In Depth: Human Rights and US

4 Jan 2012

The Myanmar Moment? Why Washington Made Its Move

For years, Myanmar has been a favorite bête noire on the world scene, but the West is right to consider whether the ruling military now has the potential to effect serious modernization.
20 Mar 2013

Can the UN Stop Kim’s Human Rights Crimes?

The UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in North Korea is only the latest to urge the body to take action against the regime’s widespread abuses and crimes. But will anything really be done?
28 Oct 2013

The UN and Israel: A History of Discrimination

Some 120 non-aligned nations have used their UN clout to stigmatize and isolate Israel since the 1970s. Their hostility continues to threaten both the UN process and the Jewish state.
29 Apr 2013

Lessons Learned: The Iraq Invasion

The lessons of the Iraq War now pass as conventional wisdom, but the intervention-averse policies of the Obama administration in Syria suggest the wrong lessons have been learned.
30 Aug 2013

Getting Congo Right: Can the West Fix Past Failures?

After two decades of incoherent policies, millions have died in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Can a new Western-organized counterinsurgency force really bring resolution?
6 Jun 2013

North Korea’s Legacy of Terrorism

The US once considered North Korea—guilty of dozens of foreign bombings and thousands of abductions—a terrorism sponsor. The listing lapsed, but the horrendous behavior never did.
7 Mar 2012

Russia's WTO Entry a Chance to Push Human Rights

The US Congress should see its upcoming adjustment of trade terms with Russia as a chance to press Moscow on corruption and rights abuses.
28 Jun 2013

Kremlin Crooks: Putin’s ‘Patriotic’ Hypocrites

Soviet heavies were fond of chastising the West and punishing activists with alleged foreign ties, but at least they did so without Virgin Island bank accounts and luxury US property holdings.
15 Oct 2012

Obama’s Shortcomings in Syria

Administration officials have repeatedly said they did not want to “radicalize the conflict” in Syria, but Washington’s policies carry some of the blame for latest mounting tensions in the region.
17 Sep 2012

The Looming WMD Crisis in Syria

As warfare and instability continue to rattle Syria, the possibility that terrorists could acquire the regime's chemical and biological weapons is getting disturbingly more likely.
1 Jul 2010

Gathering Storm: America and China in 2020

Ian Bremmer predicts that the U.S. will face an uphill battle in the next decade as it tries to convince Beijing that it should still value American interests.
20 Mar 2012

Sudan's Continuing War on Religious Freedom

Sudan's split with the South last year should have taught Khartoum that violating human rights leads to endless strife and division.
30 Aug 2012

China’s Currency Manipulation: A Policy Debate

Political leaders may want to engage Beijing, but given its blatantly unfair trade practices, human rights abuses, and military aggression, a confrontation is long overdue.
1 Mar 2010

Saviors & Sovereigns: The Rise and Fall of Humanitarianism

Let's face it: liberals and conservatives alike are running out of explanations for our role in the world.
1 Jul 2011

Persons of Interest: Britain Learns from Ex-Islamists

Two former extremists prove just how much the UK learns from its reformed enemies (and why the US should do the same).

1 Sep 2008

Paved Intentions: Civilization and Imperialism

The increasingly grim spiral of events in the early 1990s put into question the robustness of the human rights regime. If today’s humanitarian interventionists have lost hope that the UN can reform itself to intervene decisively in the name of civilized values, they remain convinced that America and its partners can ...
17 Aug 2011

Good News in Prague for LGBT Pride — and Diplomats

on a domestic event in their host country is not an everyday occurrence. ...

8 Jan 2013

The International Elite Bubble

It's hard to step outside the comforting bubble of the global, cosmopolitan elite. But if Western-minded liberals were to ever do so, they would see their values are in the minority in many corners of the world.
13 Mar 2012

Syria: The Refugee Crisis Within

terrible it would be to be met with war again, this time in a country ...

7 Dec 2012

Principle over Realpolitik: US to Approve Russia Rights Bill

By passing the House-approved Magnitsky Act yesterday, the US Senate has taken a firm stand against corruption and human rights abuses in Putin’s Russia.
18 Feb 2010

No Help for Honduras

the hand of the country’s Supreme Court, which, with the backing ...

19 Mar 2011

No One Could Have Predicted Any of This in January

of force against a country that was elected to its own Human Rights Commission, that Barack Obama would fire missiles at an Arab country when less ...

1 May 2012

Defending Chen Guangcheng is Defending the US

President Obama—and Republicans, for that matter—should see the Chen incident as a chance to discuss the real reasons why we have troubled relations with China’s communist state.
25 Jun 2008

How Kosovo Created its Own Liberal Islam

is a Muslim-majority country at all. Kosovo looks, feels, and is European. A small number ...

20 Mar 2013

Can the UN Stop Kim’s Human Rights Crimes?

The UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in North Korea is only the latest to urge the body to take action against the regime’s widespread abuses and crimes. But will anything really be done?
12 Mar 2011

What if Qaddafi Wins?

And there are certainly countries where the West has more national interests at stake, ...

30 Sep 2013

Russia's Stalinist Treatment of Pussy Riot Women

Prison conditions are wretched everywhere. But in Putin's Russia it’s not just the conditions that are reminiscent of Stalin, but the "crimes" that justify one's imprisonment.
14 Jan 2013

Kremlin's Chief Attack Dog Vacations in US

The parliamentarian behind Russia's new anti-freedom laws recently vacationed in New York and Florida. It’s time to enforce the Magnitsky Act, and ban these thugs from the US.
19 Dec 2012

Putin Retaliates for US Sanctions—Against Russian Orphans

Russian parliamentarians have retaliated against a new US law that will deny visas to some of Russia's top thugs by making it illegal for Americans to adopt Russian babies.
14 Mar 2011

What About Our Hearts and Minds?

the country to tip, or at least even, the odds. While I’m inclined to help ...

26 Oct 2011

Two Russias React to US Visa Sanctions Bill

When will Western policymakers decidedly support Russia's democratic opposition over the criminal network running the government?

3 Mar 2010

Retreat is in the Air

that country away from its alliance with Iran, thus weakening the latter. ...

25 Feb 2010

The Dalai Lama, Obama, and China

the Danish cartoonists despite riots in many Muslim countries ...

29 Apr 2007

The View from the North

withdraws its armed forces from his country. If you enjoy the interview, ...

2 Jun 2010

The Truth, Belatedly, Puts its Boots On

and average citizens in democratic countries become convinced that Israel indeed ...

19 Nov 2010

Getting Tough with the Kremlin

the country, punish the scoundrels” — this was Mr. Nemtsov’s message to his ...

30 Jun 2010

Terminally Ill

of the “worst of the worst” of the world’s repressive countries every year since ...

28 Feb 2014

Introduction to 2013 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

United States. Press Release. 01:49 PM EST
25 May 2012
25 Feb 2010