In Depth: United Kingdom

18 Jan 2017
14 Dec 2016

The UK Adopts Modern Definition of Anti-Semitism

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced an updated definition of anti-Semitism that addresses unfair hostility toward the state of Israel. Hopefully Jeremy Corbyn’s staff gets the memo.
12 Oct 2016
8 Sep 2016

OPINION. G20 is An Important Forum That Has Lost Its Focus

Ashok Sajjanhar. Hindustan Times. India. 02:45 PM EDT
6 Sep 2016

OPINION. Global Leadership Needed for Prosperity

New Zealand Herald 05:00 PM EDT
31 Aug 2016

Corbyn Secures Significant Lead in UK Labour Poll

Politico. Belgium. 11:09 AM EDT
11 Aug 2016

Ecuador To Allow Wikileaks' Assange To Be Questioned In Embassy Over Rape Charge

International Business Times. United States. 09:27 AM EDT
3 Aug 2016
1 Aug 2016

UK Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria Increase by 85 Percent

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 11:24 AM EDT
25 Jul 2016
19 Jul 2016

Brexit And Foreign Policy: Divorce?

Center For European Reform. United Kingdom. 03:25 PM EDT
18 Jul 2016

Brexit and Foreign Policy: A Divorce?

Centre for European Reform. United Kingdom. 03:55 PM EDT
13 Jul 2016

Theresa May, Britain’s New Prime Minister

Baker Institute for Public Policy. United States. 03:08 PM EDT
6 Jul 2016

OPINION. UKIP’s Farage Predicament

Matthew Goodwin. Politico. Belgium. 11:36 AM EDT

Chilcot Report Slams UK’s Role in Iraq War

The New York Times. 11:32 AM EDT
30 Jun 2016
29 Jun 2016

ANALYSIS. Globalization’s Angst and the Brexit Vote

Eurasia Review. Spain. 11:22 AM EDT
22 Jun 2016

Brexit: Lessons From the Norway-EU Relationship

European Council on Foreign Relations. 02:57 PM EDT
21 Jun 2016

The Day After: Scenarios and Regrets After The Brexit Referendum

Danish Institute for International Studies. Denmark. 02:22 PM EDT

OPINION. Is Remain & Reform The Only Option for Britain’s Left?

Joe Guinan & Thomas Hanna. openDemocracy. England. 01:53 PM EDT

OPINION. Brexit, Spain, Euro: The Week That Will Define Europe

Pierre Briançon. POLITICO Europe. Belgium. 11:29 AM EDT
7 Jun 2016

Brexit Scenarios and Perspectives

Barcelona Centre for International Affairs. Spain. 02:57 PM EDT
31 May 2016

Never Mind the Gap: Why We Shouldn't Worry about Inequality

Institute of Economic Affairs. United Kingdom. 12:41 PM EDT
26 May 2016

OPINION. Tony Blair’s Unpopularity Does Not Hinder International Influence

George Eaton. The New Statesman. United Kingdom. 11:16 AM EDT
24 May 2016
20 May 2016

Canada and US Urge UK to Remain in EU

Euobserver. Belgium. 12:00 PM EDT
25 Apr 2016

OPINION. Anti-Brexit Campaigners Need to Focus

Janan Ganesh. The Irish Times. 11:13 AM EDT
5 Feb 2016

OPINION. Six Reasons You Can't Take the Litvinenko Report Seriously

William Dunkerley. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:38 AM EST