In Depth: Kurds

16 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017
31 Oct 2017

Iraqi Army Takes Over Turkey Border Crossing From Kurds, Turkish PM Says

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. United States. 08:59 AM EDT
27 Oct 2017

Overplaying Their Hand: The Kurds’ Referendum Debacle

In their move for an independent state, the Kurds gambled and lost—but there’s more to the story than being the victims of another betrayal from the West.
26 Oct 2017
19 Oct 2017

Iraq Forces Take Sinjar After Kurdish Pullout

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 09:13 AM EDT
12 Oct 2017
5 Oct 2017

Iraqi PM Does Not Want 'Armed Confrontation' With Kurds

The New Arab. England. 04:20 PM EDT

Unraveling the Oil Geopolitics Intertwined in the Kurdish Independence Referendum

The Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 12:12 PM EDT
29 Sep 2017

ANALYSIS. Catalans and Kurds Discover the Hard Truth about Secession

Max Fisher and Amanda Taub. New York Times. 10:46 AM EDT
28 Sep 2017

Kurdish Region Rejects Iraqi Order to Hand Over Airports

Anadolu News Agency. Turkey. 12:07 PM EDT

Is the Kurdish Referendum 'Mission Accomplished' for Barzani?

The Washington Institute on Near East Policy. United States. 11:52 AM EDT

Iran Halts Flights to Kurdish Regions

Al Jazeera. 10:53 AM EDT
21 Sep 2017

Turkey, Iran, Iraq Warn Of 'Countermeasures' If Kurdish Independence Vote Goes Ahead

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. United States. 11:18 AM EDT
19 Sep 2017

Clashes Erupt in Iraqi City of Kirkuk Over Kurdish Vote

Bloomberg. United States. 11:19 AM EDT
12 Sep 2017

Iraq MPs Vote Against Kurdish Independence Referendum

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:56 AM EDT
8 Aug 2017
18 Jul 2017
27 Jun 2017

US to Continue Arming Syrian Kurds After Raqqa

Kurdistan24. Iraq. 03:00 PM EDT
15 Jun 2017
8 Jun 2017

Iraqi Kurds Set Date for Independence Referendum

Al Jazeera. Qatar. 02:29 PM EDT
6 Jun 2017