In Depth: David Cameron

14 Sep 2016

New Report Slams David Cameron for Actions in Libya

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 11:38 AM EDT
14 Jul 2016
12 Jul 2016

OPINION. David Cameron’s Legacy Is Tragedy For The UK

Owen Jones. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:55 AM EDT
6 Jul 2016

Cameron: Statement on the Iraq Inquiry

England. STATEMENT. 01:51 PM EDT
30 Jun 2016
29 Jun 2016
24 Jun 2016

Putin Rejects Cameron’s Charge that He Influenced Brexit Vote

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:47 AM EDT
21 Jun 2016

David Cameron: Result of Brexit Will Be ‘Irreversible’

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:24 AM EDT
16 Jun 2016
7 Jun 2016
12 Apr 2016

UK PM Cameron’s Statement on Panama Papers

STATEMENT. United Kingdom. 12:39 PM EDT
8 Apr 2016

David Cameron Faces Growing Pressure to Come Clean on Finances

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:28 AM EDT
29 Mar 2016
11 Mar 2016

Obama Criticizes UK, France Over Libya Crisis

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 12:18 PM EST
3 Mar 2016

Cameron at UK-France Summit

SPEECH. United Kingdom. 12:51 PM EST
1 Mar 2016

David Cameron: Northern Ireland is Better Off in a Reformed EU

PRESS RELEASE. United Kingdom. 12:27 PM EST
23 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2016

David Cameron Following Cabinet Meeting on EU Settlement

STATEMENT. United Kingdom. 12:27 PM EST

OPINION. It’s David Cameron, Not His Deal, that Will Keep Britain in Europe

Stephen Bush. New Statesman. United Kingdom. 12:14 PM EST
21 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016
17 Feb 2016

OPINION. David Cameron Pays the Price for His Neglect of Eastern Europe

Stephen Bush. New Statesman. United Kingdom. 11:32 AM EST
2 Feb 2016
29 Jan 2016

Cameron Meets EU Officials As UK Deal Gets Closer

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:40 AM EST
28 Jan 2016

Cameron to Host Tusk to Discuss EU Reforms

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:52 AM EST
27 Jan 2016

Outrage as David Cameron Calls Calais Refugees a ‘Bunch of Migrants’

Belfast Telegraph. Northern Ireland. 11:36 AM EST
26 Jan 2016

Merkel, Cameron Pledge Progress on EU Reform Deal

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:42 AM EST
22 Jan 2016

Cameron: No Change to UK Falklands Policy

Buenos Aires Herald. 11:28 AM EST
21 Jan 2016

Macri, Cameron Discuss Falkland Islands

Buenos Aires Herald. 11:01 AM EST
5 Jan 2016

Cameron's EU Reforms: Will Europe Buy Them?

Centre for European Reform. 12:29 PM EST
21 Dec 2015

Eurosceptic MPs Put Cameron under Pressure

euobserver. Belgium. 02:34 PM EST
10 Dec 2015

Polish President Meets British PM David Cameron in Warsaw

9 Dec 2015
2 Dec 2015

OPINION. David Cameron Fails to Show that Bombing Syria Would Work

Jeremy Corbyn. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 07:08 AM EST
26 Nov 2015
23 Nov 2015
19 Nov 2015

ANALYSIS. David Cameron Makes a Case for Military Attacks in Syria

The Irish Times. Republic of Ireland. 11:17 AM EST