In Depth: Russia

20 Jul 2017

As the Kremlin Tightens the Screws, It Invites Popular Revolt

The Kremlin often accuses the opposition of plotting a “Maidan” uprising, but if anyone is responsible for fomenting rebellion it’s the Kremlin’s relentless efforts to undermine free and fair elections.
19 Jul 2017
18 Jul 2017

Russians Leave Meeting Without Their Seized US Compounds

ABC News. United States 02:43 PM EDT
17 Jul 2017

Russia's Bedfellows: The Kremlin's European Political Allies

European Council on Foreign Relations. United Kingdom. 04:28 PM EDT

Russia's Chinese Takeover: A Myth Uncovered

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 04:25 PM EDT

Russia to Consider Israeli Interests in Syria, Says Lavrov

The Jerusalem Post. Israel. 02:17 PM EDT
14 Jul 2017

Russian MFA Suffered Cyber Attack

The Moscow Times. Russia. 01:25 PM EDT

Russian Lawyer’s ‘Trump Mission' was to Dump Magnitsky Act

One can debate whether Natalia Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Trump campaign executives was collusion. But it is irrefutable that it was consistent with the Kremlin’s goal to end the Magnitsky Act.
13 Jul 2017

Turkey Agrees to Pay $2.5 Million for Russian Missiles

Daily Sabah. Turkey. 02:43 PM EDT

Russia, Saudi Arabia Sign $3.5bn Arms Deal

The Moscow Times. Russia. 01:17 PM EDT
11 Jul 2017

OPINION. While Trump Talks, the Pentagon Balks

Finian Cunningham. RT. Russia. 03:14 PM EDT

Russia Oil Imports Surge in North Korea

Korea Times. 02:59 PM EDT

Flurry of Kiev Assassinations a New Russian Front in Ukraine

A series of politically motivated bombings and assassinations (or attempted ones) have shaken Kyiv. All signs point to the Kremlin, and Ukrainian authorities seem powerless to stop it.
10 Jul 2017

Lavrov: Trump Accepted Putin's Denial of Election Meddling


Russian Opposition Activist Seeks Asylum in Lithuania

The Baltic Times. Latvia. 03:49 PM EDT

Lithuania Sentences Russian to 10 Years Imprisonment for Espionage

Transitions Online. Czech Republic. 01:03 PM EDT
7 Jul 2017

OPINION. Let Russia, China Solve North Korean Nukes

Alexander Yakovenko. RT. Russia. 01:28 PM EDT

Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Released from Prison

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. 11:40 AM EDT
6 Jul 2017

Russia Vetos UN Resolution Condemning North Korea

The Washington Times. 02:17 PM EDT