In Depth: Africa

21 Feb 2018

Renewing U.S.-South Africa Relations Under President Ramaphosa

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 03:15 PM EST

US Envoy Denies Meddling in Kenyan Politics

Africa Review. Kenya. 02:29 PM EST

Israel Jails Eritrean Asylum Seekers

Africa Review. Kenya. 02:09 PM EST

UK Government Warns of Terror Threat in S Africa

News 24. South Africa. 01:52 PM EST

UN: Third of Burundi Population Needs Humanitarian Aid

News 24. South Africa. 01:48 PM EST
20 Feb 2018

EU Embassies Urge Sudan to Free All Political Detainees

News 24. South Africa. 11:31 AM EST

Libya Coastguard Rescues 441 Migrants From Drifting Boats

News 24. South Africa. 11:23 AM EST

Somali Forces Seize Al-Shabaab Broadcaster

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:15 AM EST
19 Feb 2018

South Sudan’s Pitfalls of Power Sharing

United States Institute of Peace. 05:46 PM EST

Five Killed by Suspected Ugandan Rebels in Eastern DRC

Daily Monitor. Uganda. 02:42 PM EST

Tunisia Probes Qatari Involvement in Dubious Funding in North Africa

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:36 PM EST
16 Feb 2018

Three Keys to a New South Africa

South African Institute for International Affairs 02:49 PM EST

Three Keys to a New South Africa

South African Institute of International Affairs 02:44 PM EST

Ethiopian PM Departure Brings No Change, Opposition Says

News 24. South Africa. 11:18 AM EST

Sudan Holding Activists in 'Inhumane' Conditions, Says US

News 24. South Africa. 11:13 AM EST

South Africa Opposition Welcomes Zuma Exit

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:07 AM EST

Ethiopian PM Resigns

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:05 AM EST
14 Feb 2018

Zimbabwe and Botswana Strike Diamond Deal

All Africa. Dijbouti. 04:13 PM EST

Kenya Defense Forces Soldiers Killed in Shootout

Daily Nation. Kenya. 04:12 PM EST

Army Advises Boko Haram Leader to Surrender

The Daily Trust. Nigeria. 04:11 PM EST

Drought Forces Mozambique Capital to Ration Water

News 24. South Africa. 04:10 PM EST

Sudanese Trade Minister: Imperative to Facilitate Trade with S Sudan

Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan 02:40 PM EST
13 Feb 2018