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11 May 2005

A Beirut Diary

Read the rest . North America Middle East Libya Lebanon US Syria Robert ...

9 May 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

this . North America Middle East Israel US ...

30 Dec 2011

Daze of War: The Russia-Georgia Conflict on Film

Even the most hawkish Russia critic will spot the Georgian propaganda at work in Renny Harlin’s latest flick.
10 Apr 2005

More Flawed Institutions in the News

is over. I find this embarrassing. North America Middle East US Iraq Gordon ...

17 Nov 2011

Building a New Peace Process

As the dust settles on the failed Palestinian statehood bid, the US and its allies need to recalibrate their efforts around realistic goals.
15 Feb 2005

What happens in America stays in America..

thanks to Solomonia and Roger L. Simon ] North America Middle East Europe ...

4 Jan 2012

The Myanmar Moment? Why Washington Made Its Move

For years, Myanmar has been a favorite bête noire on the world scene, but the West is right to consider whether the ruling military now has the potential to effect serious modernization.
3 Jan 2012

Arab Spring or Islamist Winter?

Last year was not the first time Arabs called for change in the face of stubborn autocrats, but it was the first time their calls paid off—at least initially.
18 Jan 2005

The Totalitarian Impulse

of related to this one), please see the always-brilliant Norman Geras . North America Middle East Libya US Activism Politics ...

5 Jan 2005

Gonzales and Torture Redux

in my name. UPDATE: Please see The Belgravia Dispatch . North America US ...

29 Dec 2004

First Stingy, Now Unilateral

and results. Roll up your sleeves and stick a sock in it. North America Asia ...

27 Dec 2011

The Next al-Qaeda? Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Future of Terrorism in South Asia

Lashkar-e-Taiba has morphed from a militia operating in Kashmir to a regional broker with designs on becoming the next global terror network.
12 Dec 2004

Sick and Twisted

for the massacre of American contractors in Fallujah, as well. North America Middle ...

22 Dec 2011

Dear Julian: The WikiLeaks Tell-All That Doesn’t

Billed as a peek inside the strange world of WikiLeaks, Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s memoir reads more like a swan song to the author’s beloved former boss, Julian Assange.
8 Nov 2004

The Triumph of Secularism

And for that they have my (partial) support. North America US Religion Trade Politics ...

6 Nov 2004

Don’t Get Cocky

Last week’s election wasn’t the last one. North America US Politics ...

12 Dec 2011

Over There: The Occupiers, Seen from Europe

Two decades after Communism, rallies for free people decrying their free societies look suspiciously retrograde—or worse.
4 Oct 2004

Saddam and Zarqawi

Iraq to kick off a slum-clearance program in Araby. North America Middle ...

8 Dec 2011

The Autumn of the US-Russia Reset

A series of Russian transgressions on the international scene this fall all but close the book on Washington's "reset" with Moscow.
21 Aug 2004

Linking Johann

the whole thing . North America Middle East US Iraq Democracy Government ...

30 Nov 2011

The Candidates and Foreign Policy

To the extent they focus on foreign affairs at all, the current GOP hopefuls differ greatly from their predecessors.
15 Aug 2004

Nader Backs Palestinian State. Big Deal.

North America Middle East Israel Lebanon US Palestine Iraq John Kerry ...

4 Aug 2004

Biden V. Kerry

wins, he will staff them. South Asia North America Middle East US Sri ...

1 Aug 2004

Terror Alerts

the papers? North America US Government Violence Terrorism Al-Qaeda ...

28 Oct 2011

The Assassins’ Trail: Unraveling the Mykonos Killings

In her painstaking new book, Roya Hakakian recounts the Tehran-backed 1992 assassination of Iranian exiles in Berlin—and the legal and diplomatic complications it spawned.
27 Jul 2004

The Real Iraqi Resistance

on this subject. Hang in there, Omar. We’re still pulling for you over here. North America Middle East US Iraq Revolution Religion Terrorism ...

