In Depth: Terrorism and Africa

29 Apr 2013

Fractured Continent: The Turmoil and Promise of Latin America

Latin America is divided between leftist authoritarian states and market democracies. The US should reset priorities to support the democratic vision to integrate the region into a free trade area.
1 Jul 2010

Dire Straits: Taking on Somali Pirates

Pirates thrive on political instability and geographic mobility—and eastern Africa offers both in spades. An expert in the field, Martin N. Murphy explains why Somali piracy is a threat to the West, and what we need to do to stop it.
28 Jun 2013

Islamic Terror: Decentralized, Franchised, Global

As President Obama scales back on the War on Terror, al-Qaeda and its mutations have decentralized and spread, and by now are poised to strike in unexpected places.
27 Feb 2013

The Politics of Apology: Hollande and Algeria

France and Algeria have always had a close but tense relationship. Today the two find common cause fighting Islamists, yet the ghosts of their colonial past continue to haunt the present.
21 May 2012

Is Libya Long for This World?

the distinct Saharan region of Fezzan south of Tripolitania may be too sparsely ...

23 Feb 2012

The Saudis Want to Arm an Insurgency

in the region haven’t changed. Our biggest problem then as now is the Iranian- ...

17 Mar 2004

More Trouble for Spain?

the southern Spanish region of Andalucia, which is in Europe , it would ...

3 Apr 2011

The Remaining Thugs

are even dimmer in (mostly non-Arab) Iran. Which means that the region’s most ...

23 Sep 2013

Al Shabab Strikes Back

Kenya is, after all, the regional power on that part of the continent. ...

31 Mar 2010

Libya Lets Loose al-Qaeda

is a threat to every government in the region. At the same time, it’s ...

21 Feb 2011

Libya’s Legacy

Qaddafi, of all people, every other despot in the region may look ...

29 Jul 2013

Tunisia on the Brink

Rage in Tunisia touched off the Arab Spring, and now the country is lurching toward the brink again as assassinations, terrorism, and Salafist infiltration turn angry Tunisians against the ruling Islamists.
12 Aug 2010

Film Review: Mugabe and the White African

Community (SADC) charter — which states that citizens of the regional bloc’s ...

13 Jan 2013

The Game of Thrones in North Africa

Thanks to the reforms allowed by Morocco's monarchy, the country finds itself more stable and with a constitution that is arguably more liberal than what democratic Egypt produced. Can liberalism without democracy sometimes be better than democracy without liberalism?
1 Aug 2013

Is Morocco the Model for Arab Democracy?

Spain’s southern region of Andalusia is how it looks and feels vaguely ...

23 Jan 2015
18 Oct 2013