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16 Jun 2015

France to Finalize Sale of Fighter Jets to India

The Times of India. 04:34 PM EDT

Bangladesh PM Aims to Build Poverty Free Country

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 04:33 PM EDT

Taliban Urges ISIS to Stop 'Interference' in Afghanistan

Daily Outlook. Afghanistan. 04:32 PM EDT

Insurgent Alliances in Afghanistan

United States Institute of Peace. 04:29 PM EDT

Europe and Russia: A Tale Of Two Pipelines

Canadian International Council. 04:29 PM EDT

Deputy Secretary Blinken: US Support Revitalization of the OAS


Xi's Purge: Anticorruption or Loyalty-Based? Is It Finished Yet?

Have powerful former leaders quietly put an end to Xi Jinping’s “anticorruption” purges, or might the Chinese president and party boss soon even turn on allies, just like his hero Mao Zedong?

Suu Kyi Meets China's Top Leaders, Withholds Criticism

Aung San Suu Kyi concluded a visit to China on Sunday, but Burma’s pro-democracy leader resisted calls to challenge Beijing on the political prisoner and fellow Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo.

Non-Citizens Rush to File for Legal Status in the Dominican Republic

Latin America News Dispatch. United States. 12:54 PM EDT

FARC to Release Child Soldiers Under 15

Columbia Reports. 12:54 PM EDT

Yemen Rebels Demand Talks With Saudis

Middle East Online. England. 12:52 PM EDT

Israel Reaches Out to Hamas to Fight ISIS Threat

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:51 PM EDT

EU Ministers Meet to Plan Migrant Distribution

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:42 PM EDT

OPINION. Putin’s Best EU Friends

Politico. United States. 12:40 PM EDT

EU Court Rejects German Challenge to ECB Bond Plan

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:39 PM EDT

Greece PM Tsipras Rejects Creditors Demands

Associated Press. 12:38 PM EDT

China to Build Military Facilities on South China Sea Islets

The Wall Street Journal. 09:40 AM EDT

Russia Adding Dozens of Intercontinental Missiles To Arsenal

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 09:36 AM EDT
15 Jun 2015

Over 1,200 Evacuated in Indonesia Volcano Alert

The Jakarta Post. 02:52 PM EDT

OPINION. A Swiss-Cheese Approach to Foreign Investment Isn’t in Australia’s Interests

Shiro Armstrong, Sam Reinhardt, Tom Westland. East Asia Forum. Australia. 02:41 PM EDT

US Sends Top Warship to Asia Pacific

Bangkok Post. 02:35 PM EDT

North Korea Open to Inter-Korea Dialogue

The Korea Herald. South Korea. 02:32 PM EDT

China and US Armies Agree to Code of Conduct

The Sydney Morning Herald. 02:29 PM EDT

Myanmar to Bar Rohingya From Fleeing Hunger and Persecution

The Sydney Morning Herald. 02:27 PM EDT