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1 Sep 2011

Ten Years Later

“But the truth is that it is these preposterous and demeaning security arrangements that define most Americans’ actual experience of the effect of terrorism on their lives.”
2 Nov 2011

Flip-Flop War: Libya’s Punk Revolution

The fighters who toppled Qaddafi were poorly organized, but their victory could signal a new type of insurgency warfare.
1 Sep 2011

Boxed In? The Women of Libya’s Revolution

Libya’s leading women are eager to join in forming a new, post-Qaddafi government, but thus far they have been given seats on the sidelines.
14 Nov 2011

Belarus, the Land of No Applause

The increasingly paranoid, oppressive reign of dictatorial Belarusian president Aleksandr Lukashenko appears more and more likely to drive the struggling country into all-out "societal madness."
11 Nov 2005

It’s Not All About the U.S.

Simon . Europe and Central Asia North America Middle East Lebanon US ...

19 Oct 2005

The Eve of the Mehlis Report

the least bad option for now. He will be wise to keep it that way. North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia Lebanon US France Syria Bashar ...

1 Sep 2011

From Russia With Greed: British Petroleum’s Other Crisis

As BP’s latest dealings with Russia show, Moscow has no qualms about using predatory tactics in the energy market to reassert control over its neighbors.
14 Sep 2005

The Swamp Thing

Thing from Scotland. Go read it . North America Middle East US Iraq ...

27 Aug 2005

The Storm From Hell

wrong. North America Mexico Natural Disasters ...

23 Aug 2005

Why Israel Has to Leave Now or Later

they have no other choice. North America South America Middle East Israel US ...

19 Aug 2005

Careful What You Wish For

end-point of that position would be a little more clear. South Asia North America Afghanistan US Elections Military Politics ...

30 Jul 2005

Returned to Sender

is the very least France ought to do. North America South America Europe ...

11 Jul 2005

Microwaved Marxism

we’re under assault by the haves. North America US Military Terrorism ...

1 Sep 2011

Last Man Standing: Is America Fading in the New Middle East?

As US alliances and resolve in the region grow weaker, what role will America play in the new Middle East?

The Value of Values: Soft Power Under Obama

The president’s treatment of crises in Iran, Russia, and Egypt suggests that
 while Obama may be for “soft power,” he’s not so sure about America’s moral authority to project it.

21 Jun 2005


that, my friends, makes me think of Pol Pot. North America US Elections ...

31 Aug 2011

Toward a Smarter Power: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric

The Obama administration is right to increase the civilian role in foreign 
policy, but its “smart power” efforts should be smarter than they are.

13 Jun 2005

Carrying Karimov’s Water – Again

ya. Europe and Central Asia North America Uzbekistan UK US Belgium ...

1 Jul 2011

Bin Laden’s Demise: Death of a Salesman

The threat of terrorism may never go away, but America continues to best its greatest terrorist adversaries.

15 May 2005

Dump Karimov

this policy. Time to apply lessons learned to Uzbekistan. North America South ...

11 May 2005

A Beirut Diary

Read the rest . North America Middle East Libya Lebanon US Syria Robert ...

9 May 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

this . North America Middle East Israel US ...

10 Apr 2005

More Flawed Institutions in the News

is over. I find this embarrassing. North America Middle East US Iraq Gordon ...

15 Feb 2005

What happens in America stays in America..

thanks to Solomonia and Roger L. Simon ] North America Middle East Europe ...

1 Jul 2011

Compromised: Henry Kissinger’s China Syndrome

In his latest book, the aging statesman can't help but ignore Beijing's brutal domestic policies, to the detriment of his other insights.

18 Jan 2005

The Totalitarian Impulse

of related to this one), please see the always-brilliant Norman Geras . North America Middle East Libya US Activism Politics ...

5 Jan 2005

Gonzales and Torture Redux

in my name. UPDATE: Please see The Belgravia Dispatch . North America US ...

29 Dec 2004

First Stingy, Now Unilateral

and results. Roll up your sleeves and stick a sock in it. North America Asia ...

12 Dec 2004

Sick and Twisted

for the massacre of American contractors in Fallujah, as well. North America Middle ...

8 Nov 2004

The Triumph of Secularism

And for that they have my (partial) support. North America US Religion Trade Politics ...

6 Nov 2004

Don’t Get Cocky

Last week’s election wasn’t the last one. North America US Politics ...

1 Jul 2011

Protection Racket: ‘Responsibility to Protect’ Becomes a Doctrine

Joshua Muravchik reviews the history and flaws of the latest school of American interventionism.

Learning Curve: American Culture and the Muslim World

Ten years after 9/11, hearts and minds still matter just as much on the home front as on the battlefield.

WikiHistory: Did the Leaks Inspire the Arab Spring?

WikiLeaks might be controversial in the West, but it had a powerful effect on Mideast countries where news and information have been systematically repressed for decades.

1 May 2011

Lost in the Levant: Lebanon Reappraised

In The Ghosts of Martyrs Square, Beirut Daily Star editor Michael Young offers a timely and beautifully written accounting of Lebanon's struggle for stability amid political and religious diversity and extremism.
4 Oct 2004

Saddam and Zarqawi

Iraq to kick off a slum-clearance program in Araby. North America Middle ...

21 Aug 2004

Linking Johann

the whole thing . North America Middle East US Iraq Democracy Government ...

15 Aug 2004

Nader Backs Palestinian State. Big Deal.

North America Middle East Israel Lebanon US Palestine Iraq John Kerry ...

15 Mar 2011

The Obama Doctrine: A Modesty of Ambitions

of Government . North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia Libya Egypt US ...

4 Aug 2004

Biden V. Kerry

wins, he will staff them. South Asia North America Middle East US Sri ...

1 Aug 2004

Terror Alerts

the papers? North America US Government Violence Terrorism Al-Qaeda ...

27 Jul 2004

The Real Iraqi Resistance

on this subject. Hang in there, Omar. We’re still pulling for you over here. North America Middle East US Iraq Revolution Religion Terrorism ...

10 Jun 2011

Fool Me Twice: How the United States Lost Lebanon—Again

US failures in Lebanon in the '80s have always given heartburn to policy veterans. It hardly reassures that recent generations have not done much better.

20 Jun 2004

Good Riddance to the Intifada

this out for several more years, it’s their choice and their loss. North America Middle East Israel US Palestine Diplomacy Violence Hamas Religion ...

1 Jul 2011

Persons of Interest: Britain Learns from Ex-Islamists

Two former extremists prove just how much the UK learns from its reformed enemies (and why the US should do the same).

Iggy Pops: The Michael Ignatieff Experiment

The celebrity intellectual decamped from Harvard to join Canada’s political fray in what was supposed to be a sure rise to the top. What went wrong?

6 Jun 2004

The Film-Watching Habits of Josef Stalin

movie reviews . North America US ...

8 May 2004

What Damage They Have Wrought

North America Middle East US Syria Iraq Government Violence Judicial ...

7 Apr 2004

The Iraqi Insurgency

exactly what we are doing. North America Middle East US Iraq Insurgency ...

4 Apr 2004

The Trouble with Fallujah

be. UPDATE: See Steven Den Beste if you want the optimist’s view. North America Africa Somalia US Violence ...