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6 Aug 2014

Germany Sticks to Economic Policy Despite French Appeal

Radio France Internationale. 03:06 PM EDT

Russian Leader Orders Agricultural-Import Bans Over Sanctions

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 02:58 PM EDT

Recriminations and Denials After Putin

What will Russians do when Vladimir Putin leaves power? Accept little or no blame, most likely, and rush to move on. France and Germany will probably do the same, but not Ukraine.

ISIS Exterminating Minorities in Iraq

Michael J. Totten's blog Kurdish members of Iraq’s Yezidi religious minority in Sinjar are being massacred by ISIS if they refuse to convert to Islam. They’re ancient fire-worshipers with roots in Zoroastrianism and they long predate the Koran. More ...

WHO to Convene Ethical Review of Experimental Treatment for Ebola

World Health Organization. Press Release. 01:11 PM EDT

Green Vision vs. a Brown Outlook: The Future of ASEAN’S Energy Mix

The National Bureau of Asian Research. United States. 12:51 PM EDT

Syria's Civil War is Threatening Lebanon

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:40 AM EDT

Pakistan Braces for Wave of Protests, Army Secures Capital

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 11:38 AM EDT

Arab Ministers to Visit Gaza, Turkey Seeks Air Corridor 

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:24 AM EDT

Islamic State, Kurds Clash Near Kurdish Regional Capital

Al Jazeera America. United States. 11:17 AM EDT

Indonesia's Prabowo Starts Election Challenge

SBS. Australia. 11:13 AM EDT

US Drone Strike Leaves 7 Militants Dead in North Waziristan

Khaama Press. Afghanistan. 10:46 AM EDT

Iraqi Airsrike Kills 60 Militants in Mosul

The Hindu. India. 10:26 AM EDT

Ugandan Parliament Set to Reintroduce Anti-Gay Law

Standard Digital. Kenya. 10:24 AM EDT

EU Support to Strengthen Peace in Sudan

Radio Dabanga. Sudan. 10:16 AM EDT

Uhuru Kenyatta Criticises West Over War on Terror

Africa Review. Kenya. 10:04 AM EDT

Russia in Sanction Threat Against EU

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:03 AM EDT

WHO Holds Emergency Ebola Meeting

Capital News. Kenya. 09:54 AM EDT

OPINION. South Sudan's Road to Peace

Desmond Tutu. Foreign Policy. 09:53 AM EDT

South Sudan Rebels Snub Peace Talks as Ethnic Murders Rise

Bloomberg. United States. 09:47 AM EDT

Nigeria Confirms Five More Ebola Cases, Second Death

Daily Nation. Kenya. 09:41 AM EDT

Sierra Leone Troops Guard Ebola Clinics

News 24. South Africa. 09:32 AM EDT

New Afghan Attack Kills 7 After US General Slain

The Associated Press. 08:22 AM EDT

Afghan Candidates Must Respect the Audit Process: UN

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 04:20 PM EDT

Putin Says Sanctions Coming Against West

The Washington Post. 04:02 PM EDT

UN Says 650,000 Nigerians flee Boko Haram

Sky News. Australia. 04:01 PM EDT

The Left’s Fixation with Israel

The toll of death and destruction is far greater in Syria, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, and elsewhere, but without a Western party to these conflicts they offer no frisson of righteousness for the left.