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Fate of 17 Taliban Hostages Remains Uncertain

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 02:18 PM EDT

Policeman Dead, 23 Wounded in Afghan Suicide Attack

Pajhwok Afghan News. 02:17 PM EDT

China, Pakistan Sign $20 Billion Worth of Memoranda of Understandings

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 01:56 PM EDT

Pakistan and Iran Reaffirm Diplomatic Ties

Pakistan Today. 01:49 PM EDT

OPINION. Genesis of Two-Nation Theory

Malik Muhammad Ashraf. Pakistan Today. 01:47 PM EDT

OPINION. Readdressing Sex and ‘Honor’ in Pakistan

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid. The Nation. Pakistan. 01:45 PM EDT

Human Rights Abuses in Russia-Occupied Crimea

Atlantic Council. United States. 01:15 PM EDT

Debates on Finlandization for Ukraine

The Jamestown Foundation. United States. 01:14 PM EDT

Time for Europe to Take Greek Lessons from Asia

Lowy Institute for International Policy. Australia. 01:14 PM EDT

Germany: Too Early for Clear Assessment of Greek Deal

Germany. PRESS RELEASE. 12:56 PM EDT

OPINION. ISIS is Not America’s Fault and Airstrikes Won’t Defeat Them

Joyce Karam. Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:09 PM EDT

Palestinian Rights Group Files Lawsuit Against PA 'Torture'

Ma'an News Agency. Palestine. 12:07 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Can Oman Become a Key Player in the Syrian Crisis?

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 12:06 PM EDT

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, but Lebanon’s Trash Crisis Hasn’t Gone Away

The National. United Arab Emirates. 12:04 PM EDT

Kurdish Militants Attack Iran Troops

Now. Lebanon. 11:56 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Ein Karem: One Village, Three Religions

Al Monitor. United States. 11:54 AM EDT

Truck Bomb Kills Almost 60 in Baghdad Market

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:53 AM EDT

Netanyahu Announces Major Offshore Gas Deal

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 11:52 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Estonians Feel Abandoned by NATO

Baltic Review. 11:42 AM EDT

SYRIZA Edges Towards Split Before Bailout Vote

EKathimerini. Greece. 11:37 AM EDT

OPINION. Russia and Ukraine, Back on the Brink of War?

Nikolas K. Gvosdev. The National Interest. United States. 11:24 AM EDT

PKK Won’t Disarm or Withdraw from Turkey: Senior Figure

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 11:21 AM EDT

US Conducts First Manned Airstrikes on ISIS Targets from Turkey

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:20 AM EDT

Russian Propaganda Feeds on Kiev's Culture War

The Moscow Times. 11:19 AM EDT

OPINION. Don’t Take Labor Over the Cliff Edge

Tony Blair. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:18 AM EDT

Greece Sends Cruise Ship to Ease Kos Migrant Crisis

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:00 AM EDT

OPINION. The Secret to Putin's Political Survival

Pyotr Romanov. The Moscow Times. 10:59 AM EDT

Report: Russia and NATO Rehearsing for War

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:57 AM EDT

IRA Hitman Kevin McGuigan Killed in a Hail of Bullets at His Belfast Home

Belfast Telegraph. United Kingdom. 10:48 AM EDT

OPINION. The Defeat of Europe

Yanis Varoufakis. Le Monde. France. 10:44 AM EDT