In Depth: Africa

7 Dec 2017

Liberia’s Supreme Court Says Runoff Vote Should Go Ahead

Bloomberg. United States. 04:25 PM EST

Quit Now, Catholic Bishop Tells Cameroon President

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:51 PM EST

Gunmen Kill South Sudan MP in Uganda

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:46 PM EST

Nigeria Appoints New Chief to Head Boko Haram Fight

The Guardian. England. 03:45 PM EST
6 Dec 2017

Namibia Slams 'Unjust' Listing on EU Tax Haven Blacklist

News 24. South Africa. 11:54 AM EST

Morocco's King Warns Trump against Jerusalem Embassy Move

News 24. South Africa. 11:50 AM EST

US Pens New Support Agreement with Somalia

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:45 AM EST
5 Dec 2017

2,778 Nigerians In Libyan Detention Camps

The Guardian. Nigeria. 03:14 PM EST

Heineken Invests $100m In Mozambique Brewery

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:11 PM EST

SA Public Protector Wants Mandela Funeral Funds Probe

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:09 PM EST
4 Dec 2017

DR Congo: Rebels Were Recruited to Crush Protesters

Human Rights Watch. 02:40 PM EST

US Pledges to Support Libya Unity Regime Under UN Plan

News 24. South Africa. 12:05 PM EST

South Africa to Revive Ties with Morocco

Africa Review. Kenya. 12:01 PM EST

New Protests in Togo as Efforts to Start Talks Stall

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:54 AM EST

US Pulls Out of UN Migrant and Refugee Pact

All Africa. Djibouti. 11:51 AM EST

Protesters Keep Up Pressure on Togo President

News 24. South Africa. 10:15 AM EST

Zimbabwe White Farmers See Opportunity in Mugabe Exit

Africa Review. Kenya. 10:06 AM EST
30 Nov 2017

Two Dead in Boko Haram Raid in Adamawa

The Guardian. Nigeria. 04:18 PM EST

Jonathan Never Desperate for Power, Says Saraki

The Guardian. Nigeria. 04:18 PM EST

Cameroon Budget Debate in Limbo Over Anglophone Crisis

Africa Review. Kenya. 04:17 PM EST