation is dangerous but in the long run so is the failure to hold Beijing accountable for acts of aggression, large and small.
31 Jan 2012

Beijing Targets the Philippines

A recent thaw in relations between the Philippines and the US shows just how serious Chinese aggression in the South China Sea has become.
7 May 2015

China Creates Adversaries With South China Sea Reclamations

China and the Philippines have exchanged heated accusations over the South China Sea, but Manila’s behavior in the region is nothing compared to Beijing’s recent reclamation program.
19 Apr 2012

Confrontation in the South China Sea

Beijing’s latest territorial aggression in the South China Sea has raised tensions with the Philippines just as the archipelago nation begins a joint military exercise with the US.
21 Apr 2014

Skipping China, Obama Seeks to Reassure Asian Allies

President Obama hopes to reassure nervous allies in Asia who worry the US is not sufficiently reliable in thwarting the aggressive behavior of the country he's not visiting--China.
19 Aug 2016
28 Apr 2015

Philippines Urges ASEAN Countries to ‘Stand Up to China’

Manila Standard Today. Philippines. 02:18 PM EDT
19 Nov 2013

Philippines Divides Regional Aid Efforts by Country

China Post. Taiwan 10:35 AM EST
24 Aug 2010