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Video Indicates Syrian President Aware of Attacks in Lebanon

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 09:58 AM EDT
14 May 2015

The Middle East's Nuclear Arms Race is On

Michael J. Totten's blog President Barack Obama hoped a nuclear deal with Iran would prevent an arms race in the Persian Gulf region, but the Saudis don't trust what's coming any more than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does, and ...

Xian is Modi's First Stop on Road to Trust With China

South China Morning Post. 03:18 PM EDT

South Korean Ex-Prime Minister Grilled in Graft Probe

The Korea Herald. South Korea. 03:12 PM EDT

OPINION. Japan Must Deliver Under New Defense Rules

Yuki Tatsumi. The Japan News. 03:04 PM EDT

ISIS Gunmen Massacre 45 Ismailis in Karachi

The Nation. Pakistan. 02:47 PM EDT

OPINION. A Closer Partnership

Chandrajit Banerjee . The Indian Express. 02:27 PM EDT

NATO to Stay in Afghanistan Beyond Current Mission

Pajhwok Afghan News. 02:16 PM EDT

North Korea's Black Market: Big Enough to Force Reforms?

A product of the famine of the 1990s, North Korea’s growing black market might now be large enough to force the Kim regime to experiment with economic reforms.

Finding A Path To True Democracy In Sri Lanka

Institute of Peace And Conflict Studies. India. 12:13 PM EDT

Papau New Guinea in 2015: At A Crosswords and Beyond

Lowy Institute. Australia. 12:11 PM EDT

Japan Must Deliver Under New Defense Rules

The Stimson Center. United States. 12:10 PM EDT

Secretary of State Kerry on Bus Attack in Karachi, Pakistan

United States. STATEMENT. 12:02 PM EDT

Uruguayan Foreign Minister Criticizes Decision to Take In Ex-Guantánamo Detainees

Latin American Dispatch. United States. 11:56 AM EDT

Official: Ecuador and Mexico Talking About DNA Bank

El Universal. Mexico. 11:46 AM EDT

Argentine Government Increases Pressure to Force 97-Year-Old Judge’s Replacement

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:40 AM EDT

Brazil's Lower House Passes Second Austerity Bill

Buenos Aires Herald. 11:37 AM EDT