In Depth: Middle East and Barack Obama

19 Sep 2016

America Rising: Indispensable Again in Asia

China’s aggressive militarism, slowing economy, and indecisive leadership has renewed America’s status as a welcome and indispensable force for prosperity and security in Asia.
30 Jul 2013

The Syria Quagmire

The longer the war in Syria drags on, the more complex it gets, with an ever-expanding cast of players staking claims. Americans are right to see little hope in a US intervention.
20 Jun 2013

US Double Standards on Human Trafficking

The Obama administration fails to condemn its allies for enabling human trafficking, but it's quick to condemn hostile regimes.
5 Jan 2015

Broken Peaces: The Israeli-Palestinian Hyperconflict

After twenty years of failed attempts, it is time to abandon the belief that a “local” agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians would pacify the region.
1 Jan 2010
25 Jun 2014

Defeat ISIS, but Let Iraq Split

Everyone in the region has known for centuries that Iraq is not a single country, and the question of what will happen to Sunni Iraq in the face of ISIS aggression is now especially dire.
30 Aug 2013

Getting Congo Right: Can the West Fix Past Failures?

After two decades of incoherent policies, millions have died in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Can a new Western-organized counterinsurgency force really bring resolution?
28 Feb 2012

Egypt’s Elections: Why the Islamists Won

Flaws in the electoral structure aside, if various “liberal” factions cannot offer a coherent alternative in the future, the Islamists will be in power a long time.
31 Oct 2014

Barbarism 2014: On Religious Cleansing by Islamists

Christians and others are being savaged by a gruesome campaign of beheadings, kidnappings, torture, and forced marriages across the Islamic world.
28 Feb 2012

Non-Interventionist David Rieff is Wrong on Syria

Especially after Libya, non-interventionists like David Rieff must do more than simply recall the failures of the Iraq War when considering Syria.
28 Oct 2011

Letter from the Editor

(and people who say they’re democrats), between those who yearn ...

17 Sep 2012

The Looming WMD Crisis in Syria

As warfare and instability continue to rattle Syria, the possibility that terrorists could acquire the regime's chemical and biological weapons is getting disturbingly more likely.
1 Nov 2010

Shifting Sands: Why Peace Talks Might Just Work

Renewed peace talks have certainly drawn their share of skepticism, but veteran ABC News correspondent Robert Zelnick, who has just returned from a Mideast trip, reports that conditions are ripe for a successful deal.
1 Jan 2010

Letter from the Editor: January/February 2010

of governments, not people. There is, to be sure, a venerable strain of liberalism ...

23 Nov 2011

Neglected India: Why Is Washington Ignoring the World’s Largest Democracy?

The US and India are natural allies, but Obama has let China and Pakistan get in the way of New Delhi’s importance.
28 Oct 2011

The Oslo Legacy: Goodbye to All That

Now that yet another US president has failed to bring Israel and the Palestinians closer to a settlement, it’s time to abandon the outmoded Oslo negotiation model.
26 Apr 2012

Israel and Iran: An Attack Might Be Necessary, but Not Yet

The US, Israel, and its allies cannot allow a nuclear Iran, but any military action should be US-led and only occur if all diplomatic, economic, and covert tactical options are exhausted.
28 Feb 2012

It’s Not Just Al-Qaeda: Stability in the Most Dangerous Region

In a region defined by historic and violent divides, hostile intent, and nukes, the US and NATO have no viable alternative but to stay the course. 
1 Jan 2011

Spoiler Alert: What Syria's President Really Wants

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants to play every one of his neighbors (not to mention the West) for all they're worth.
1 Mar 2009

Zionism and Racism, Again: Durban II

U.S. participation in the United Nation’s Durban Review Conference on Racism, otherwise known as Durban II, would have been a fool’s errand.
1 Sep 2010

The Real Reset: Moscow Refights the Cold War

Washington thinks it's gotten a fresh start with Moscow. In fact, our old adversary has merely fallen back into its old Cold War habits.
1 Jun 2008

Balancing Act: The Other Wilsonianism

In the wake of the Bush administration, what lies in store for the future of America's presence abroad?
25 Feb 2015

The Liberal Crack-up over ISIS

Democrats and liberals are getting fed up with the White House’s tepid response to the Islamic State, whose atrocities President Obama insists on distancing from Islam itself.
13 Sep 2012

Egypt's President Imitates Ayatollah Khomeini

pretty much stands alone. We don’t punish people who blaspheme Christianity. We’re certainly not going to start punishing people who blaspheme ...