23 Nov 2011

Neglected India: Why Is Washington Ignoring the World’s Largest Democracy?

The US and India are natural allies, but Obama has let China and Pakistan get in the way of New Delhi’s importance.
20 Jun 2004

Good Riddance to the Intifada

this out for several more years, it’s their choice and their loss. North America Middle East Israel US Palestine Diplomacy Violence Hamas Religion ...

6 Jun 2004

The Film-Watching Habits of Josef Stalin

movie reviews . North America US ...

3 Jan 2012

Man On A Mission: Bill Browder vs. the Kremlin

After the Kremlin tortured and murdered one of his lawyers for investigating government corruption, Bill Browder began a global campaign to bring justice to Sergei Magnitsky's killers.
6 Dec 2011

Documented: The WikiLeaks That Show Enhanced Interrogation Worked

Whether intentionally or not, the controversial website has provided ample evidence that enhanced interrogation directly aided the war on terror.
8 May 2004

What Damage They Have Wrought

North America Middle East US Syria Iraq Government Violence Judicial ...

1 Dec 2011

Uncontained: Obama’s Confused Iran Policy

Is Washington’s plan to “contain” Iran too little too late?
7 Apr 2004

The Iraqi Insurgency

exactly what we are doing. North America Middle East US Iraq Insurgency ...

4 Apr 2004

The Trouble with Fallujah

be. UPDATE: See Steven Den Beste if you want the optimist’s view. North America Africa Somalia US Violence ...

31 Mar 2004

Who Are We At War With?

be time to declare victory? I do not think so. North America US Revolution ...

1 Sep 2011

Ten Years Later

“There is now strong bipartisan support for the idea that aiding people fighting for democracy abroad serves the US national interest. The fact that this support exists at a time of sharp partisan division here at home is worthy of note.”

Ten Years Later

“Obama, like an increasing number of Republican candidates for the presidency, recognizes that retrenchment from the numerous commitments America incurred abroad is imperative.”

Ten Years Later

“We don't know whether we are still in the beginning stages of this conflict against al-Qaeda and radical terrorists, somewhere in the middle, or approaching, at long last, its end.”

Ten Years Later

“It is in the nature of men and women to look ahead, past the darkest of times, to the brighter days that always follow. All of human history is a play of light and darkness. And through all of human history, we travel together through the longest night into the dawn.”

Ten Years Later

“The shock of 9/11 was not, in the end, enough to heal the US body politic. Ten years ago, Americans wondered, in unison: ‘Why do they hate us?’ Today, we need to ask: ‘Why do we hate each other?’”

Ten Years Later

“But the truth is that it is these preposterous and demeaning security arrangements that define most Americans’ actual experience of the effect of terrorism on their lives.”
28 Oct 2011

The Oslo Legacy: Goodbye to All That

Now that yet another US president has failed to bring Israel and the Palestinians closer to a settlement, it’s time to abandon the outmoded Oslo negotiation model.
15 Mar 2004

The Price of Appeasement

think the excerpted paragraphs are worth thinking about, however.) North America Europe and Central Asia US Spain Violence Elections Independence ...

28 Feb 2004

Dean is Nader

just reverting to form. North America US Politics ...

26 Jan 2004

A Threat

through Iraq. North America US Violence UN Military War WMD ...

11 Jan 2004

Tilting At Blandsville

Michele Catalano has more on the Bloombergian mind. North America US ...

2 Nov 2011

Flip-Flop War: Libya’s Punk Revolution

The fighters who toppled Qaddafi were poorly organized, but their victory could signal a new type of insurgency warfare.
1 Sep 2011

Boxed In? The Women of Libya’s Revolution

Libya’s leading women are eager to join in forming a new, post-Qaddafi government, but thus far they have been given seats on the sidelines.
17 Sep 2003

Activists Against Nation-Building

and internationalist again… North America Middle East US Iraq Activism Military War ...