In Depth: Africa

11 May 2018

DRC Expels Two British Journalists

News 24. South Africa. 01:10 PM EDT

Nigerian Diplomat Found Dead in Sudan Capital

Times Live. South Africa. 01:08 PM EDT
10 May 2018

Sudan Dismisses Egypt's Nile Row Claims

The East African. Kenya. 04:36 PM EDT

Tanzania's Maasai Evicted in Favor of Tourism, Group Says

News 24. South Africa. 02:44 PM EDT

A Leap in Gender Equality Begins with Better Data

Brookings Institution. 02:35 PM EDT
9 May 2018

South Sudan to Launch Oil and Gas Policy

The East African. Kenya. 05:18 PM EDT

Kenya on High Ebola Alert Over DRC Outbreak

The East African. Kenya. 05:16 PM EDT

IMF Warns of Rising African Debt

All Africa. Dijbouti. 05:14 PM EDT

Namibia to Sign N$50 Trillion Africa Trade Deal

All Africa. Dijbouti. 05:11 PM EDT
3 May 2018

ANALYSIS. The Evolution of Ethnicity in East Africa

All Africa. Dijbouti. 02:17 PM EDT

Sudan and Ethiopia Commit to Resolve the Nile Row with Egypt

The East African. Kenya. 02:14 PM EDT
2 May 2018

Al-Shabaab Ranked Continent's Deadliest Militant Group

All Africa. Djibouti. 02:05 PM EDT

Security Increased in NE Nigeria After Deadly Bombings

News 24. South Africa. 02:02 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Will Zimbabwean Diaspora Get to Vote?

Times Live. South Africa. 12:37 PM EDT

Mosque Blasts Kill At Least 27 in Northeast Nigeria

Times Live. South Africa. 12:35 PM EDT

IS Suicide Attack on Libya Election Commission Kills 12

The East African. Kenya. 12:26 PM EDT
1 May 2018

China-Africa Summit Preparations in High Gear

The New Times. Rwanda. 01:48 PM EDT
30 Apr 2018

Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis: How the Catholic Church Can Promote Dialogue

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 01:48 PM EDT

US Threatens to Cut Funding to South Africa

Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 12:15 PM EDT

Sierra Leone President Sacks Ambassadors

The East African. Kenya. 12:09 PM EDT

Nigeria Christians Unite Against Violence

The East African. Kenya. 12:07 PM EDT

Uganda Presidential Guard Flees with Guns and 120 Bullets

The East African. Kenya. 12:05 PM EDT
27 Apr 2018

The Politicization of Our Security Institutions

Carnegie Endowment for Peace. United States. 03:10 PM EDT

Boko Haram Fighters Attack Northeastern Nigerian City

News 24. South Africa. 11:54 AM EDT

Africa Loses $3.5b to Cyber Crime

The East African. Kenya. 11:46 AM EDT

Dozens Drown Fleeing Violence in Northwest DR Congo

The East African. Kenya. 11:42 AM EDT

UN Raises Alarm of Missing Aid Convoy in South Sudan

The New Times. Rwanda. 11:32 AM EDT
26 Apr 2018

Tanzania Braces for Anti-Government Rallies

All Africa. Dijbouti. 12:52 PM EDT