In Depth: South Asia and US

8 Dec 2011

Libya’s Amazigh: Natural Allies of Democracy and the West

If the West can support Libya's Amazigh population without meddling too far, it could do much for this non-Arab people so friendly to democracy.
10 Mar 2010

Between Niqab and Naked

in Islamic countries, I find it hard to leap to the defense of Western-style ...

23 Sep 2010

Imagine a grand jury in Afghanistan

for Afghanistan, but also for other underdeveloped countries. We in the developed ...

16 Feb 2010

Sublime and Ridiculous

appreciates his new country, and (most poignantly) stays true to his God. ...

15 Jun 2010

Let Them Buy Votes?

is that in many parts of the country, local politicians have monopoly power and so ...

12 Mar 2010

Moral Authority?

in this country that, as Damon Linker has put it , the United States has been ...

13 Oct 2010

Building Social Capital in Afghanistan

country. She’s 22 and she’s only been in the US for a month, on a scholarship ...

18 Sep 2008

Al Qaeda’s Defeat in Iraq

critical country in the heart of the Arab Middle East than with a primitive ...

11 Aug 2010

If COIN Doesn't Work, Why Do We Keep Using It?

— foisting a corrupt, inept thug who stole an election on a helpless country ...

27 Jul 2010

COIN Heresy: The More Troops We Have, the More Violence Grows

facts. One, the ungoverned spaces issue. Two, Pakistan. With a country six ...

6 Jul 2010

A Warning to the President of the 60s (and the USA)

— as if a Country Joe and the Fish concert had gotten General Westmoreland booted out ...

25 Jan 2005

The Unwinnable War

the route of Russia’s atrocious war in that country? I think the answer ...

29 Dec 2004

First Stingy, Now Unilateral

to the UN. “I think this initiative from America to set up four countries ...

24 Mar 2010

Broken Windows and Insurgency

applied to crime rates both in the United States and other countries ...

23 Feb 2010

Toward a Hair-Shirt Army?

more and more coddled, unfit, and unwilling to defend their country ...

13 Oct 2009

Hezbollah Isn’t a Model for Afghanistan

with the country next door and violently assaults its own capital. It’s also a global ...

2 Sep 2003

Race: Human

when this sort of thing did matter in this country to people like me, ...

3 Nov 2010

We’ve Finally Got the Leader We Need

almost none of the country remains secure. Can you please explain how you ...

27 Oct 2010

Marshall McLuhan at the AfPak border

someone claims that Afghanistan was not a poor country in 1950. (Young ...

30 Aug 2010

Amir Bar-Lev's 'The Tillman Story'

playing in the country, then excelling on the playing field in school. ...

4 Mar 2011

Why Steve Coll is Dead Wrong on the Taliban

We use our huge influence in the country to jigger things in favor ...

7 Jan 2004

History and Total War

time. It feels remote, though it is not. Our country is still embroiled ...

30 Apr 2006

On the Rim of a Volcano

be a catastrophe for Israel if the northern part of the country were left abandoned ...

19 Jun 2015

US State Department Country Reports on Terrorism 2014

United States. REPORT. 12:18 PM EDT
5 Jan 2015

Afghanistan: US Should 'Re-examine' Withdrawing from Country

Christian Science Monitor. United States. 09:27 AM EST
28 Feb 2014

Introduction to 2013 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

United States. Press Release. 01:49 PM EST
19 Sep 2012
25 May 2012
14 May 2012
7 Apr 2010
1 Apr 2010

Afghan Ambassador to US: ‘Human Capital’ is Key to Rebuilding Country

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 08:00 PM EDT