In Depth: Middle East and Bill Clinton

5 Jan 2015

Broken Peaces: The Israeli-Palestinian Hyperconflict

After twenty years of failed attempts, it is time to abandon the belief that a “local” agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians would pacify the region.
29 Apr 2013

Lessons Learned: The Iraq Invasion

While Iraqis may have been unprepared to manage affairs of state after Hussein’s removal, it would have been preferable for Iraqis to make governing mistakes, rather than American occupiers.
12 Apr 2012

It's Not Over in Syria

good. His forces need to control them. A substantial number of people, however, will not be controlled. If the army starts shooting people again or arresting people again or torturing people again, the opposition won’t just ...

13 Feb 2011

Huge demonstrations in Iran

the citizens of Tunis and Cairo without doing the same for the people of Tehran. ...

14 Jul 2009

Blumenthal Feels the Hate

or ignored the opinions of reasonable people on campus. “Do you think ...

13 Sep 2012

Enough Appeasement Already

"The West will not change its value of freedom of speech to accommodate anybody's emotions, especially not those who replace our flag with Al-Qaeda's and murder our diplomats."
24 Jan 2011

Lebanon Is Lost

to America,” but he’ll have to answer to people who do. “We hope to see a government emerge that will serve the interests of the people of Lebanon ...

22 Dec 2005

A Plea to America – Stay the Course

oppressed, religious, and uneducated people. The government imposes too many ...

16 Jul 2012

No Permission Required

of the United States, never mind the Syrian people. Instead, Feith argues, "H ...

20 Dec 2011

Will the US Respond to Amazigh Rights in Libya?

Despite its distinct role in Libyan society, the Amazigh minority was given no ministries in the country's new interim government -- and is protesting accordingly.
1 Feb 2011

Game Over: The United States Must Abandon Its ‘Stability’ Fetish

be nominated by the People’s Assembly (Parliament) and chosen by plebiscite ...

3 Feb 2010

Ignore Beijing's Bluster

of the People's Republic of China, thus sending the message that America is weak ...

2 Aug 2009

Hamas Pretends Resistance is Futile

people to murder and war. Not until hundreds of Israeli civilians were ...

14 Nov 2012
2 Jul 2012

Clinton: The Future of Syria Belongs to the Syrian People

United States. Remarks. 02:27 PM EDT
13 Mar 2012
8 Mar 2012

Secretary Clinton: US Concerned About People of Syria

United States. Remarks. 01:15 PM EST
3 May 2010