In Depth: Hugo Chavez

11 Mar 2016

Obama: I Didn’t Treat Chavez as an Enemy and That Helped US in Region

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:58 AM EST
3 Dec 2013

ANALYSIS. Venezuela's Oil Diplomacy Dries Up

Buenos Aires Herald. 11:22 AM EST
15 Nov 2013

A Devastated Economy Threatens Venezuela's Ruling Socialists

Having continued Hugo Chávez's socialist-populist economic policies, a panicked President Maduro finds his party's dominance in jeopardy as elections approach in Venezuela.
17 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013

Venezuela Fails to Slow Colombia-FARC Peace Talks

Peace talks with FARC hit a speed bump recently when Colombia’s president met privately with Venezuela’s opposition leader. A settlement remains within reach.
15 May 2013

After Chavez, Authoritarianism Still Threatens Latin America

While Washington waits for a recount to recognize Nicolás Maduro as Hugo Chávez’s successor, the new Venezuelan president is busy shoring up allies with petro power.
29 Apr 2013

Post-Chávez Venezuela's Uncertain Future

Foreign Policy Initiative. United States. 09:38 AM EDT
15 Apr 2013

PROFILE. Nicolás Maduro, Chávez's Hand-Picked Heir

The Guardian. England. 10:50 AM EDT
14 Apr 2013
11 Apr 2013
22 Mar 2013

OPINION. What Hugo Chávez Got Right

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez. Boston Review. 03:46 PM EDT
20 Mar 2013

OPINION. Chávez's Economic Legacy

Robert Skidelsky. Project Syndicate. Czech Republic. 04:02 PM EDT
19 Mar 2013

OPINION. Out of Latin America, the 'Quiet' Bergoglio and 'Vocal' Chávez

Lisa Ubelaker Andrade and Jennifer Adair. Al Jazeera. 10:21 AM EDT
15 Mar 2013
14 Mar 2013
12 Mar 2013
10 Mar 2013

Venezuela Sets Date to Elect Chávez's Successor

NPR. United States. 11:10 AM EDT
8 Mar 2013

Chávez Funeral Draws Anti-American Leaders to Venezuela

The Telegraph. England. 04:00 PM EST
7 Mar 2013

Venezuelan Guard Reveals Chávez Died of Heart Attack

The Telegraph. England. 11:35 AM EST
6 Mar 2013

Venezuelans Mourn as Chávez Coffin Paraded in Capital

The Guardian. England. 04:00 PM EST

Uncertainty Pervades Venezuela after Chávez Death

The Wall Street Journal. 12:00 PM EST

OPINION. Could US-Venezuelan Ties Warm Post-Chávez?

Paul Richter and Chris Kraul. Los Angeles Times. 11:47 AM EST

OPINION. What Fidel Castro Taught Hugo Chávez

Francisco Toro. The New Republic. United States. 10:00 AM EST
5 Mar 2013
4 Mar 2013
2 Mar 2013
1 Mar 2013
28 Feb 2013

OPINION. Whose Health is Worse, Chávez's or the Opposition's?

Girish Gupta. TIME. United States. 03:01 PM EST
27 Feb 2013
26 Feb 2013

Chávez's Return Spurs Doubts, New Speculation

The Associated Press. 02:52 PM EST
25 Feb 2013

OPINION. Chávez's Legacy of Growth, High Inflation, Intimidation

Ricardo Hausmann. The Guardian. England. 03:16 PM EST