In Depth: Boris Nemtsov

28 May 2018

A Timeline: The Making of Boris Nemtsov Plaza

A newly named plaza in front of Russia’s embassy in Washington DC pays tribute to a slain opposition figure’s courage and resilience, and to his Russian and American supporters determined to promote and preserve his legacy.
30 Jan 2018

In Washington, the World’s First Official Tribute to Boris Nemtsov

In February, the Russian embassy in Washington DC will overlook the newly named Boris Nemtsov Plaza—a decision met with objection by the Kremlin but perhaps with time, pride.
10 Jan 2018
3 Mar 2017

Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Russian Murders, Deaths

Well-connected and informed Russian diplomats, opposition leaders, journalists, and intelligence types are dying in epidemic proportions—violently, curiously, and mysteriously.
29 Nov 2016

In Russia, a First Official Tribute to Boris Nemtsov

The Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod will honor Boris Nemtsov with a memorial plaque on the second anniversary of his assassination. But a more fitting tribute will only come when Russia upholds the democratic values Nemtsov represented.
22 Jun 2016

Inaugural Nemtsov Prize Awarded to Lev Shlosberg

This year’s Nemtsov Prize—named for Russia’s slain opposition leader—was awarded to Lev Shlosberg, a journalist who pledges to continue fighting for the rights and freedom of Russian citizens.
20 Apr 2016

Seeking the Truth in Nemtsov’s Assassination

New Eastern Europe. 12:30 PM EDT
7 Apr 2016

No Impunity for Boris Nemtsov’s Killers

As much as the Kremlin would like to forget and move on, it is imperative that those responsible for Boris Nemtsov’s murder are brought to justice.
3 Mar 2016

The Continuing Battle for Human Rights in Russia

In spite of the murder, intimidation, and other assaults on freedom in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, there are many who bravely and actively work for a better future. They mustn’t be ignored or forgotten.
26 Feb 2016

Russia’s Schism: One Year After Boris Nemtsov’s Murder

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 01:23 PM EST
25 Sep 2015

Outspoken Russian Lawmaker Expelled for Truth

Lev Shlosberg is the rare Russian lawmaker who will call out the crimes of the Putin regime. For his troubles, his fellow legislators have now expelled him from the Pskov Regional Assembly.
18 May 2015

Russian Parliament Will Not Investigate Boris Nemtsov Murder

The Moscow Times. Russia. 10:55 AM EDT
22 Apr 2015

New Democratic Coalition to Test the Kremlin

A major new coalition of opposition parties will offer a democratic alternative to Putin's anti-Western vision for Russia.

Russia’s Democrats Unite, in Memory of Boris Nemtsov

Before his murder in February, Boris Nemtsov worked to put together a pro-democracy coalition to contest the 2016 parliamentary election. His goal has now come to life.
27 Mar 2015

Kremlin Election Fraud Revealed. Again.

Election results in Novoye Devyatkino, a municipality north of St. Petersburg, are more proof that Vladimir Putin’s regime is based on fraud and coercion, not the free will of Russian citizens.
4 Mar 2015
3 Mar 2015

How Will Nemtsov’s Murder Change Political Life in Russia?

The Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 12:50 PM EST
2 Mar 2015

Boris Nemtsov, 1959–2015

As Vladimir Putin tightened his grip, and others chose the comfortable path, Boris Nemtsov continued to fight for a democratic Russia, exposing corruption and power abuses.

Putin’s War and the Murder of Boris Nemtsov

Putin’s war with freedom at home is herding the Russian people, blinded by a controlled media and big lies, into an economic, social, demographic, moral, and Orwellian abyss.