In Depth: Middle East and Ukraine

31 Dec 2014

Democracy: Four Reasons to Be Optimistic in 2015

2014 was a bleak year for the development of democracy around the world, but history has shown we are often blind to the democratic possibilities unfolding amidst the turmoil.
12 Feb 2016

Four Reasons Why the Syria Cease-fire Won't Work

The so-called Syria cease-fire agreement is a poorly disguised diplomatic ruse by the Kremlin to break down Western unity and resolve as it accomplishes its brutal ends in Syria and Ukraine.
13 Jun 2016

When Downsizing is a Good Thing for a State

While it carries political risk for leaders, contracting the borders of a country can be a strategic consolidation that strengthens and empowers the state. Ukraine should take note.
11 May 2015

Democracy in Retreat

Regimes in countries like China, Russia, and Iran don’t even try to hide their contempt for democracy anymore. Will the next American president do more to fight back?
16 Mar 2012

Soft and Hard Power Threats to Ukraine

According to a new report, Ukrainians aren't crazy to suspect Russian influence in their country's welfare.
25 Jun 2013

On Nationalism and Fascism, Part 3

It makes perfect sense for liberals and democrats to oppose fascism, but when it comes to nationalism, whose aim is often liberation, their attitude should be open, and cautiously welcoming.
18 Nov 2006

Egyptian “Morals”

some of his country’s laws work: If I went out and arranged ...

29 Oct 2010

Yanukovich Defines Freedom of Speech

is ranked 131st out of 178 countries, a tad worse than Iraq and a tad better ...