In Depth: Europe and Central Asia and EU

8 Apr 2018

As Hungarians Head to the Polls, Will European Allegiance Suffer?

Hungarians are headed to the polls Sunday April 8, and many are concerned about the country’s turn away from Western-style democracy, but the reality is far more complex.
19 Sep 2016

On the Rise: Europe’s Fringe Right

Waves of refugees, stagnant economies, terror threats, and a cultural identity crisis are fueling nationalism, isolationism, and Euroskepticism – and challenging Europe’s liberal order.
7 Apr 2016

No Impunity for Boris Nemtsov’s Killers

As much as the Kremlin would like to forget and move on, it is imperative that those responsible for Boris Nemtsov’s murder are brought to justice.

The Dutch, Kyiv, and Reform

The Dutch referendum may be a setback for Ukraine's aspirations, but it's only Kyiv's serious commitment to reform that will ultimately determine the country's direction and destiny.
5 Oct 2016

Dueling Narratives: EU Overreach vs Hungary's Resistance

Ninety-eight percent of Hungarians just voted to refuse EU mandated immigration quotas without the national parliament's approval—but not enough voters turned out. What's next?
1 Dec 2016

Erdogan in a Corner After Blunders and Bluster

Turkey’s President Erdogan has tried to maneuver away from the West, seeking closer ties with NATO foes. But unlike Vladimir Putin, Erdogan is all posture and no gains.
7 Oct 2016

Georgia's Election Matters as Putin's Global Threat Looms

The West should be paying attention to Georgia’s parliamentary elections this week. If Tbilisi goes fully into Moscow’s orbit, Vladimir Putin’s global offensive reaches a key territorial milestone.
19 Feb 2016

Refugees Resettling in Latvia

Latvia has little experience with refugees, but it will accept around 500 in the next two years. The question is will they stay?