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25 Jan 2015

Too Little Too Late in Syria

Michael J. Totten's blog The US military is gearing up to train moderate Syrian rebels this spring, but there’s virtually no chance this is going to work by itself. The US spent years training the Iraqi Army, and for what? Baghdad’s forces turned out ...

23 Jan 2015

Free Nadia Savchenko!

Nadia Savchenko, a Ukrainian helicopter pilot taken prisoner by Putin’s proxies in eastern Ukraine, has been on a hunger strike for over a month.

Egypt's Sisi: Impersonating a Democrat

The Egyptian president might be right about the need for a “religious revolution” in Islam, but his regime has hardly been a model of tolerance, pluralism, or civil liberties.

Saudi King Abdullah Passes Away

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 04:00 PM EST

Two Die on Another Day of Bangladesh Blockade

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 03:26 PM EST

US for Putting More World Pressure on Mayanmar

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 03:26 PM EST

OPINION. The Promise of a US Presidential Visit to India

Frank Wisner. The Hindu. India. 03:23 PM EST

OPINION. ‘Je Suis Charlie?’ Maybe. I am Jokowi? Definitely

Johnathan J. Ariel. The Jakarta Post. Indonesia. 03:22 PM EST

Over 1,800 Arrested Across Pakistan

Dawn. Pakistan. 03:18 PM EST

Clashes Erupt in Indian Kashmir Over Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

The Jakarta Post. Indonesia. 03:18 PM EST

Davos 2015: China Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Shows Global Ambitions

The Straits Times. Singapore. 03:13 PM EST

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Ideological Battle at Home and Abroad

Robin Simcox. Hudson Institute. United States. 02:51 PM EST

Murders in Paris: A Boon for European Islamophobes

Johnathan Eyal. Royal United Services Institute. United Kingdom. 02:50 PM EST

Where the Pivot Went Wrong - And How To Fix It

Joshua Kurlantzick. Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 02:48 PM EST

Breaking the Cycle in Gaza

Daniel L. Byman. Brookings Institution. United States. 02:44 PM EST

Conductor Gergiev, Geopolitical Casualty

The conductor Valery Gergiev holds prestigious positions in London, St. Petersburg, and Munich. He’s also friendly with Vladimir Putin. But his art should not be judged by politics.

Obama: Late Saudi King Abdullah A Leader Among Arab, Islamic Nations


King Abdullah Dies, Prince Salman Accedes to The Throne

Saudi Arabia. PRESS RELEASE 01:10 PM EST

Ban Ki Moon Condemns DRC Violence, Calls for Dialogue

The New Times. Rwanda. 12:18 PM EST

Sierra Leone Lifts Ebola Quarantines As Crisis Eases

Times Live. South Africa. 12:13 PM EST

ISIS and Free Syrian Army Clash in Eastern Lebanon

Al Bawaba News. Jordan. 12:08 PM EST

Egyptian Forces, Protesters Clash in Cairo

Egypt Daily News. 12:06 PM EST

Syrian Army Advances in Al-Quneitra, Damascus Provinces

FARS News Agency. Iran. 12:04 PM EST

OPINION. Assad Will Be a Part of Syria’s Future

Alan Philips. The National. United Arab Emirates. 12:03 PM EST

Kurds Cut Key Road In Offensive Against ISIS

Arab Times. Kuwait. 11:56 AM EST