In Depth: Violence, Asia Pacific and Vietnam

1 Sep 2010

Deja Vu All Over Again: Are We Repeating Vietnam?

Rufus Phillips watched Vietnam unfold from the beginning, serving there from 1954 to 1968. Now he's taking his perspective to Afghanistan, which he visited last year to aid with elections in Kabul.
1 Sep 2010

An Old, Old Story: Misreading Tet, Again

It seems the only thing the news media do better than misinterpret the Tet Offensive is misapply its lessons to our current wars.
1 Jun 2009

The Picture Awaits: The Birth of Modern Counterinsurgency

Ann Marlowe chronicles the origins of counterinsurgency theory.
27 Dec 2004

Worse Than (Our) Vietnam

certainly rise significantly. Earlier, the country’s national disaster ...

14 Feb 2004

Vietnam at Half Volume

to fight for this country.” Thirty years ago, he came back from Vietnam ...

7 Feb 2004

We Are Not Doomed (Updated)

was an American military coup, thus showing just how out of touch with our country ...