In Depth: Asia Pacific and Xi Jinping

14 Jun 2016

In China, Xi's Legitimacy in the Balance

The contradictions between claims made by China's leaders and the country's realities have exposed the regime's vulnerabilities that activists must spotlight to further the push for freedom.
5 Oct 2015

A Path to the Sea: China’s Pakistan Plan

Dwarfing recent US aid and foreign investment, the $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor could be a game-changer for the region, and even make Beijing a two-ocean power.
31 Oct 2014

The Stubborn South: Why Seoul Needs to Mend Ties with Japan

While Tokyo bulks up against Chinese aggression, South Korea insists on prolonging historical grievances with the Japanese. It’s time for Seoul to put strategic interests first.
26 Jan 2018

Xi Jinping's 'Shared Future' Now a Consensus

People's Daily. China. 02:33 PM EST
1 Dec 2017
15 Nov 2017

Xi Jinping Returns Home with Overseas Successes

People's Daily. China. 01:47 PM EST
6 Nov 2017
3 Nov 2017
27 Oct 2017

Xi Calls For Building A Strong Army

People's Daily. China. 02:03 PM EDT
18 Oct 2017

Xi Vows Resolve, Ability to Defeat "Taiwan independence"

People's Daily. China. 02:49 PM EDT
2 Oct 2017

Xi Jinping Foresees 'Successful' First Visit for Trump

People's Daily. China. 03:18 PM EDT
29 Sep 2017

China, US Lay the Groundwork for Trump’s State Visit

People's Daily. China. 02:29 PM EDT
20 Sep 2017
8 Sep 2017

China Urges India to Adopt 'Correct Attitude'

People's Daily. China. 03:03 PM EDT
16 Aug 2016

Xi Jinping Purge of Military Brass Continues

Xi Jinping continues to purge political detractors in the People’s Liberation Army in his relentless quest to consolidate power. These sidelined officers may be waiting for Xi to falter before they strike back.
21 Mar 2017

Tillerson's Deference to Beijing or Unfortunate Rookie Mistake?

Secretary of State Tillerson's use of Beijing's diplomatic terminology was likely unintentional but suggests weak staff performance for the nation's new top diplomat.
23 Nov 2016

A New Way of Looking at China

Despite the display of diplomacy between President Obama and China’s Xi Jinping, China’s behavior has deteriorated as it has done for the past two decades. Will President-elect Trump reverse that decline?
16 Jun 2015

Xi's Purge: Anticorruption or Loyalty-Based? Is It Finished Yet?

Have powerful former leaders quietly put an end to Xi Jinping’s “anticorruption” purges, or might the Chinese president and party boss soon even turn on allies, just like his hero Mao Zedong?
24 Nov 2014
7 Aug 2014

China's Militarist General Liu Yuan Promoted

A hard-line general appears headed for a prime spot on China’s Central Military Commission as part of a potential changing of the guard, orchestrated under the guise of President Xi's anti-corruption campaign.
16 Jun 2015

Suu Kyi Meets China's Top Leaders, Withholds Criticism

Aung San Suu Kyi concluded a visit to China on Sunday, but Burma’s pro-democracy leader resisted calls to challenge Beijing on the political prisoner and fellow Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo.
9 Feb 2015

An Ominous Chinese Military Parade

Why has Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for an unusual parade at the end of the summer? Some see a disturbing attempt to quell internal rivals or intimidate wary neighbors.
29 Apr 2015

China Goes After ‘Economic Fugitives' in America

Beijing wants Washington to hunt down and return Chinese citizens seeking refuge in the US. But should the US turn over these "economic fugitives" to a corrupt judicial system?
1 Apr 2015

The Xi Jinping Faction in China

Many thought Beijing had rid itself of factional politics, but really the party infighting just became more subtle. Xi Jinping might even be forming his own clique as he rails against them.
19 Nov 2014

China: Socialist, Democratic, Harmonious by 2050?

Rather than uncritically praise President Xi's vision for China's distant democratic future, Australia's Prime Minister Abbott might have also challenged him on China's authoritarian present.
11 Dec 2014

Obama Cites Dangers in Xi’s Consolidation of Power

Not since the days of Mao Zedong has a Chinese leader undertaken the kind of purges Xi Jinping’s “anticorruption” campaign has. President Obama is right to call this dangerous.
17 Nov 2014

China and Japan: Breakthrough or Breakdown?

After Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe this week, some observers said tensions might be easing between the two nations. That's unlikely.
23 Oct 2017