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16 Sep 2013

Obama's Reversals Weaken US Credibility

For the Israeli public and government, the Obama administration’s reassurances on Syria and Iran have failed to inspire confidence in US resolve. They have good reasons to be skeptical.
10 Sep 2013

The Cost of Britain’s Syria Vote

The British Parliament’s vote against military action in Syria could mark a sea change in UK foreign policy, diminishing its global credibility and relationship with the United States.
9 Sep 2013

Chinese, Russian, and NATO Warships Maneuver Off Syria

A Chinese warship has joined Russian, French, Italian, and US naval vessels already patrolling the eastern Mediterranean. Could the presence of rival powers off Syria spark a larger conflict?
6 Sep 2013

War Rape: Rwanda, Bosnia, and Now Syria

For the first time ever, a UN Security Council resolution has directly addressed rape as a weapon of war, a crime that no state has ever been held accountable for despite its rampant use.
4 Sep 2013

President Hamlet

President Obama could have made congressional approval part of his initial Syria plan—instead he made it part of his dithering, confirming fears of US foreign policy in retreat.
1 Aug 2013

China Eyes a Forward Base in the Atlantic

Insiders say Beijing is eyeing Lajes Field, a US air base near the middle of the Atlantic. Washington is considering downscaling its presence there, which would be folly.
26 Mar 2013

The Failure of Deterrence in Korea

South Koreans want to develop their own nuclear weapons to counter the North’s bellicose threats. Is it a sign they no longer trust Washington’s resolve to defend their country?
8 Jul 2013

The NSA's Foreign Friends

Following the latest Snowden revelations, leaders in Germany and elsewhere have pretended to condemn NSA spying while having actually colluded in it.
2 Jul 2013

Bluffing in Cairo?

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17 Jun 2013

Is Obama Arming the Syrian Rebels or Not?

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11 Jun 2013

Does Al Qaeda Have Missiles?

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6 Jun 2013

Cyber Détente with China

The Obama administration hopes to start setting “norms and rules” for US-Chinese cyber relations. Unfortunately, given Beijing’s massive campaign of cyber intrusions, it’s probably too late for that.
22 Apr 2013

Mistaking Foreign Friends for Foes

Many Americans mistook the Czech Republic for Chechnya last week, prompting an official clarification. It’s a reminder that Americans should get to know their foreign friends better.
2 Apr 2013

Egypt's Lurch Toward Autocracy

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11 Mar 2013

For Awlaki, Trial by Drone

A new review of the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki and two others by US drone strikes in the fall of 2011 has renewed concerns about the execution of American citizens abroad without trial.
8 Mar 2013

The Real Russia

In Washington last week, leading Russian opposition figures reminded the US that standing up to the crimes of Putin’s regime is being anti-Kremlin, not anti-Russian.
28 Feb 2013

Out of Arguments, Pro-Kremlin Voices Smear Opposition

In another sign of how low they will stoop, Kremlin apologists are resorting to publishing the most blatant of lies about the opposition.
25 Feb 2013

The Correlation the US Military Won’t Trumpet

The United Nations has released its latest numbers on civilian casualties in Afghanistan, which neither liberals nor conservatives seem to properly interpret.
20 Feb 2013

Winds of Change in the South China Sea

As Brunei takes over ASEAN's rotating chairmanship from China-friendly Cambodia, the prospects for a resolution of China's overreaching territorial pursuits could get interesting.
5 Dec 2012

North Korea to Launch Missile for Iran?

Is North Korea’s planned missile launch a poorly disguised demonstration for Iranian observers? The history of the regimes’ relationship suggests it might be.
17 Jan 2013

'Not in My Name’: Muscovites March Against ‘Herod’s Law’

Sunday's 50,000-strong protest in Moscow wasn't a political event organized by the opposition. It was an impassioned civic demonstration against Putin's immoral adoption ban.
7 Jan 2013

Japan’s Values Diplomacy

In the face of a hostile and undemocratic China, Japan’s new prime minister is putting a premium on shared values, stressing ties with the US and reaching out to Australia and India.
27 Dec 2012

Russian Dissidents Mobilize Against 'Herod's Law'

