In Depth: Asia Pacific and UN

21 Sep 2016

Making Humanitarian Aid Work in North Korea

Deliver humanitarian relief directly to the North Korean people, not to the despots who control and abuse them—and, manipulate the aid.
20 Feb 2017

China Threatens to Deny Passage Rights through Peripheral Seas

Beijing threatens to change its maritime law to restrict "innocent passage" by foreign ships through its waters—a violation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. This is a challenge that cannot be ignored.
4 Jan 2017

Will North Korea Conduct Intercontinental Missile Test?

A transition in Washington, an impeachment in Seoul, and China's refusal to rein in North Korea's nuclear program is providing Kim Jong Un an opportunity for an intercontinental missile test.
15 Mar 2016

Missile Defense in the Era of Kim Jong Un

North Korea recently claimed it has a nuke that could take out Manhattan. However unlikely, the United States should take all threats from this rash dictator seriously and expedite efforts to build effective missile defense.