In Depth: Middle East and United States

19 Sep 2016

America Rising: Indispensable Again in Asia

China’s aggressive militarism, slowing economy, and indecisive leadership has renewed America’s status as a welcome and indispensable force for prosperity and security in Asia.

Diplomacy's Aversion to Power: Consequences of Retreat

Retrenchment and disengagement have not yielded peace, stability, or global order—rather, growing instability, expanding terror’s reach, surging floods of refugees, and intensifying civil war.
2 Jul 2015

The Iran Delusion: A Primer for the Perplexed

So long as Tehran fuels violence in the Middle East’s most dangerous places, trading sanctions relief for weapons inspections will have no effect on the deeper threat Iran poses.
19 Sep 2016

Presidential Priority: Restore American Leadership

The alternative to America’s indispensability is not a harmonious, self-regulating balance of independent states but an international landscape marked by eruptions of chaos and destruction.
12 Feb 2016

Four Reasons Why the Syria Cease-fire Won't Work

The so-called Syria cease-fire agreement is a poorly disguised diplomatic ruse by the Kremlin to break down Western unity and resolve as it accomplishes its brutal ends in Syria and Ukraine.
16 Jul 2015

Iran Is No ‘Strategic Ally’

The former British ambassador to the US has written that shifting interests in the Middle East make Iran a rising “strategic ally,” especially in the wake of the nuclear deal. He’s wrong.
31 Oct 2014

A Sad State of Affairs: The Kerry Record

The secretary of state’s one-sided, wrong-headed, and ill-fated attempt to negotiate an Israel-Hamas deal this summer should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his track record.
20 Mar 2015

The Irresponsibility of the Iran Letter

The effort by Senate Republicans to undercut President Obama’s national security policy on Iran is not only unconstructive and embarrassing—it is irresponsible.
1 Jul 2015

Iran’s Dubious Track Record

As negotiators extend deadlines and toil to make a final deal on Iran’s nuclear program, the US and its allies may find Tehran’s sordid history of dealings with the IAEA instructive.
25 Feb 2015

The Liberal Crack-up over ISIS

Democrats and liberals are getting fed up with the White House’s tepid response to the Islamic State, whose atrocities President Obama insists on distancing from Islam itself.
21 Mar 2017
15 Apr 2015

Kerry Meets With G7 Countries to Discuss Yemen, Iran

Al Bawaba News. Jordan. 12:38 PM EDT