In Depth: Bill Clinton

9 Nov 2016
31 Oct 2016

New Survey Shows Clinton, Trump Tied in Florida

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:24 AM EDT
7 Oct 2016
29 Sep 2016

Conservative Newspaper Editorial Boards Line Up Behind Hillary Clinton

The Huffington Post. United States. 02:39 PM EDT
1 Aug 2016

OPINION. Why We Need a President Clinton

Anne Applebaum. The Washington Post. 08:49 AM EDT
11 Nov 2015

OPINION. Trans-Pacific Partnership: Trade Pact That Clinton Opposes Protects

Carter Dougherty. International Business Times. 02:50 PM EST
22 Oct 2015
1 May 2015
5 Jan 2015

Broken Peaces: The Israeli-Palestinian Hyperconflict

After twenty years of failed attempts, it is time to abandon the belief that a “local” agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians would pacify the region.
17 Jun 2014

Why ‘Reset’ Failed: Diplomacy with Rogues Rarely Works

The example of US-Russian relations today is a reminder that the history of diplomacy is littered with cases of the wishful and gullible being outwitted by the cunning and dishonest.
19 Mar 2014
13 Mar 2014

NATO's 90s Expansion Enlarged Zone of Stability

Detractors of NATO's enlargement said it would provoke Russia. History has proven them wrong, as expansion has secured democratic gains, stability, and prosperity.
29 Apr 2013

Lessons Learned: The Iraq Invasion

The US failed to collaborate with opposition forces inside Iraq before the invasion and thus blundered into an occupation of a country of which we knew little.

Lessons Learned: The Iraq Invasion

Americans seem to have learned very little from the Iraq invasion—not least neoconservatives, who have yet to seriously reconsider their support for military intervention abroad.

Lessons Learned: The Iraq Invasion

While Iraqis may have been unprepared to manage affairs of state after Hussein’s removal, it would have been preferable for Iraqis to make governing mistakes, rather than American occupiers.

Historical Fiction: China’s South China Sea Claims

History, if anything, undermines China’s claims to islands and reefs in the South China Sea—for the simple reason that past empires and kingdoms never exercised sovereignty.
26 Apr 2013

OPINION. John Kerry Will Be a Better Secretary of State Than Clinton

Aaron David Miller. The Washington Post. 11:23 AM EDT
20 Feb 2013

Winds of Change in the South China Sea

As Brunei takes over ASEAN's rotating chairmanship from China-friendly Cambodia, the prospects for a resolution of China's overreaching territorial pursuits could get interesting.

Winds of Change in the South China Sea

As Brunei takes over ASEAN's rotating chairmanship from China-friendly Cambodia, the prospects for a resolution of China's overreaching territorial pursuits could get interesting.
1 Feb 2013

ANALYSIS. Clinton Steps Down As Secretary Of State with Achievements but No Breakthroughs

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:31 AM EST
31 Jan 2013

Russia Slams Clinton 'Bias' over Syria Position

RIA Novosti. Russia. 11:24 AM EST
23 Jan 2013

OPINION. As Clinton Testifies, How Will Libya Shape Her Legacy?

Greg Myre. NPR. United States. 03:55 PM EST
21 Jan 2013

China Rebukes Clinton for Comments on Sea Tensions

Asia One. Singapore. 11:18 AM EST
16 Jan 2013

India Considers John Kerry

With John Kerry likely to be America’s next chief diplomat, some in New Delhi are nervous about his record on Pakistan. But given current trends, a stronger US-India friendship could easily be part of Secretary Kerry’s legacy.
10 Dec 2012

Clinton: Serious Problems Still Plaguing Northern Ireland

Untited States. Remarks. 10:10 AM EST
6 Dec 2012

Clinton Warns of Efforts to 'Re-Sovietize' Europe

US News and World Report. 09:45 AM EST
5 Dec 2012

Clinton Calls for 'Urgent' Dialogue in Egypt

Ahram Online. Egypt. 11:50 AM EST
3 Dec 2012
30 Nov 2012

Ghosts from Rwanda and the Congo

Michael J. Totten's blog Susan Rice is still facing a storm of criticism about her preposterous comments following the terrorist attack in Benghazi a few months ago, and now she’s coming under fire for her performance in Sub-Saharan Africa during the ...

20 Nov 2012
14 Nov 2012
13 Nov 2012

Clinton Urges Closer Australia, India Ties

The Associated Press. 03:10 PM EST

Obama, Clinton Asia Blitz Underlines US Commitment

China's former allies cozy up to Washington as President Obama and Secretary Clinton's East Asia travel plans include unprecedented stops in Burma and Cambodia. The pivot is in full swing.
9 Nov 2012

ANALYSIS. Who Will Replace Clinton as US Secretary of State?

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 02:35 PM EST
2 Nov 2012

Russia Slams Clinton for Remarks against Syria Opposition

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 03:31 PM EDT