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25 Aug 2014

Russia Sanctions Take Toll on Germany

Financial Times. 04:36 PM EDT

Rival Leaders, Rival Governments In Libya As Crisis Deepens

National Public Radio. United States. 04:31 PM EDT

Hostage Release Highlights Two-Sides of Qatar’s Foreign Policy

The National. United Arab Emirates. 04:24 PM EDT

Pakistan Cleric at Rally Warns of 48-Hour Deadline

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 04:23 PM EDT

Iran Condemns Air Space Violation by Israel

Iran. Press Release. 01:11 PM EDT

Defining Victory in Ukraine

New Eastern Europe. Poland. 12:44 PM EDT

Egypt Warns Only Disarmament Could Spare Libya from Intervention

Middle East Online. England. 12:05 PM EDT

India, Pakistan Intensify Cross-Border Firing as Ties Sour

The Irrawaddy. Thailand. 11:55 AM EDT

South Sudan Rivals Sign New Truce Deal

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 11:51 AM EDT

Merkel: Ukraine Can Go to Eurasian Union

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:37 AM EDT

Ballistic Missile Falls on Donetsk for First Time

RIA Novosti. Russia. 11:35 AM EDT

Israeli Strikes Kill Five Palestinians in Gaza

Al Akhbar. Lebanon. 11:29 AM EDT

Iran ‘Will Arm Palestinians’ After Israeli Drone Downed

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 11:25 AM EDT

Libya Gets New Chief of Staff to Tackle Militias

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:23 AM EDT

NATO Debates Directing Missile Shield Against Russia

Der Spiegel. Germany. 11:08 AM EDT

Ukraine: Russian Tank Column Enters Southeast

Global News. Canada. 11:00 AM EDT

Iraq's Outgoing PM Maliki Vows to Retake Mosul

China Radio International. 10:56 AM EDT

Libya's Instability Deepens as Islamist Militias Seize Tripoli Airport

The Christian Science Monitor. United States. 10:54 AM EDT

DR Congo Confirms Two Cases of Ebola

DailyPost. Nigeria. 10:47 AM EDT

Kenya Hosts Top Security Meetings

Capital News. Kenya. 10:40 AM EDT

DR Congo Confirms First Two Cases of Ebola

Times Live. South Africa. 10:38 AM EDT

Iran Deputy Foreign Minister en Route to Saudi Arabia

The National. United Arab Emirates. 10:23 AM EDT

Afghan Vote Invalidation Process in Full Swing

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 10:20 AM EDT

Boko Haram Declares 'Islamic State' in Northern Nigeria

Africa Review. Kenya. 10:10 AM EDT

Saving Ukraine’s Defense Industry

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. United States. 09:33 AM EDT

China's 1989 Choice: The Paradox of Seeking Wealth and Democracy

Wilson Center. United States. 09:32 AM EDT

Russia to Send Second Aid Convoy to Eastern Ukraine

The Guardian. England. 08:31 AM EDT

Iran Downs Israeli Spy Drone near Natanz Nuclear Site

Fars News Agency. Iran. 12:37 PM EDT