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20 Mar 2014

Israel Extends Ban on Palestinian Family Unification

Al Akhbar. Lebanon. 04:35 PM EDT

Ticking Clock - Prospects for Lasting Peace in Southern Philippines

Institute for Security & Development Policy. Sweden. 01:20 PM EDT

Wellbeing and Policy

Legatum Institute. England. 01:01 PM EDT

Thai Political Protests Spread Outside Bangkok

New Straits Time. Malaysia. 12:12 PM EDT

Crimea Releases Ukrainian Navy Commander

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:06 PM EDT

Merkel, Hollande Warn on Russia Sanctions Revealing EU Split

Bloomberg. United States. 11:54 AM EDT

Japan Threatens Moscow With More Sanctions

The China Post. Taiwan. 11:40 AM EDT

'Experts' on Ukraine

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, a slate of international relations pundits with dubious knowledge have taken to the airwaves and op-ed pages. Readers and viewers beware.

OPINION. How to Punish Putin

Alexey A. Navalny. The New York Times. 11:25 AM EDT

South Korea's Park Declares 'War on Cancerous Regulations'

The Korea Times. South Korea. 11:22 AM EDT

Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Moldova's Fault Lines Quaver

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 11:04 AM EDT

Calls for Restraint After Taiwan Students Protest

Global Times. China. 11:03 AM EDT

Botswana Representatives Lash Out at BRICS Meeting

The Botswana Gazette. 10:56 AM EDT

No US Aid Cut in Response to Uganda Gay Law

Daily Nation. Kenya. 10:52 AM EDT

Mali's Former Coup Leader Starts Hunger Strike Over Detention

Standard Digital News. Kenya. 10:41 AM EDT

EU Introduces 16 Observers to Monitor Afghan Elections

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 10:37 AM EDT

Pakistan, Bahrain Weigh Options to Strengthen Defence Ties

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 10:33 AM EDT

Sudan Expels French Aid Organisation from Darfur

Africa Review. Kenya. 10:30 AM EDT

Europe Weighs More Sanctions Against Russia

The Washington Post. 08:22 AM EDT
19 Mar 2014

Ukraine Making Plans to Pull Troops From Crimea

Global News. Canada. 05:01 PM EDT

Spring Is Here: 2014

As the winter thaws in London, the gray squirrels besiege the red, just as Russian troops, so helpful in Sochi, have moved on to Crimea. And Flight 370 is still nowhere to be found.

Syria Says US Closure of Embassy Arbitrary, Illegal

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 03:59 PM EDT

Warning Russia, Biden Says US Will Defend Allies

The Boston Globe. 03:24 PM EDT