In Depth: South Asia and Hamid Karzai

15 Mar 2010

Why Karzai is Still Alive

that improve peoples’ lives, and gradually the incompetence of the president ...

24 Mar 2010

Broken Windows and Insurgency

Science article , corroborates the evidence most people give—in fact, people ...

8 Sep 2010

Karzai: The Kabul Bank Is Safe, People Should Not Panic, Worry

United States. PRESS CONFERENCE. 08:00 PM EDT
8 Oct 2010

Revisiting Zabul Province, Afghanistan

improved; I just hope it isn’t worse. Andy Veres and his team are good people ...

30 Dec 2010

Tanks in Afghanistan: Bad Idea for US and Afghan Army

effect of tanks on the Afghan people, there is a very real issue of what ...

31 Jan 2011

It’s Karzai’s World, We Just Pay for It

the fantasist inevitably treats other people merely as props ...

21 Mar 2011

Fantasies of Progress at the Institute for the Study of War

over-empower such people and make them more corrupt and sometimes more annoying ...

18 Jul 2011

Our Destabilizing Fetish for ‘Stability’ in Afghanistan

the jaws of victory in Afghanistan, rewarding the worst people ...

22 May 2012

NATO Still Dithering on Syria

the peace of mind he needs to continue killing his people, (at a rate ...

17 Jan 2013

US Withdrawal from Afghanistan Is the Right Choice

A prolonged US presence in Afghanistan is not in America’s best interest—and possibly not in Afghanistan’s either.
2 Nov 2013

Whither Afghanistan?

With Washington and Kabul talks at a near standstill, the "zero option" will put many Afghan lives in danger, as well as risk the $100 billion already invested in the country's infrastructure.
17 Apr 2017