In Depth: Military and Russia

5 Oct 2015

Shattered Hopes: A Farewell to European Arms Control?

Even before the Ukraine crisis, European arms control was in trouble. Now, with the tensions raised, existing treaties could easily fail, without any effort made to renew or replace them.
19 Sep 2016

US-India, China-Russia Exercises Reflect New Alliances

As the US and India conduct joint exercises 100km from India’s border with China—China and Russia conduct "island seizing" naval exercises in the South China Sea.
10 Dec 2015

Syria’s Unfriendly Skies

It’s unclear if the downed Russian pilots intended to violate Turkish airspace, but the incident shows how Russia’s unusual air control procedures pose a danger in Syria’s crowded skies.
24 Dec 2015

Putin ‘Outlaws’ European Justice in Russia

Vladimir Putin has signed a law that effectively banishes international legal norms from Russian territory and denies Russian citizens access to European justice.
5 Oct 2015

The Baltic Defense Bubble

NATO’s top military officer expressed concern last week about Russia’s defensive buildup in the Mediterranean, but a similar problem could be brewing in the Baltic Sea as well.