In Depth: Theresa May

12 Dec 2017

OPINION. Does Theresa May’s Poll Lead Mean She’s Got a New Lease of Life?

Stephen Bush. New Statesman. England. 10:21 AM EST
8 Dec 2017
6 Dec 2017
5 Dec 2017
1 Dec 2017

Donald Trump's Far-Right Twitter Posts Spark Outrage in UK

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:53 AM EST
9 Nov 2017

OPINION. The Three Events That Will Determine Theresa May's Fate

George Eaton. New Statesman. England. 11:39 AM EST
20 Oct 2017
19 Oct 2017
6 Oct 2017

Sterling Plunges Amid Fears Prime Minister Will be Ousted

The Belfast Telegraph. Ireland. 10:18 AM EDT

Theresa May Vows to Keep Calm and Carry On Leading the Country

The Belfast Telegraph. Ireland. 10:15 AM EDT
5 Oct 2017
29 Sep 2017
27 Sep 2017
22 Sep 2017

May: Brexit Speech in Florence

United Kingdom. SPEECH. 04:58 PM EDT
20 Sep 2017
18 Sep 2017

May: On UK-Canada Trade Ties Post-Brexit

15 Sep 2017

May: On London Underground Terror Attack

14 Sep 2017

Theresa May to Deliver Brexit Speech in Florence

The Guardian. England. 11:32 AM EDT
12 Sep 2017

EU Parliament Leaders Mock Theresa May

The Telegraph. England. 11:15 AM EDT
23 Jun 2017

May's Offer on EU Citizens' Rights 'Below Expectations'

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:56 PM EDT
19 Jun 2017

OPINION. A Split Britain

Robert Skidelsky. Project Syndicate. Czech Republic. 01:02 PM EDT
14 Jun 2017

With DUP Deal Still in the Works, May Meets with Sinn Fein

The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 02:28 PM EDT
12 Jun 2017

Theresa May Struggles to Avoid Tory Civil War

The Financial Times. United Kingdom. 11:39 AM EDT
9 Jun 2017

UK Conservatives Lose Parliamentary Majority

The New York Times. 02:50 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Theresa May's Failed Gamble

The Economist. England. 12:20 PM EDT
7 Jun 2017

UK Conservatives to Lose Parliamentary Majority: Poll

POLITICO EU. Belgium. 02:39 PM EDT
6 Jun 2017

ANALYSIS. British Election Puts Theresa May's Cozy Relationship With Trump to the Test

Isaac Stanley-Becker. The Washington Post. 02:23 PM EDT
5 Jun 2017

London Mayor Accuses May of Underfunding Police

Financial Times. 01:23 PM EDT

UK Parliament Dissolves Ahead of Snap Elections

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:22 AM EDT
1 May 2017

ANALYSIS. What Really Happened at the Juncker-May Meeting?

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:38 AM EDT
26 Apr 2017

EU’s Juncker to Meet PM May Tonight

Politico. Belgium. 11:25 AM EDT
20 Apr 2017

Juncker to Visit May in London Next Week

Euobserver. Belgium. 10:34 AM EDT
18 Apr 2017
5 Apr 2017

Standing Up to Terrorism Means Standing Up for Democracy

Foreign aid is often mistaken for charity but by working to expand the borders of freedom abroad, the United States is safer and more prosperous.

Saudi King Salman, PM Theresa May Meet in Riyadh

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:31 AM EDT
4 Apr 2017

PM May Heads to Saudi Arabia to Discuss Trade Deals

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 11:18 AM EDT
3 Apr 2017
31 Mar 2017
29 Mar 2017

Prime Minister’s Letter to Donald Tusk Triggering Article 50

United Kingdom. PRESS RELEASE. 03:09 PM EDT