In Depth: Africa

Ethiopia's Tedros wins WHO race, first African to get top job

World Health Organization. Switzerland. 01:53 PM EDT

2 UN Peacekeepers Killed in Ambush in Northern Mali

The Washington Post. 01:12 PM EDT

Egypt Names 48 ISIS Suspects in Coptic Church Bombing

The New Times. Rwanda. 03:26 PM EDT

EU Refuses to Repeal Sanctions on Burundi

The Citizen. Tanzania. 03:25 PM EDT

Nigerian Navy Builds Special Operations Team

Vanguard. Nigeria. 03:25 PM EDT

Former Ivory Coast Rebels Stage Protest

News 24. South Africa. 03:24 PM EDT

Tunisian Protestor Killed by Police Vehicle

News24. South Africa. 03:23 PM EDT
19 May 2017

Boko Haram's Impact on Nigerian Food Insecurity

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 02:40 PM EDT

Resource Extraction and Violent Extremism in Africa

South African Institute of International Affairs. 02:26 PM EDT
18 May 2017

Collective Action on Corruption in Nigeria

Chatham House. England. 12:37 PM EDT
17 May 2017

Responding to Congressional Pressure, Sudan Releases Prisoners


Kenya's Opposition Coalition Threaten to Boycott Elections

AllAfrica. South Africa. VIDEO. 02:27 PM EDT

The Mutiny May Be Over, but Ivorian Army's Problems Are Not

AllAfrica. South Africa. 02:19 PM EDT
16 May 2017
15 May 2017

Kenya, China Sign Security Tech Deal

Africa Review. Kenya 12:28 PM EDT

UN Accuses Ukraine of Arming South Sudan

Africa Review. Kenya 12:27 PM EDT

Ivorian Soldiers Mutiny over Wages

Daily Monitor. Uganda. 12:26 PM EDT

Zimbabwe Accepts $120m Loan to Fight Energy Crisis

News24. South Africa. 12:21 PM EDT
12 May 2017

Sudan Forms New Inclusive Government

AllAfrica. South Africa. 04:33 PM EDT
11 May 2017

Namibian Leader Gives Strong Commitment To Media Freedom

AllAfrica. South Africa. 03:04 PM EDT

US Suspended Funds to Kenya Health Ministry 'Over Graft'

AllAfrica. South Africa. 05:22 PM EDT
8 May 2017

OPINION. The Hope and (Over-)promise of Ghana's New Government

Kanika Saigal. All Africa. South Africa. 04:08 PM EDT

Huge Blast Rocks Downtown Mogadishu

Al Jazeera. 01:11 PM EDT
5 May 2017

UN Chief Condemns Attack on South Sudan Base

Sudan Tribune. 11:39 AM EDT

Renegade General Cirillo Says Ready to Enter South Sudan's Civil War

Agência Angola Press. Angola. 11:35 AM EDT

Nigerian Officials Jailed for Selling Food Aid

Agência Angola Press. Angola. 11:34 AM EDT

Boko Haram Leader: I'm Alive, Not Injured in Airstrike

The Citizen. Nigeria. 11:33 AM EDT

Algeria Ruling Coalition Wins Legislative Elections

The Guardian. Nigeria. 11:32 AM EDT

No Amnesty For Crimes Under Former Gambian President: Govt

AllAfrica. South Africa. 03:44 PM EDT
3 May 2017