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29 Sep 2014

Appeals Judge Affirms Ruling on Rwanda Genocide Crimes

Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 08:10 AM EDT

US-Led Airstrikes Hit Four Syrian Provinces

The Associated Press. 07:42 AM EDT

New Afghan President Ghani Calls for Taliban Peace Talks

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 07:33 AM EDT
28 Sep 2014

Airstrikes Hit ISIS-Controlled Oil Refinery in Syria

NBC. United States. 01:29 PM EDT
27 Sep 2014

Hong Kong’s Massive ‘Grand Banquet’ Protest

The Occupy Central movement has revived in Hong Kong. As the government shills for Beijing it unintentionally fuels support for the protests.
26 Sep 2014

Rights Groups Slam Australia Deal to Ship Refugees to Cambodia

Al Jazeera America. United States. 04:44 PM EDT

Yemen Leader Urges Rebels to Leave Capital

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 04:31 PM EDT

Assad Steps Up Bombing as West Strikes Militants in Syria

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 04:10 PM EDT

Ukraine, Russia Strike Interim Gas Deal

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 03:30 PM EDT

50,000 March in Moscow Against Putin's War

The Kremlin claims the Russian opposition is “insignificant”. Then why have protesters in Moscow and the relaunch of Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia faced such heavy-handedness?

UK Government Motion on Support for Iraq

England. Press Release. 01:07 PM EDT

Public Insecurity: Deaths in Custody and Police Brutality in Vietnam

Human Rights Watch. United States. 12:51 PM EDT

Kenya: Al Shabab Closer to Home

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 12:16 PM EDT

Arms Control: The Lesson of Russia’s Serial Treaty Violations

Hudson Institute. United States. 12:14 PM EDT

IS Insurgents Hide Behind Civilian Homes to Avoid Airstrikes

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:29 AM EDT

Brazil President Rousseff Loses Ground in Latest Election Poll

The Wall Street Journal. United States. 11:27 AM EDT

Guatemala's Ruling Party Suspended for 6 Months

teleSUR. Venezuela. 11:18 AM EDT

Cambodia, Australia Sign Controversial Refugee Deal

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 11:12 AM EDT

OPINION. Hong Kong’s Freedom Affects Us All

Preston Manning. The Globe and Mail. Canada. 11:00 AM EDT

Myanmar Revamps Human Rights Panel Amid Criticism from Rights Groups

Radio Free Asia. United States. 10:56 AM EDT

Chinese Troops Start Withdrawing from India's Chumar Area

The Economic Times. India. 10:49 AM EDT

Islamic State Expanding Activities in Ghazni Province

Khaama Press. Afghanistan. 10:44 AM EDT

Myanmar Peace Talks End Without Resolution, Official Says

The Straits Time. Singapore. 10:40 AM EDT