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6 Jun 2018

Saudi Arabia Lightens Up on Women – A Little

in the world. Saudi Arabia is just one of just two countries (Iran is the other) ...

3 Jun 2018

A Hero and a Martyr, Remembering Liu Xiaobo

Instead of promoting liberalization, China’s dramatic economic growth has reinforced the regime’s belief in the legitimacy and superiority of its state-driven economic model. The Economist magazine bluntly stated, “The West’s 25-year bet on China has failed.”
29 May 2018

Raids in Four European Countries Over Hamburg G20 Riots

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 03:54 PM EDT
28 May 2018

A Timeline: The Making of Boris Nemtsov Plaza

A newly named plaza in front of Russia’s embassy in Washington DC pays tribute to a slain opposition figure’s courage and resilience, and to his Russian and American supporters determined to promote and preserve his legacy.
15 May 2018

Hezbollah Wins in Lebanon – Sort Of

invades and occupies the whole country. It’s an understandable way ...

14 May 2018
4 May 2018

Authoritarianism Breeds Extremism, Democracy Deters It

Research and facts on the ground show that democratic openness deters extremism more effectively than authoritarians whose first goal is to preserve the regime.
1 May 2018
26 Apr 2018

Hollywood Botches Beirut

and the country is famously stable. Unlike in Lebanon, war is hardly more likely ...

25 Apr 2018

N Korea: US in No Position to Lecture Countries on Human Rights

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 04:13 PM EDT

Kuwait Gives Philippine Ambassador One Week to Leave Country Amid Maid Dispute

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 04:09 PM EDT
20 Apr 2018

Castro Steps Down in Cuba. So What?

in a foreign country than in their native land. As Christopher Hitchens once said ...

18 Apr 2018

EU Countries to Be Straitjacketed By China's New Silk Road

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 02:17 PM EDT
12 Apr 2018

The Case for Bombing Assad

if and when their home countries are unwilling or unable to do so. The Treaty ...

Russia Holds Mass Military Drills Across the Country

Moscow Times. Russia. 12:31 PM EDT
8 Apr 2018

As Hungarians Head to the Polls, Will European Allegiance Suffer?

Hungarians are headed to the polls Sunday April 8, and many are concerned about the country’s turn away from Western-style democracy, but the reality is far more complex.
5 Apr 2018

Vladimir Putin Isn’t Our Pal

of Russians agreed that “there are parts of neighboring countries that really ...

2 Apr 2018
30 Mar 2018

The Turkish-American Alliance Heads Toward a Cliff

in that country, but the Turkish government libels them as terrorists and has spent ...

28 Mar 2018

Western Leaders Congratulate Putin for Stealing Another Election

In stark violation of internationally codified and accepted norms and standards for free elections, why do Western leaders continue to congratulate Putin for his sham elector victories?

A Religious Awakening in China that Seems Uncontrollable

As young and educated Chinese urbanites are increasingly drawn to Christianity in large numbers, the suspicious death of activist-lawyer Li Baiguang and the stepped-up persecution of Christians suggests the Xi dictatorship is nervous.
22 Mar 2018

45 Countries Urge Cambodia to Conduct Free Election

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 03:05 PM EDT

Eighty per cent of African Countries Sign AfCFTA

The New Times. Rwanda. 02:24 PM EDT
20 Mar 2018

Xi: China is No Threat to Other Countries

The Straits Times. Singapore. 02:57 PM EDT
15 Mar 2018

Go Ahead. Talk to Kim.

arsenal for the same reason every other country wants one—as a deterrent. He ...

14 Mar 2018

Central American Countries Eye Lower Trade Deficit with Spain

Dominican Today. Dominican Republic. 04:08 PM EDT
8 Mar 2018

Broken ISIS Recruits Return Home

"Now that ISIS has been all but destroyed in Syria and Iraq, thousands of surviving foreign fighters are returning home. Their home countries are bracing themselves, but the United States, it turns out, might have less to worry about than we feared."
7 Mar 2018

Ukraine's Drain of Talent and Hope Must Stop

Top Ukrainian Olympians have voted with their feet by leaving their country to join other national teams where they get far better support. Unfortunately, it's not just athletes who are leaving.

Looming ‘Debt Risks’ Threaten Belt and Road Countries

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 02:51 PM EST