In Depth: Economy, South Asia and US

4 Jan 2012

The Myanmar Moment? Why Washington Made Its Move

For years, Myanmar has been a favorite bête noire on the world scene, but the West is right to consider whether the ruling military now has the potential to effect serious modernization.
30 Apr 2010

Pakistan: Descent into Chaos?

“Nearly everyone I’ve met here over the past week shares a rather grim perspective at the moment, a feeling that Pakistan is teetering on the brink.”
1 Nov 2010

The Broken Consensus: America's Contested Primacy

Former U.S. Ambassador Eric S. Edelman tackles anew the problem of America's place in the 21st century.
2 Jan 2013

Editor’s Introduction

in the country’s ever more polarized and less civil political dialogue. His good ...

1 Sep 2011

Ten Years Later

“Obama, like an increasing number of Republican candidates for the presidency, recognizes that retrenchment from the numerous commitments America incurred abroad is imperative.”

30 Dec 2012

Money Pit: The Monstrous Failure of US Aid to Afghanistan

The US has spent $100 billion in nonmilitary funds to rebuild Afghanistan. Yet, after a decade of mind-bending mismanagement and unaccountability, it seems all for naught.
1 Sep 2009

Talibanistan: The Talibs at Home

If you think the Talibs aren't the rainmakers in AfPak these days, try to collect a measly debt—much less win a war—without them. Our correspondent did. (And he still hasn't heard from Western Union.)
1 Mar 2010

Unruly Clients: The Trouble with Allies

We just gave $7.5 billion to Pakistan and got ridiculed by the parliament, army chief, and former president. We give Yemen $121 million each year and the country remains a terrorist hotbed. What, exactly, have we bought into here?
27 Jun 2012

History Resumes: Sectarianism’s Unlearned Lessons

The unintended consequences of the West’s “civilizing missions” to liberate peoples have historically reinforced and inflamed sectarian divides rather than bridged them.
5 Mar 2011

Gee Whiz

of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, there were a few other countries present at L’Aquila, countries belonging to neither of the two above groups ...

15 Dec 2010

Fresh Approach: It’s Time for the Afghans to Leave Afghanistan

areas. The ultimate safe haven is a secure and prosperous country ...

12 Feb 2010

Why the World is Not Flat

were less unequal across countries with integrated capital markets; technology used by multinationals located in different countries became more ...

22 Apr 2013

Mistaking Foreign Friends for Foes

Many Americans mistook the Czech Republic for Chechnya last week, prompting an official clarification. It’s a reminder that Americans should get to know their foreign friends better.
19 Aug 2010

Afghanistan: The Negative-Sum War

in Afghanistan has done the country more good than anything in the last seven ...

25 Mar 2010

The Cakewalk, Seven Years On

to destabilize neighboring countries such as Jordan and Syria; Iraqi refugee camps ...

27 Jun 2013

Afghanistan’s Vicious Patronage Network

We’ve failed to establish a reasonably stable democracy in Afghanistan because of corruption and patronage networks that now feed on American contracts.
24 Oct 2013

In Myanmar, Violence Is Obstacle to Investment

In the wake of years of military rule, Myanmar’s government hopes to spur a “gold rush” of foreign investment, yet ongoing violence could be a major hindrance to new business.
27 Sep 2012

Give Egypt's Aid Money to Libya

Spontaneous protests have erupted throughout the country, but not against ...

4 Feb 2010

Secession not Succession

that seems to care more for their country’s dwindling number of wild tigers ...

16 Jan 2013

India Considers John Kerry

With John Kerry likely to be America’s next chief diplomat, some in New Delhi are nervous about his record on Pakistan. But given current trends, a stronger US-India friendship could easily be part of Secretary Kerry’s legacy.
5 May 2010

Obama's Leftist Heart

opposed bringing those prisoners to American soil, and no other country ...

7 Oct 2010

Go, Don’t Go

however tiny, into and out of the country so that Uncle Sam can keep track ...

17 Jan 2013

US Withdrawal from Afghanistan Is the Right Choice

A prolonged US presence in Afghanistan is not in America’s best interest—and possibly not in Afghanistan’s either.
15 Jun 2010

Let Them Buy Votes?

is that in many parts of the country, local politicians have monopoly power and so ...

7 Apr 2010