In Depth: Asia Pacific and Dalai Lama

30 Aug 2012

Tibet’s Transition: Will Washington Take a Stand?

Beijing sees the Dalai Lama succession as a way to seize more control in Tibet. Will the US help the country’s democracy in exile or remain focused on other concerns?

The Ultimate Protest: Women Self-Immolate in Tibet

As protests in Tibet intensify, a new trend has emerged—nuns and everyday women are now among the forty people who have self-immolated since last March.
1 May 2013

Beijing ‘Punishes’ Britain

The Guardian reports Beijing “punished” PM Cameron for meeting the Dalai Lama and rewarded French President Hollande’s “get along” policy. The wiser policy is to stand up to dictators.
18 Oct 2011

Self-Immolations in Tibet

On Saturday a young Tibetan monk became the eighth person since March to self-immolate in protest of Chinese rule. The world can't ignore these desperate acts for long, despite Beijing's best efforts.
29 Mar 2012

A Small but Stunning Shift in the Struggle for Tibet

In a radical shift from decades of nonviolent practice, Tibetan women are self-immolating in protest of Chinese rule in small but increasing numbers.
3 Feb 2010

Ignore Beijing's Bluster

of the People's Republic of China, thus sending the message that America is weak ...