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11 Feb 2016

Scores Killed in Nigeria Refugee Camp Bombing

AllAfrica. South Africa. 03:59 PM EST

Russia's World: Facing a Century of Instability

European Union Institute for Security Studies. France. 01:20 PM EST

Kazakhstan at Twenty-Five: Stable But Tense

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. United States. 01:14 PM EST

FARC Raises Minimum Recruitment Age to 18

Colombia Reports. 12:51 PM EST

‘500 Dead’ in Russian-Backed Offensive in Northern Syria

The National. United Arab Emirates. 12:48 PM EST

Erdogan: US Should Choose Between Turkey and Kurds

Ya Libnan. Lebanon. 12:43 PM EST

ANALYSIS. Bosnia's EU Application Masks Turmoil

EUobserver. Belgium. 12:37 PM EST

Turkey Threatens to Send Refugees to Europe

The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 12:35 PM EST

Iran Warns Turkey Over Growing Ties With Saudi Arabia

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 12:29 PM EST

NATO Deploys Ships to Aegean to Deter People-Smuggling

BBC News. United Kingdom. 12:24 PM EST

Philippines' Push for Peace with Militants Faces Uncertainty

Channel NewsAsia. Singapore. 12:18 PM EST

China Warns on South China Sea as US, India Consider Patrols

Channel NewsAsia. Singapore. 12:16 PM EST

South China Sea to be Discussed at Asean-US Summit

The Philippine Star. 12:13 PM EST
10 Feb 2016

Editor’s Introduction

W e begin 2016 with a global axis of evil represented by ISIS enlarged and emboldened, consolidating its gains in Syria and Iraq and daring to strike in the heart of Europe. We also begin the year with the Obama-Kerry axis of denial leading from behind, ...

Moscow on the Tigris: Russia Joins the Terror Nexus

While an exhausted United States simply wishes international migraines like the Syrian civil war would just go away, Russia is energized by the prospect of filling the vacuum.

Turning from the West: South Africa’s Ominous Pivot

Operating somewhat under the international radar, South Africa’s ruling ANC has shifted away from Nelson Mandela’s western orientation in favor of Beijing and Moscow.

Not Even Past: Bravado Meets Reality in Brazil

Having attached itself to China’s fortunes, Brazil’s emerging economy is now in a major tailspin that reveals the country’s deep social fissures and underlying economic weaknesses.

The New Fight: Cuba and the Movement for Democracy

The Castro regime has lost whatever raison d’être it may once have had, is deeply corrupt, and now appears ideologically bankrupt to both the people of Cuba and the rest of the world. What’s next?

The Ukraine Example: Nuclear Disarmament Doesn’t Pay

Washington’s failure to fulfill its explicit security assurances in exchange for Ukraine dismantling its nuclear arsenal has greatly undermined US credibility and global nonproliferation.

Merah: The ‘Untold Story’ of a French Jihadist Icon

Like so many other French jihadists, Mohamed Merah, the killer who filmed his savage murder of three Jewish children and a teacher, started as a petty criminal with an “endless” rap sheet.

After the Shake-Up: Rhetoric vs. Reform in Sri Lanka

The window for Washington to walk back some of its soaring rhetoric about Sri Lanka and instead focus on helping push the country toward real change is quickly closing.

US: North Korea Has Restarted Plutonium Reactor

Channel NewsAsia. Singapore. 03:55 PM EST

US Denies Plot to Overthrow Malawi President

Times LIVE. South Africa. 02:53 PM EST

21 Killed in East Congo Ethnic Violence: UN

Standard Media. Kenya. 02:52 PM EST

At Least Eight Killed in Cameroon Suicide Bombing

Africa Review. Kenya. 02:43 PM EST

ANALYSIS. China, India and Japan Court Africa at the Mining Table

Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 02:41 PM EST

James Clapper: Afghanistan at Risk of Political Breakdown

TOLOnews. Afghanistan. 01:27 PM EST

US Sends More Troops to Afghanistan

The Hindu. India. 01:21 PM EST