20 Jan 2015

#SOTU 2015: Balancing Pragmatism and Aspiration

The president should fuse American values and national interests when he explains how he will fix his Syria policy, as well as tout his success in dealings with Russia and Iran.
21 Jan 2010

The Middle East Has Always Been Hard

about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world. The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has ...

4 Jan 2009

No Way Out?

many people killed in Gaza; I’ve served in the Israeli Army in Gaza; I’ve ...

24 Feb 2011

The Passivism of Barack Obama

of Obama’s statement on Libya was that “the nations and peoples of the world ...

14 Jul 2009

Blumenthal Feels the Hate

or ignored the opinions of reasonable people on campus. “Do you think ...

15 Aug 2013

The Truth About Egypt

Arguably, Egypt is in worse shape now than it was under Mubarak: it’s more chaotic, more violent, its economy is imploding, and its people are increasingly desperate.
1 Nov 2011

A UK Assault on Iran?

lots of people, myself included, will have some mental adjustments ...

19 Jan 2011

The Middle East’s Hundred Years War

Michael J. Totten's blog “We are now,” Rick Richman writes in Commentary , “in the 92nd year of a peace process in which the Palestinians are the first people in history to be offered a state seven times, reject it seven ...

1 Nov 2012

A Quick Election Note

in a metropolitan area of more than two million people doesn’t mean much. But four ...

7 Sep 2013

No Confidence

people will die in Syria during that time frame and how badly it will tear ...

30 Jul 2013

The Syria Quagmire

The longer the war in Syria drags on, the more complex it gets, with an ever-expanding cast of players staking claims. Americans are right to see little hope in a US intervention.
20 Jun 2013

US Double Standards on Human Trafficking

The Obama administration fails to condemn its allies for enabling human trafficking, but it's quick to condemn hostile regimes.
25 Oct 2012

The Islamist Threat Isn't Going Away

"There is a general sympathy with the Libyan people," he said, ...

21 Oct 2011

Qaddafi: The Man with the Golden Gun is Gone

Some think the tyrant of Tripoli should have been treated more "humanely," but in the end he got exactly what he wanted.

9 Jul 2008

You Can’t Please Everybody

to the Middle East, and that the people of the region have reason to be worried ...

16 Sep 2013

Obama's Reversals Weaken US Credibility

For the Israeli public and government, the Obama administration’s reassurances on Syria and Iran have failed to inspire confidence in US resolve. They have good reasons to be skeptical.
1 Jul 2010

Pulp Fiction Cont’d.

and the moles, people sent under deep cover to infiltrate host countries and work ...

16 Jul 2012

No Permission Required

of the United States, never mind the Syrian people. Instead, Feith argues, "H ...

13 Sep 2013

Vladimir Putin's Reset with America

life will go on as usual, for most people, in most places in the country. ...

4 Sep 2013

President Hamlet

President Obama could have made congressional approval part of his initial Syria plan—instead he made it part of his dithering, confirming fears of US foreign policy in retreat.
19 Aug 2013

Egypt Spins its Wheels

people to doubt that Africa would race ahead to democratic capitalism ...

20 May 2009

The HuffPo’s Lonely Planet Foreign Policy

people actually think about America and the peace process, she should ask ...

18 Jul 2009

Time for a Re-Think

six months in office has convinced virtually all the Israeli people (at least to the extent the poll is truly representative of the people ...

10 Dec 2008

Welcome Charles Chuman

the country I learned from him and from people he introduced me to. He recently ...

22 Mar 2011

Friends in High Places

of Al-Ahram . “He humiliated himself and his people. It is time for democracy.” ...