In Depth: Viktor Yanukovych

28 Nov 2016

Yanukovych Denies Ordering Euromaidan Shootings, Kyiv Announces Treason Charge

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 03:02 PM EST
14 Oct 2015

Remembering a Winter on Fire

The new documentary, Winter on Fire, by Russian-American director Evgeny Afineevsky illuminates the resilience of the Ukrainian protesters during the EuroMaidan months, depicting what happened when the Ukrainian people decided to have the final say.
4 Feb 2015

Ukrainian Parliament Deprives Ousted Yanukovych of Presidential Title

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. Czech Republic 10:06 AM EST
21 Jan 2015

A Fight for Democracy: Why Ukraine Matters

The US has a profound stake in Ukraine’s future because its struggle for democracy, independence, and territorial integrity has consequences well beyond its borders.
12 Jan 2015
23 Dec 2014

The Putin-Santa Letters, 2014

Even Santa Claus prefers free Ukraine to Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Then again, the Communist Party of St. Petersburg did just accuse Santa of being an imperialist CIA stooge—seriously.
12 Dec 2014
19 Sep 2014
14 Jul 2014

Yanukovych Sues EU Over Sanctions

SBS. Australia. 09:47 AM EDT
19 Jun 2014
17 Jun 2014

Putin’s Zugzwang: The Russia-Ukraine Standoff

Vladimir Putin has gotten himself into such a tight spot in Ukraine that the West and its allies must prepare for any possible outcome. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that Kyiv will be emboldened as well.
30 Apr 2014
23 Apr 2014

In Eastern Ukraine, Terror from Pro-Kremlin Outsiders

A woman in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk Province reports that outsiders, almost certainly Russian agents, have been terrorizing her city for months, and have the support of the mayor.
26 Mar 2014

Is Putin Next?

Russia’s president has wielded power better than Ukraine’s did, but his regime, too, is hyper-centralized, inefficient, and corrupt—and falling energy revenues could make it just as unstable.
11 Mar 2014

Defiant Yanukovych Says He'll Return To Kyiv

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 08:39 AM EDT
4 Mar 2014

Putin Sees No Political Future for Yanukovych

The Moscow Times. 11:06 AM EST
28 Feb 2014
27 Feb 2014

Yanukovych Expected to Speak As New Gov't in Financial Crisis

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 04:04 PM EST

Putin Draws Wrong Lessons From Yanukovych

Apparently President Putin hasn't learned any lessons from Ukraine—that in the absence of reform, dictators and their corrupt regimes will be ousted by the abused citizens in time.

Russia Grants Protection To Viktor Yanukovych

International Business Times. United States. 10:35 AM EST

Yanukovych: I'm Still President

The Australian. 08:37 AM EST
26 Feb 2014
25 Feb 2014

Ukraine's Opportunity for Genuine Democracy

With the Yanukovych regime departed, Ukraine is poised to jettison the vestiges of its corrupt Soviet past and establish the primacy of rule of law.

Ukraine Votes to Send Yanukovych to Hague

Voice of America. 11:19 AM EST
24 Feb 2014

Warrant Issued for Yanukovych's Arrest on 'Mass Murder' Charges

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 08:02 AM EST
21 Feb 2014

Yanukovych Announces Agreement To End Crisis

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 09:06 AM EST
20 Feb 2014

Ukraine President Yanukovych Addresses the Nation

Ukraine. Statement. 02:14 PM EST
19 Feb 2014

EU Commission President Barroso Calls on Yanukovych to End Violence

European Union. Press Release. 01:46 PM EST

Ukraine's Day of Infamy

February 18, 2014, will go down in European history as the day President Yanukovych declared war on the people of Ukraine. It’s time for the reluctant EU to finally stand up for democratic values.
16 Feb 2014

Protesters Rally After Ending Kyiv Occupation

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 11:18 AM EST
14 Feb 2014

Should There Be One Ukraine?

The ruling party in Ukraine relies so heavily on exploiting the country as a whole that it would never back partition, even though Ukraine would be better off without its southeast.
7 Feb 2014

Yanukovych In Sochi To Meet Putin; US Apologizes To EU Over Leaked Call

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 08:36 AM EST