The Russian public is split on the bill that bans Americans from adopting Russian orphans, but you’d hardly know that from the overwhelming support it got recently in both houses of Parliament.
19 Dec 2012

Putin Retaliates for US Sanctions—Against Russian Orphans

Russian parliamentarians have retaliated against a new US law that will deny visas to some of Russia's top thugs by making it illegal for Americans to adopt Russian babies.
14 Dec 2012

Putin's Empty State-of-the-Nation Speech

In his first state-of-the-nation address since his return to the presidency, Putin seemed to be in denial about the major protests against his regime in the last year.
13 Nov 2012

Obama, Clinton Asia Blitz Underlines US Commitment

China's former allies cozy up to Washington as President Obama and Secretary Clinton's East Asia travel plans include unprecedented stops in Burma and Cambodia. The pivot is in full swing.
3 Nov 2012

Oliver Stone Botches History -- Again

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29 Oct 2012

Reviewed in the Ottawa Citizen

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22 Oct 2012


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20 Oct 2012

Welcome to Millennial Letters

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3 Oct 2012

Cyber Attack Hits White House Military Office

The recent cyber attack on the White House Military Office—which manages the president's nuclear "football"—is an arresting reminder the US must confront countries like China over their cyber aggression.
8 Sep 2012

Illiterate Libya

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25 Jul 2012

China Now Claims Japan’s Okinawa

In another move to expand its regional control, China is making a centuries-old territorial claim on the Japanese island of Okinawa.
10 Jul 2012

Security-Paralyzed Diplomacy: An Internal Critic Attacks Our Barricaded Embassies

It’s time for Washington to review the security procedures for State Department personnel abroad, which have become so stringent as to impair basic diplomatic goals.
22 Jun 2012

Dissent in the Ranks

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8 Jun 2012

The New Arab Pitch on Israel

Friends of Israel should counter talk of a “reset” in US-Israeli-Arab relations with a smart response, not a simplistic denunciation of the other side.
5 Jun 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Four 'No's

The US-Islamic World Forum was mostly positive and inspiring, but discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood danced around the fact that the group is trying to swallow whole liberalism in the Middle East.

America’s Friends in Asia

As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s recent visit to Vietnam shows, Washington is responding to Chinese aggression in the Pacific by strengthening alliances and military commitments.
26 May 2012

Salafists Terrorize Tunisia

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16 May 2012

The BBC and the 'Jewish Lobby'

The BBC recently referred to the "Israel lobby" as the "Jewish lobby" in discussing its influence on US foreign policy, serving to reinforce the stereotype of the controlling power of "the Jew."
14 May 2012

Mexico's Anonymous Violence

After the discovery of 49 mutilated bodies in a Mexican city yesterday, it is important for the victims' families that officials and the public don't hastily stigmatize these crimes as drug-related before any kind of investigation.
11 May 2012


There is no “kindler, gentler” Taliban . THE MONUMENTAL HAMAS MAP OF DENIAL . North America Middle East Europe ...

10 May 2012


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4 May 2012

Mexico's Imperiled Journalists

Mexico's abysmal rating in the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index shows just how far the country's drug gangs have gone to silence journalists' reportage on their activities.
1 May 2012

Defending Chen Guangcheng is Defending the US

President Obama—and Republicans, for that matter—should see the Chen incident as a chance to discuss the real reasons why we have troubled relations with China’s communist state.
17 Apr 2012

Extremism in Britain's House of Lords

The scandal that got Nazir Ahmed suspended by his party this week should come as little surprise given the British politician’s track record.
9 Apr 2012

Chinese Dissident, Fang Lizhi, Dies

A guiding light of the 1989 Beijing protests, Fang Lizhi’s strident criticism of China’s Communist regime will be missed in an era of increasing instability for his homeland.
27 Mar 2012

NATO’s Syria Misstep

Alliance leadership could have refrained from a commitment on Syria without explicitly letting Assad know it would not intervene at all.
13 Mar 2012

Syria: The Refugee Crisis Within

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12 Mar 2012

Afghanistan’s Tragedy of the Commons

It was only a matter of time before the frustrations of “counterinsurgency” collided with derangement and weaponry.