In Depth: Middle East and Hosni Mubarak

11 Dec 2012

Egypt’s Mounting Crisis

President Morsi is a lonely man these days. As protesters rally against him, he’s depending on a security apparatus he barely trusts—and that might not trust him either. Will the center hold?
1 Jan 2011

Too Big to Fail

of young people who are out of work. They will also impose an enormous burden ...

28 Feb 2012

Egypt’s Elections: Why the Islamists Won

Flaws in the electoral structure aside, if various “liberal” factions cannot offer a coherent alternative in the future, the Islamists will be in power a long time.
3 Jan 2012

Arab Spring or Islamist Winter?

The end of authoritarian regimes is a positive development, but disillusionment has grown in the Middle East and the West as theocratic forces threaten to reverse the progress of last year's revolutions.

The Dash for Gas: The Golden Age of an Energy Game-Changer

The natural gas market has blossomed in recent years, offering some countries the potential for greater energy independence and setting up a new set of global winners and losers.
2 Feb 2011

Sandmonkey’s Last Post

in a car that we the people took joy in pummeling. The government announced ...

14 Nov 2011

The Christians of Egypt, Part I

will be focused on Muslims. The people here who are most afraid are the Muslims, ...

8 Jul 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

for Egypt when its young people en masse rebel against their parents. ...

15 Feb 2011

Iran’s Leaders May Have Nowhere to Run

people will have a harder time than the Tunisians and Egyptians did, ...

22 Aug 2011

The Historic Implications of Qaddafi’s Downfall

no longer inspires the Chinese people, and so it has to rely on ever-greater ...

7 Feb 2006

The Enemy of Our Enemy is Still Our Enemy

He isn’t our ally, people . Middle East Egypt Lebanon Syria Hosni ...

27 Dec 2012

Egypt Gets a New Constitution

Last week, Egyptians embraced a Sharia-based constitution by a 2-1 margin in a popular referendum—permanently dividing liberals and secularists from the ruling Islamists. It's a prescription for continued national division, majority oppression, and public strife.
22 Dec 2011

Standing Firm to Defend Egypt's Revolution

"All efforts must be concerted in one direction: a transfer of power from the military council to a civilian government formed by the People’s Assembly, today rather than tomorrow."
15 Aug 2013

The Truth About Egypt

Arguably, Egypt is in worse shape now than it was under Mubarak: it’s more chaotic, more violent, its economy is imploding, and its people are increasingly desperate.
19 Jun 2012

Winter in Cairo

Egypt's presidential election gave its citizens a brief glimmer of hope for springtime in Cairo—before the military ensured it would remain firmly in a position of power.
5 Dec 2011

Answering Five Questions about Egypt's Crisis

"The only way to save the revolution is to form a revolutionary consensus government with presidential powers, not subordinate to the military council."
21 Feb 2011

Libya’s Legacy

of people willing to criticize Ben Ali even when others were present. Sure, ...

12 Feb 2011

North African Dominoes?

to popular opinion must be made before revolutionary masses of people take ...

7 Jul 2011

Has the Egyptian Revolution Made a Mistake?

in the People’s Assembly. Radwan contributed to the economic policies of the Mubarak ...

10 Aug 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Discontents

are those who were on the streets on the 25th of January, not the people who ...

31 Aug 2010

Observations on the Gamal Mubarak Project

people. The appalling state of collapse evident in all aspects of life ...

17 May 2013

Egypt's Unfinished Revolution

As protesters gather in Cairo today demanding a no-confidence vote against President Morsi, the Egyptian journalist and activist Nora Younis discusses the ongoing push for democracy.
18 Oct 2011

In Egypt, with Liberals

and it needed people who could think freely. A few think tanks were created around ...

7 Mar 2011

Don’t Tarnish the Revolution

of a child.” So pleasant though it is to imagine a Muslim world where people ...

22 Oct 2010

A Conversation Between Presidents

Have people no shame? Hosni, I won’t go on long. Take this.” He took out ...

13 May 2013

Mubarak and Morsi

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is back in court again. This time the Islamist president and scheming generals now running the country cast his rule in a somewhat different light.
18 Mar 2007

Ping Pong

the egyptian people as well, since, you know, Israel is involved. ...

24 May 2011

Egypt’s Revolution Revisited: Who Killed General Batran?

days later, unidentified people set fire to the headquarters ...

11 Feb 2013

So Much for All That

“the people want to topple the regime” filled Tahrir Square, it is now ...

3 Aug 2011

7,000 Years of Oppression

handshakes, every time. I can’t accurately count the number of people in crowds, but tens of thousands of people, and perhaps even more, filled that square. ...

18 Aug 2011

Who Will Try Asma Mahfouz?

people are paid, or people who benefited from your corrupt regime," ...

20 Oct 2011

The Moment of Truth Has Come for Egypt's Military Council

"Everything that has happened in Egypt since the revolution can be summarized as a struggle between two wills: the will of the revolutionaries for real change ... and the will of the military council, which hangs on to the old regime and defiantly resists change."
26 Nov 2012

Egypt's Morsi Proclaims Himself Pharaoh

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi says his power expansion is only "temporary," but no matter what happens later, he has declared himself dictator. If he isn't stopped, that's exactly what he will be.
22 Feb 2011

Make Libya a No-Fly Zone

a victory by the Libyan people over Qaddafi would embolden the oppressed ...

10 Sep 2011

Egypt’s Botched Revolution

“First,” she said, “the army want to calm people down, then to proceed ...

17 May 2012

The Woman Who Blew Up the Arab World

The story of the Tunisian fruit seller whose self-immolation started the Arab Spring has been told many times. Now, the government employee blamed for Bouazizi's desperation tells her side of the story—a narrative that paints a different picture.
27 Feb 2012

US Aid to Egypt: A One-Sided Relationship

If Washington's annual "tribute" to Egypt continues to foster loathing instead of goodwill, why not just welcome the rejection and keep the cash?
27 Dec 2008

Inside Israel’s Gaza Attack

its people back in when they heard that everything was put on hold until ...

4 Dec 2011

A Leaner, Meaner Brotherhood

revolution”, as people both inside Egypt and beyond like to call what happened ...

20 Jul 2010

Egypt: Authoritarian Reality or Democratic Dream?

The poor people who come out to greet you on your tours are recruited ...

25 Aug 2011

How Should We Respond to Israeli Aggression?

to respect the people’s choice even if we disagree with it. The mass ...

4 Jun 2012

What Does Egypt Want?

Egyptians want change, but that change is looking less and less like the kind that the world’s democracies once cheered.
9 Feb 2011

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, ElBaradei

people down there?” ElBaradei had a ready response: I was there once, ...

25 Dec 2005

A Magnificent City

as “those people.” It is only possible, I think, to fear and loathe the Turks ...

18 Dec 2005

Nasser’s Biggest Crime

They cannot step on the freedoms that the Turkish people take for granted. ...

18 Dec 2012

The Children of Hannibal

But in the northern, more Westernized parts of modern-day Tunisia, people still admire ...

23 Nov 2011

Egypt: The Emperor Has No Clothes

"What the military council has not understood is that after the revolution Egyptians have been freed from fear and will not submit to injustice forever."
8 Jan 2006

Old Cairo

restaurants with menus. Egypt has people who can say what they want without ...

16 May 2011

Mubarak to Apologize to Egyptian People, Ask for Amnesty

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 08:00 PM EDT
31 Jan 2011

Turkish PM Erdogan to Mubarak: Meet People’s Desire for Change

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 07:00 PM EST