In Depth: Theresa May

23 Mar 2018
6 Mar 2018
23 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018

British PM: We Must Safeguard Our Internal and External Security

Government of the United Kingdom. 05:57 PM EST
12 Dec 2017

OPINION. Does Theresa May’s Poll Lead Mean She’s Got a New Lease of Life?

Stephen Bush. New Statesman. England. 10:21 AM EST
8 Dec 2017
6 Dec 2017
5 Dec 2017
1 Dec 2017

Donald Trump's Far-Right Twitter Posts Spark Outrage in UK

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:53 AM EST
9 Nov 2017

OPINION. The Three Events That Will Determine Theresa May's Fate

George Eaton. New Statesman. England. 11:39 AM EST
20 Oct 2017
19 Oct 2017
6 Oct 2017

Sterling Plunges Amid Fears Prime Minister Will be Ousted

The Belfast Telegraph. Ireland. 10:18 AM EDT

Theresa May Vows to Keep Calm and Carry On Leading the Country

The Belfast Telegraph. Ireland. 10:15 AM EDT
5 Oct 2017
29 Sep 2017
27 Sep 2017
22 Sep 2017

May: Brexit Speech in Florence

United Kingdom. SPEECH. 04:58 PM EDT
20 Sep 2017
18 Sep 2017

May: On UK-Canada Trade Ties Post-Brexit

15 Sep 2017

May: On London Underground Terror Attack

14 Sep 2017

Theresa May to Deliver Brexit Speech in Florence

The Guardian. England. 11:32 AM EDT
12 Sep 2017

EU Parliament Leaders Mock Theresa May

The Telegraph. England. 11:15 AM EDT
23 Jun 2017

May's Offer on EU Citizens' Rights 'Below Expectations'

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:56 PM EDT
19 Jun 2017

OPINION. A Split Britain

Robert Skidelsky. Project Syndicate. Czech Republic. 01:02 PM EDT
14 Jun 2017

With DUP Deal Still in the Works, May Meets with Sinn Fein

The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 02:28 PM EDT
12 Jun 2017

Theresa May Struggles to Avoid Tory Civil War

The Financial Times. United Kingdom. 11:39 AM EDT
9 Jun 2017

UK Conservatives Lose Parliamentary Majority

The New York Times. 02:50 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Theresa May's Failed Gamble

The Economist. England. 12:20 PM EDT
7 Jun 2017

UK Conservatives to Lose Parliamentary Majority: Poll

POLITICO EU. Belgium. 02:39 PM EDT
6 Jun 2017

ANALYSIS. British Election Puts Theresa May's Cozy Relationship With Trump to the Test

Isaac Stanley-Becker. The Washington Post. 02:23 PM EDT
5 Jun 2017

London Mayor Accuses May of Underfunding Police

Financial Times. 01:23 PM EDT

UK Parliament Dissolves Ahead of Snap Elections

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:22 AM EDT
1 May 2017

ANALYSIS. What Really Happened at the Juncker-May Meeting?

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:38 AM EDT
26 Apr 2017

EU’s Juncker to Meet PM May Tonight

Politico. Belgium. 11:25 AM EDT
20 Apr 2017

Juncker to Visit May in London Next Week

Euobserver. Belgium. 10:34 AM EDT