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20 Jan 2015

#SOTU 2015: Balancing Pragmatism and Aspiration

The president should fuse American values and national interests when he explains how he will fix his Syria policy, as well as tout his success in dealings with Russia and Iran.
1 May 2010

'A Cursed and Pernicious Seed': The Destruction of the Moriscos

In 1609, the Spanish decided it was time to get rid of the Muslim converts to Christianity who had been living among them for years. Fouad Ajami reviews a new history of the expulsion.
22 May 2013

'Allahu Akbar!' Terror in London Street

Two men purposely ran over a soldier in a London neighborhood and hacked him to death in a broad-daylight terror attack. But those who love life will prevail over those who love death.
20 Mar 2014

'Experts' on Ukraine

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, a slate of international relations pundits with dubious knowledge have taken to the airwaves and op-ed pages. Readers and viewers beware.
1 Sep 2010

'Fair Game' Glamorizes Distortions and Perpetuates Myths

The new film follows a simple Hollywood line, complete with hero, villain, and distressed damsel. The corollary on the right is that Libby took the fall for Cheney. Both are wrong.
7 May 2012

'Mein Kampf' and Free Speech

Nicolas Sarkozy's ban on visiting terrorist websites—like the ban on "Mein Kampf" and other limits on free speech have shown—serves only to increase their mystique.
17 Jan 2013

'Not in My Name’: Muscovites March Against ‘Herod’s Law’

Sunday's 50,000-strong protest in Moscow wasn't a political event organized by the opposition. It was an impassioned civic demonstration against Putin's immoral adoption ban.
12 Jan 2015

'The Russian Army Has Huge Problems'

“The Russia-West relationship has collapsed,” says Rajan Menon. “But an isolated, nationalistic, and authoritarian Russia isn’t what Europe needs—and it’s certainly not good for Ukraine.”
16 Sep 2012

"Completely Unfounded and Preposterous"

of the video. People gathered outside the embassy and then it grew very violent. ...

6 Jun 2012

"Pakistan is a Powderkeg and Karachi is the Detonator"

on a Taliban hunt in a slum packed with 4.5 million people is especially ...

1 May 2010

(Almost) Out of Africa: The White Tribes

It's never been easy being white in Africa. In recent years, it's gotten even harder.
22 Jul 2015

10 People Killed in Afghan Suicide Attack

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 01:12 PM EDT
17 Aug 2010
19 Jan 2016

11 Guatemalan Soldiers Indicted for Disappearances of 558 Indigenous People

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:59 AM EST
20 Apr 2012

11 People Killed in Firing Incidents in Karachi

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 02:35 PM EDT
21 Jan 2015

12 People Injured in Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack

Ma'an News Agency. Palestine. 09:33 AM EST
28 May 2015

12 People Killed This Week in Air Raids in East Darfur

Radio Dabanga. Sudan. 02:50 PM EDT
20 May 2015
29 Dec 2014

14 People Killed in Explosions in Iraq

Press TV. Iran. 10:19 AM EST
31 Jul 2010

15,000 People Still Unaccounted for From Balkan Wars

The Washington Post. 08:00 PM EDT
27 Jul 2010

152 People Killed in Pakistan Air Crash

Al Jazeera. 08:00 PM EDT
8 Jul 2016

19 People Arrested over Saudi Suicide Attacks

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 11:45 AM EDT
1 Jul 2011

1989 and 2011: Compare and Contrast

A comparison of the two great revolutions of our era illuminates the promise and sobering challenges ahead for the Arab Spring.

26 Jan 2015

200 Million People Moved to Cities in East Asia in Decade

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 03:04 PM EST
31 Dec 2003


Michael J. Totten's blog Happy New Year everybody. Since so many people like to tout their New Year resolutions on the Internet, let me tell you about the last time I made one. I resolved never again ...

6 Dec 2017

2017 Fortune Global Forum Opens in Guangzhou, China

People's Daily. China. 01:23 PM EST
28 Apr 2010

21 People Killed in Mogadishu Violence

Garowe Online. Somalia. 08:00 PM EDT
20 Dec 2004

21st Century Dilemmas

it actually relevent to 21st century problems. Second, remember that some people ...

30 Jun 2016
6 Oct 2014

22,322 People Are Missing in Mexico

El Universal. Venezuela. 01:29 PM EDT
31 May 2006

22nd Century Arabia

to destroy the UAE as America. The people of the Emirates that I asked about ...

25 Jul 2016

25 Years of Ukraine’s Independence

For the first time since Ukraine achieved independence in 1991, the country has an opportunity to break out of Russia’s orbit, and transform into a genuinely self-reliant and democratic state.
14 Dec 2016
16 Aug 2005

300 Bombs Explode in Bangladesh

attackers are enemies of the country, people, peace, humanity and democracy,” ...

17 Aug 2010

32 People Charged for Kampala Bombing

Al Jazeera. 08:00 PM EDT
2 Jun 2014

334 People Tortured to Death in Syria in May

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 03:14 PM EDT
13 May 2015
14 Mar 2017

455 People Rescued From Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria

The Guardian. Nigeria. 11:33 AM EDT
19 May 2015

494 People Have Been Kidnapped This Year in Mexico

El Universal. Mexico. 10:40 AM EDT
12 Sep 2016

50 Wounded in PKK Car Bomb Attack

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 04:21 PM EDT
26 Sep 2014

50,000 March in Moscow Against Putin's War

The Kremlin claims the Russian opposition is “insignificant”. Then why have protesters in Moscow and the relaunch of Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia faced such heavy-handedness?
26 Jun 2006

51 Facts About Me

East than Europe. The people – especially Arabs and Kurds – are more ...

15 Aug 2016

51 People Killed in DR Congo Machete Attack: NGO’s

Times Live. South Africa. 11:37 AM EDT
3 Aug 2011

7,000 Years of Oppression

handshakes, every time. I can’t accurately count the number of people in crowds, but tens of thousands of people, and perhaps even more, filled that square. ...