In Depth: Dalai Lama

5 Apr 2017
3 Apr 2017

OPINION. Using Dalai Lama as Strategic Tool is a Diminishing Prospect

Rudroneel Ghosh. The Times of India. 02:39 PM EDT
31 Mar 2017

OPINION. The Dalai Lama is the Darling of India

The Dalai Lama is the Darling of India. Tibet Sun. 01:57 PM EDT

China Opposes India Hosting Dalai Lama in Disputed Border Region

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 01:30 PM EDT
3 Mar 2017

India to Host Dalai Lama in Disputed Territory, Defying China

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 01:52 PM EST
15 Jun 2016

Barack Obama Meets Dalai Lama at White House, Angers China

South China Morning Post. 02:57 PM EDT
29 Mar 2016

China Official: Dalai Lama ‘Making a Fool’ of Buddhism

The Irrawaddy. Thailand. 03:36 PM EDT
18 Mar 2016

Exiled Tibetans to Elect Leader to Sustain Dalai Lama Legacy

The Himalayan Times. Nepal. 03:14 PM EDT

Exiled Tibetans to Elect Leader to Sustain Dalai Lama Legacy

Channel NewsAsia. Singapore. 11:35 AM EDT
10 Nov 2015
14 Jul 2015

China Protests US Meeting with Dalai Lama

Asia News Network. 01:44 PM EDT
30 Apr 2015

Caught in the Middle: India, China, and Tibet

The border that separates India and China marks a tense and uncertain boundary between two giants—one communist, one democratic—with Tibet caught precariously in between.
6 Feb 2015
18 Dec 2014

Dalai Lama: World Must Push for Democracy in China

The Straits Times. Singapore. 01:58 PM EST
18 Sep 2014

Dalai Lama Hails China's Xi as 'More Open-Minded'

Asia One. Singapore. 11:31 AM EDT
5 Sep 2014

China Thanks South Africa for Support Over Dalai Lama

Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 08:40 AM EDT
7 Jul 2014
24 Apr 2014

China Warns Norway About Dalai Lama Visit

The Norway Post. 11:48 AM EDT
21 Feb 2014

China Urges Obama-Dalai Lama Meeting Cancellation

China Radio International. 10:38 AM EST

Obama, Dalai Lama Set for White House Talks

Radio Free Asia. United States. 09:49 AM EST
9 Jul 2013
27 Jun 2013

China Lifts Ban on Openly Revering Dalai Lama in Two Provinces

Radio Free Asia. United States. 03:30 PM EDT
1 May 2013

Beijing ‘Punishes’ Britain

The Guardian reports Beijing “punished” PM Cameron for meeting the Dalai Lama and rewarded French President Hollande’s “get along” policy. The wiser policy is to stand up to dictators.
13 Nov 2012
12 Nov 2012
12 Sep 2012
30 Aug 2012

The Ultimate Protest: Women Self-Immolate in Tibet

As protests in Tibet intensify, a new trend has emerged—nuns and everyday women are now among the forty people who have self-immolated since last March.

Tibet’s Transition: Will Washington Take a Stand?

Beijing sees the Dalai Lama succession as a way to seize more control in Tibet. Will the US help the country’s democracy in exile or remain focused on other concerns?
21 May 2012
18 May 2012
15 May 2012

China Upset over UK PM's Meeting with Dalai Lama

The Guardian. England. 08:23 AM EDT
14 May 2012

BLOG. How Credible is the Dalai Lama Assassination Plot?

India Real Time/The Wall Street Journal. 02:30 PM EDT
29 Mar 2012

A Small but Stunning Shift in the Struggle for Tibet

In a radical shift from decades of nonviolent practice, Tibetan women are self-immolating in protest of Chinese rule in small but increasing numbers.
7 Mar 2012
2 Mar 2012
6 Dec 2011
8 Nov 2011