In Depth: United Kingdom

6 Dec 2017
4 Dec 2017

10 Arrested Over Suspected Links to Murder of Maltese Journalist

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:54 AM EST

Catalan's Deposed Vice-President to Contest Election From Prison

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:53 AM EST

Dutch PM: Irish Border is 'Crucial' for EU

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:49 AM EST

Donald Trump's Far-Right Twitter Posts Spark Outrage in UK

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:53 AM EST

UK MPs Warn Post-Brexit Irish Border Checks Inevitable

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:45 AM EST
29 Nov 2017

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: On the Yemeni Humanitarian Crisis

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:06 PM EST

War Criminal Dies After Drinking Poison in UN Court

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:01 AM EST
27 Nov 2017
20 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: "We Call for Calm and Restraint' in Zimbabwe

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:49 PM EST

Britain Urges No Violence in Zimbabwe

News 24. South Africa. 11:46 AM EST

Airbus Lands $50BN Deal for Record 430 Budget Airline Planes

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:52 AM EST

Number of EU Workers in the UK has risen by 112,000 Since Brexit

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:51 AM EST
13 Nov 2017

Brexit-Torn Britain Stumbles

New York Times. 10:32 AM EST
6 Nov 2017

Paradise Papers Expose Modi’s Government

The Hindu. India. 02:40 PM EST

Malta Denies Secrecy in ‘Paradise Papers’ Leak

Euro Observer. Belgium. 11:10 AM EST
30 Oct 2017

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: On the Balfour Declaration

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:41 PM EDT
27 Oct 2017

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: On UN Report on Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 10:50 AM EDT
23 Oct 2017

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: Speech to Chatham House

United Kingdom. SPEECH. 12:57 PM EDT

Russian Radio Journalist Stabbed in Neck at Her Moscow Office

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:29 AM EDT
20 Oct 2017

UK Foreign Ministry: Joint Communiqué Between Mexico and the United Kingdom

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:57 PM EDT
18 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017

UK Foreign Ministry: Foreign Secretary Johnson to Visit Moscow

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:59 PM EDT