In Depth: Africa

27 Apr 2018

Africa Loses $3.5b to Cyber Crime

The East African. Kenya. 11:46 AM EDT

Dozens Drown Fleeing Violence in Northwest DR Congo

The East African. Kenya. 11:42 AM EDT

UN Raises Alarm of Missing Aid Convoy in South Sudan

The New Times. Rwanda. 11:32 AM EDT
26 Apr 2018

Tanzania Braces for Anti-Government Rallies

All Africa. Dijbouti. 12:52 PM EDT

South Sudan’s Kiir Vows to Crush Rebels

The East African. Kenya. 12:49 PM EDT

10 Aid Workers Missing in South Sudan

The East African. Kenya. 12:47 PM EDT

At Least 11 Killed in Central Nigeria Violence

News 24. South Africa. 12:44 PM EDT
25 Apr 2018

The Youth Movement in Sahrawi Refugee Camps

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:46 PM EDT

African Union Speaks Out on Syrian Conflict

All Africa. Djibouti. 02:13 PM EDT

Tanzania Rules Out Quitting the ICC

The Daily News. Tanzania. 02:09 PM EDT
24 Apr 2018

President Weah Assures PATEL of Business-friendly Climate


UN Council Set for Vote on Preparing Western Sahara Talks

News 24. South Africa. 11:47 AM EDT

Madagascar Protesters Seek President's Resignation

News 24. South Africa. 11:44 AM EDT

UN Envoy Tells Sudan to Lift Emergency Laws

The East African. Kenya. 11:34 AM EDT
23 Apr 2018

The UN Leadership Role in Solving the Western Sahara Conflict: Progress, or Delays for Peace?

The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies 01:15 PM EDT

ANALYSIS: The Need to Tackle Iran’s Reactionary Ideology in Africa

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 01:00 PM EDT

Congo Republic Says It Has Met Criteria For an IMF Deal

Africa News. Republic of Congo. 12:18 PM EDT

Militants Raid Military Base in Mogadishu

Garowe Online. Somalia. 12:12 PM EDT

Militants Raid Military Base in Mogadishu

Garowe Online. Somalia. 12:12 PM EDT

SADC to Discuss DR Congo and Lesotho Crises

Daily Nation. Kenya. 12:05 PM EDT

11 Migrants Dead, 263 Rescued Off Libya Coast

Daily Nation. Kenya. 12:03 PM EDT
20 Apr 2018

Sudan's President Bashir Fires Foreign Minister

News 24. South Africa. 01:08 PM EDT

King Renames Swaziland as eSwatini

Africa Review. Kenya. 01:03 PM EDT
18 Apr 2018

Libya After Haftar?

European Council on Foreign Relations. Belgium. 02:47 PM EDT

EU to Sanction South Sudan Peace Violators

Africa Review. Kenya. 12:41 PM EDT

UAE Ends Program to Train Somalia’s Military

The New Times. Rwanda. 12:35 PM EDT
17 Apr 2018

President Weah: ECOWAS Summit Was Fruitful for Liberia


Morocco's King Returns Home after Weeks-Long Absence

News 24. South Africa. 11:57 AM EDT