In Depth: Asia Pacific and Hillary Clinton

29 Apr 2013

Historical Fiction: China’s South China Sea Claims

History, if anything, undermines China’s claims to islands and reefs in the South China Sea—for the simple reason that past empires and kingdoms never exercised sovereignty.
1 May 2012

Defending Chen Guangcheng is Defending the US

President Obama—and Republicans, for that matter—should see the Chen incident as a chance to discuss the real reasons why we have troubled relations with China’s communist state.
22 Dec 2005

A Plea to America – Stay the Course

oppressed, religious, and uneducated people. The government imposes too many ...

30 Aug 2011

Is China Planning a Surprise Missile Attack?

the People’s Liberation Army would “qualitatively upgrade” its capabilities ...

3 Feb 2010

Ignore Beijing's Bluster

of the People's Republic of China, thus sending the message that America is weak ...